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  1. Factory chrome Laredo Jeep CJ wheels. 15x7. Set of 4. some old 35" tires on 2 of them. No center caps $150
  2. douglas spindle mount wheels for link pin. one wheel has road rash on it. $120obo
  3. got a complete beam from my little sand limo i had. beam arms and spindles. $120obo
  4. i got 13 years out of my extremes. the paddles gave up before my sidewalls did from dry rot. they astarted breaking off in the center when i was hauling ass in the washes last season.
  5. some auto or marine vinyl and use this glue to secure it https://www.amazon.com/Dap-Weldwood-Contact-Adhesive-Solvent/dp/B004IH3HAQ this is what most auto upholstery shops use.
  6. cortni is making some breakfast, then we are headed out on the lake. supposed to be around 115 today in havasu, like it was yesterday.
  7. just use a nitrogen tank. can fill your shocks while your at it.
  8. the way that committee and some of those elected officials were talking, they want the dunes closed to vehicles. follow the money... somebody is greasing them im sure. one city council speaker (i forget where) chastised them for scheduling this on a known day that the council is in recess.
  9. you mean havasu 95? thats an asphalt track so not that im aware of. it has been raced at mohave valley, and i think pahrump both dirt. this car could probably run perris and barona with a couple changes to fit rule packages.
  10. bump... adjusted price and added trade option
  11. nope, id go about my day. wouldnt surprise me if this family did this on purpose to get footage and sue disneyland for some shit.
  12. doing river stuff, since i live at the river
  13. those in socal def need to prep to survive a natural disaster and the fallout from it. just look how clogged the freeways get on holiday weekends, you think your gonna flee to somewhere else?? add an earthquake scenario and then you've got possible overpasses and bridges down making it even more impassable.

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