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  1. you can also inquire about having the fitting re anodized.
  2. Kevin

    switch pro

    just saw they specifically said that in the info on the page. didnt know the other models had it.
  3. Kevin

    switch pro

    i talked to them at the sand show and mentioned i needed more than 8 switches. the guy told me to hold off until after sema to purchase. also this new system will do engine start it sounds like.
  4. Kevin

    switch pro

    debuted at sema yesterday, new 12 button system https://www.switchpros.com/rcr-force-12/
  5. if your going to use wood for a basic enclosure i would use baltic birch plywood, its lighter than mdf and stronger. if your making just a flat panel to mount speakers in same things, baltic birch or you could even use sintra or HDPE. using t nuts and nutserts are great ideas as well.
  6. the 4 seater with green cage owner crashed and was hurt, taken to trauma center for surgery.
  7. What idly said $300 an hour from when they start it up till they shut it off.
  8. i will be headed to rancho after vets weekend sometime. i can bring it with me
  9. ive gotten vins for 2 buggies in havasu. easy deal took about an hour total start to finish. the mvd has the dot guy on site certain days so if you go on those days you can get it all done in one shot.
  10. heres what he posted on fb today "Well another Fire. It came so quick at 2am. We could barely get our cats and a few things. Our house was the first it reached and the fire trucks just got there. Crazy we left as the fire got here. Susan got her car stuck in the panic evacuation. She had to abandon it and get into my truck. Our house was spared. It went around the whole place. Many other homes are burning now."
  11. i currenetly have dj safety in mine. they work, hard to adjust though. when i tear car down after this season to paint etc i intend on installing new teamtechs in the car.
  12. i am on well over a hundred groups on fb ranging from all kinds of interests. some of them i am on are very good, professional with a ton of info. then theres the glamis pages... most of em full of eff*tarded questions and responses. i dont know if fb algorithms are to blame for the stupid shit that is constantly across my feed from these groups or if thats all that they have in the groups is stupid shit.
  13. Kevin


    the new icon line at harbor freight has been getting some really good reviews. i watched a comparison of the ratchet vs a snap on and it held its ground with the snap on on a torque meter the snap on guy was using. i havent bought any, but would consider them for sure.
  14. depends on what you drink!

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