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  1. towing a big 5ver or other heavy trailer id go dually. daily driver it sucks at times though.
  2. There is no shoulder on that road. The oncoming traffic has a passing lane(think 395), looked like the trailer was trying to tell him not to pass. yeah, 2 lanes of oncoming traffic it appears. video is from a euro country so the road markings are different than here. rider is/was a dumbeff*
  3. is your son into smoking? if its something he wont use then why spend the money on a smoker. if he is into smoking, then might want to ask him what his preference would be for a smoker. im pretty partial to certain types of smokers for smoking meat myself. then theres the propane vs charcoal. for certain foods i use my smoker that runs on charcoal/wood. for others i use my propane grill for the ease of use. on the charcoal side a good combo for grilling and or smoking i feel is the big green egg type of grill/smokers. they are limited on grill space though. for a propane grill the weber grills are awesome. in the smoker world there are tons of options. pellet grills, charcoal smokers, drum smokers, stick burners, etc. for smoking i am currently using a weber smokey mountain smoker. it is a great cooker, however my preference is now a large reverse flow stickburner. in the bbq thread in the food forum has a bunch of pics of people setups
  4. Cortni and I will be there with a booth for boardmanville.
  5. i had an old chenowth that looked similiar. most i nthe 70's 80's all looked the same.
  6. raceline has been around for a while. i had these custom made in 2008 for my rail since i went with the 5x5.5 bolt pattern gear one sold. 17x12's. fronts are 17x7's
  7. yea i dont eff around when it comes to ring and pinion carnage!
  8. i run an oil cooler on my car. its an old school small block chevy 400 block. water temps typically hover around 190-200. oil temps have been as high as 285 under long high rpm runs. i have a thermostat on the fan control as well.
  9. didnt even know they were still in business
  10. id just drive the car to the house
  11. i still remember plastic Ed pulling the chutes on his camaro on rockafeller in ontario late one night against a street bike..
  12. Kevin


    cortni and i downloaded an app called ghost detector after a customer came into boardmanville and was messing with it. i dont know if the thing really works or not, but some interesting results popped up that made us think theres something to it. chuck still hangs out at boardmanville. had some strange things happen while out there like the restroom door getting locked (its a keyed deadbolt both sides), every breaker in the breaker box tripped when his ashes were moved out to treat the logs of the building, along with some other little things moving etc.
  13. spend the money on good quality fittings and hose such as XRP, fragola, phenix. those 3 are made in usa and are of much better quality. the overseas shit typically gal badly when you assemble the fittings on a hose and when connecting them to components. running e85 will deteriorate rubber hoses much quicker than normal gasoline. ideally ptfe would be the best choice to use for it, but you can get a few years out of rubber based hoses, you just have to replace them when they start to get hard.
  14. i do allright.. not afraid of breaking the car, i just worry about getting it out of the dunes when it does break!
  15. i just drive it. after a few heat cycles anything that would shit the bed would have shit the bed

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