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  1. the stories that are still told to this day.. epic
  2. what are you trying to accomplish with the bigger tires?
  3. i tend to not buy into all the conspiracy theorists out there, but i do listen and form my own conclusions. I am under the belief that the point of the social distancing, stay at home etc is to just slow the spread to not overburden the health care systems. i believe most of us are gonna get this bug at some point, to some degree. some with get it worse than others. there is also some other things that can be taken from this whole experiment, is thats just it.. an experiment (not that the virus was relaesed on purpose or shit like that, but the reaction to it is now an experiment). see how people react, what they do, how they treat others etc. how far will people allow big brother and other to push them around and dictate their lives before they revolt? sure, sounds tinfoil hatish.. but kinda makes ya think. also to the original question, i know of nobody personally that has it or had it confirmed by a test. i have several friends that believe they had it back in january as they were tested for influenza and came back negative but had high fevers cough etc same symptoms as they say covid has.
  4. Hung out on parker strip with some close friends.
  5. fyi they are for combo spindles.
  6. Kevin

    New Funco build

    turned out so awesome!
  7. im putting the wilwood turning brake in my car.
  8. hey john, back when you were mocking up the rear cage you had a wing placed in pics, do you have a link to the wing by chance?
  9. fuel pickup tube in the fuel cell was the cause in my brothers desert dynamics. would stumble and die. if you pushed the shrader on the fuel rail air would come out.
  10. there are trade offs to each. the wind in your face is awesome most times, the sand in the air sucks though. i tend to just wear my sunglasses most of the time, i do have pair of the dunetherapy goggles and they are awesome, but being that technically i am supposed to wear glasses now, goggles just suck over them. i am going to put a windshield in my car this summer, but i am going to build it to get the most viewing area possible.
  11. he cant get on here, his ip is banned.
  12. shock prep unlimited in riverside did mine. 951-897-2186
  13. chevron in palo verde on the 78 is where i got mine, 73 Ben Hulse Hwy, Palo Verde, CA 92266

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