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  1. sounds like your pulling the trans out hopefully its a easy fix
  2. are the axels the right length do they still plunge at full droop
  3. the forks have a set screw that holds them to the individual shift rails. it is possible that has come loose or shifted
  4. there was a good thread on this before the crash. but i run a magnum 2800 you can run everything except your ac. i also have a AGS (auto generator start) it starts the generator when the batteries go low and shuts off when done charging. great for the winter but when you have to run the ac alot the generator has to run all day now magnum has a line of inverters that they call hybrid. basically you could run a small 2000w honda with their 3000w inverter 3500 surge the inverter can combine the incoming ac to run heavy loads and charge the batteries with the surplus. i dont know much about them or how well they work i think Squacher sell or has alot of info on this hopefully he will reply on this thread.
  5. I'm not running sequential and i leave the holley at 100 percent learn just wondering being batch fired if it wound grab enough fuel from the other cylinder's to keep it from melting down
  6. i can hear it now...... oh ya we changed the belt every 250 miles so we could monitor wear . not we had to baby it in cause every time we hit the gas the belt temp would sky rocket and the belt was slipping
  7. you might be able to find someone that is upgrading to a different ls and get a deal. when i put the blower motor in my car i sold my ls1 complete for 5500 clutch to wire harness and computer complete runner. but it is long gone
  8. wow and just like that everyone forgot about the rubber band.
  9. well we are not too good at making pizza in our ooni but with a good cast iron griddle you can sear and cook one hell of a steak
  10. ouch i got custom pistons from diamond berfore covid and it took 6 weeks good luck
  11. i bought a cheap injector flow test stand its in glamis just so i could check my injectors.... my last trip i usually run it low on gas and put 5 gallons of 110 in and take a quick run dont know if it actually helps tho
  12. looks like a deal not like were pulling heavy trucks and if i got to tow someone out i would rather the strap break if something went wrong
  13. now if it was running closed loop with a wide band o2 sensor do you think it would of adjusted enough to save the engine ????
  14. well ill have to make the trip for that considering he named me jersey jeff
  15. wasn't that scary three people tried to grab it and got bit

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