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  1. spent the day on the lake/river for Eliminator boats 50th anniversary party at pirates cove.
  2. Kevin

    2015 18' Crusader Jet Boat

    scott builds some of the nicest boats and trailers
  3. Kevin

    It's Saturday 5/4/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    i guess technically working. going thru stuff in garage and getting things setup for my ebay store.
  4. Kevin

    Movie set in G this weekend

    in march was just the stunt guys shooting scenes. this month the stars will be there filming their parts. the stunt/camaera/car guys are some cool dudes. they came over to boardmanville several times after shooting in march.
  5. Kevin


    glad you guys are back
  6. Kevin

    Dune Wife Wants a Boob Job

  7. Kevin

    Off road coloring book!

    i still have several dukes of hazzard coloring books from early 80's. also cartoons are being made once again https://www.cartoonsmag.com/
  8. Kevin

    Auto Detail referral near Upland

    prestige mobile detail 9518400638
  9. Kevin

    Off road coloring book!

    thats badass. id love a copy as well.
  10. Kevin

    What’s on your feet?

    the racing shoes are more for fire protection than anything. i wore em when i raced a circle track car for a while. you can definitely feel the pedals better than normal shoes but there really is no impact protection to speak of in them. in my sandcar i have worn low top shoes, steel toe'd boots, and flip flops. the flip flops are obviously the worst choice as they can fall off easily and get tangeld with the pedals. plus i did bang my feet on the tubes of the chassis a few times that felt just "lovely" uggs to me are good alternative to flip flops since i like to kick my shoes off and feel the sand with my feet.
  11. Kevin

    Graphic Warning! Seat belt injury

    dam! better than dead though..
  12. Kevin

    How far is your commute for work?

    back in 95 i commuted from upland to long beach every day. that got old fast. i quit and found another job closer to home. then in 2004 i moved to hesperia and commuted to mira loma every day (i didnt remember commuting 10 years earlier apparently). i did that miserable drive for 3 long years and wore out 2 vehicles in that time. the time i spent commuting really took its toll on me mentally. i eventually moved back to upland and was now 10 miles from work. my drive in the am was 15 minutes tops, but towards the end of 2017 the drive home was taking almost an hour for those 10 miles if i left at my normal quiting time. i typically just worked an hour or 2 of overtime and got home in 25 minutes instead. i have no intentions of ever commutting for work ever again for a daily 9-5 type job.
  13. Kevin

    Looking for a web master!!

    your welcome
  14. Kevin

    Truck Pictures

    i love the old chevy square bodies. my old crewcab i had for a while. converted it to 4x4, then sold it after i bought i big 5th wheel toyhauler. my 79 k5 which i still have. its sitting in garage waiting for a rebuild.
  15. Kevin

    RIP Schwinn

    dammit.. rip

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