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  1. open desert both below and above havasu, blm land. if you want a campground probably somwhere along parker strip would be best, pirates den, etc.
  2. working on my list of lists... heading to rockabiliy reunion here in havasu later this afternoon
  3. saw a post on one of the dozens of glamis groups on fb that there was a crash on the 10 couple hours ago, traffic you hit was probably residual from that.
  4. you running methanol? m1 + nitromethane.. street outlaw guys do it..
  5. i believe mine are 1 1/4 4130 tubing on my uppers. dont recall wall thickness, but they really arent that heavy in weight.
  6. all i see is heavy traffic at ave50 stoplight.
  7. you could probably go bigger and be fine
  8. its a process thats easily messed up by anybody, and ultimately is the responsibility(my opinion) of your buddy that owned the truck. you have to set it in tow mode every time you want to flat tow it.
  9. Kevin

    WTB LS3 Block

    i prefer aluminum for weight reasons.
  10. Kevin


    dam shawn, thats nicest carr one ive seen.
  11. Kevin

    WTB LS3 Block

    im looking for a good ls3 block. thanks
  12. Kevin

    BBQ Cart

    ill let ya know what i come up with for a small one.
  13. Kevin

    BBQ Cart

    my idea so far is to build a smallish reverse flow stick burner with a blackstone and maybe a small propane grill. also thought about a combo of uds and pizza oven and blackstone.. i got a few ideas on how to build the stuff.

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