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  1. Can you give me a price for a set of 35.5 #2s, local pick up, you can text me at 562-577=0550
  2. I have 4 that don't mach, and they need new rubber, send me a text and I will shot some pics. 562-577-0550 my name is Ben
  3. Can I have one more measurement? I need a measurement across.
  4. I bought the clutch new, pressure plate and fly wheel all at the same time about 2 1/2 years ago. 30-35 days in the dunes. Yes the clutch is hooking up It is engaging and it doesn't feel like it is slipping either.
  5. it only happens when the car is running. might have to pull the motor
  6. I have a mendeola s4d with a bell housing and a double disc KEP clutch. I don't have a clutch pedal stop and never have. When I push the clutch all the way in it comes back to position but there is no resistance in the pedal if you push it again, like the clutch is still in or the slave cylinder is still engaged. The only thing bringing the pedal back is the spring. It only happens when the car is running and driving. Can anybody help me figure out what would be causing this?

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