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  1. when they get bad here i just keep a fan plugged in and blowing on us they dont seem to fly in the slightest breeze
  2. the difference is if you are the one doing the delete you know what was done and have the old parts. when your out of warranty and your looking a bill north of 7k from the dealer for a DPF it hard not to just delete it. a few hundred for a pipe or you can gut the filter and about 1000 for a good tune. i don't understand why they would be worried about the computer reverting back when you flash a ecm the tuner usually saves your original configuration and overwrite a new file on you ecm. so actually i don't think there is anything there for it to revert back on. my 2011 gmc was done with a mini max best thing i ever did almost doubled my fuel mileage
  3. being it is on back order with no expected date. i would get them to pay for a aftermarket or remanufactured filter third party
  4. on semi trucks they can clean the filter burn it out in a oven. also the make some chemical cleaners and the can be power washed out. not sure if this is a option on a f350 because the filter itself might be removable. i guessing the bad egr valve caused the filter to clog. https://dalessuperstore.com/i-23911866-ford-6-7-powerstrokepickup-diesel-particulate-filter-dpf-1-year-warranty-2011-2021-ford-powerstroke-6-7l-pickup.html found this quick online i had a cat 336 excvator not go into regen and went to 125 percent and would not allow a forced regen i blew it out like a air filter with compressed air which lowered the back pressure enough the force a regen been good ever since a year ago. good luck
  5. im sure they would of but there was a kid in the car
  6. i know they were working on getting some sort of crossing a few years ago just curious if anyone knew how that all was left.
  7. so any new news about access on the other side of the tracks
  8. ogilby rd on the left side about a 1/2 mile from 8
  9. https://www.autozone.com/a-c-charging-and-refrigerant/r1234yf-refrigerant/p/a-c-pro-r1234yf-kit-14oz/1072034_0_0 https://www.amazon.com/Honey-Well-Genuine-R1234YF-Refrigerant/dp/B092RCTKR5/ref=sr_1_2?crid=351T0KZ4F5B80&keywords=1234yf+refrigerant+18oz&qid=1663814051&sprefix=1234yf+refrigerant+18oz%2Caps%2C57&sr=8-2&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.f5122f16-c3e8-4386-bf32-63e904010ad0
  10. mabe it was not a production car and the orignal tab was welded poorly broke and repaired poorly and broke again. we all know how well some of the guys in his shop weld after seeing last years bolt weld job/ also many sand cars have similar size tabs with out gussets and they do fail at that point. sand cars are also a lot heavier on back so maybe a proper weld and a tab that has the pin closer to the tube to reduce the leverage is enough to make iy reliable
  11. left work early that day to work on a truck for a company i was trying to call him on a cell phone and couldn't get the phones to work. ON my way home i was in Highlands NJ going over the bridge could see crazy amounts of smoke rising from the city and put the radio on and learned about the attack. when i got home put the tv on and started watching and the second plane went into the other tower. then i went up to the golf course next to my house which has a good view of NYC and just watched for a while. a lot of people were up there trying to get a hold of friends and family. it was crazy how bad the phones failed took the rest of the day to get ahold of a friend that worked for the city to make sure he was alright. something going on in newark airport today with a suspicious package delayed and canceled a bunch of flights.
  12. my 2011 lost the tcm with about 20k miles on it a year old. even then the dealer couldn't get one fast back ordered like 3 months they pulled a module out of another new truck on the that was in 2012.

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