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  1. ok so the 2009 450r is the first year with fuel injection and it runs the headlights off the battery. the 2008 450 run the headlight off the stator i have a 2007 450 that i installed the trail tech stator in so i could run hid. the kit also rewires the headlight switch to have 12v dc from the battery. they come stock running 14v ac to the head light i hope this clarifies some of the confusion.
  2. does your head light have power with the key on and the engine off. if not ac voltage is going to the headlights and will kill led lights
  3. well with any luck 4 more years of trump then 8 of Desantis
  4. trail tech makes a dc hioutput stator so you can run lights off the battery. the lighting circuit is ac and the battery is charged dc but there is only enough current to charge the battery. if you want led or hid you need the new stator. https://www.ridersdiscount.com/trail-tech-complete-stator-kit-for-yamaha-yfz450-yfz-450-186456 good luck finding one got mine years ago
  5. these are from a pbs s4. cool pictures thanks IMG_2188.MOV
  6. sounds like you have a cell going bad the hot one probably has a lower static voltage so the charger is over charging the good cells to compensate. disconnect and check the voltage with the same light load individually like said above
  7. i have the solar max gps trackers on my trailers work great got them from https://www.lonestartracking.com/tracking-devices/solarmax-xl-the-5g-cat-m1-rugged-and-waterproof-solar-powered-gps-tracker-with-ble/
  8. mine is and all the people around here are running natural gas gens a 22kw propane does about 17nw on natural gas. they make kits to run the natural gas. im waiting to hear about someone powering there house off their electric car
  9. we ran a peterbuilt with a c12 cat across with a 53 trailer and 5 canams 9.5 mpg
  10. it does sound like the wheel bearings are loose and bumping the pistons back in the caliper.
  11. i dont think i ever seen a 1/3" drill bit hmmm,
  12. Karl is a great dude he didn't have time to service my shocks but he went for a ride and adjusted the shocks made a night and day difference. spent about two hours out in the dunes and at olds wouldn't take any money.
  13. on the way back east now and dam its getting expensive about 2k in diesel
  14. i wonder is this would work https://www.ebay.com/itm/382706707468?chn=ps
  15. well why wouldn’t you just paint the trailer. i have a 98 pace trailer which was faded really bad washed it with zep purple all the white came off right down to the primer then we painted it with some single stage urethane came out great.

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