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  1. DUNERDR82

    Next step up from lt80

    This.... Save yourself a bunch of time and Money. Just moved my 6 year old from lt80 to a raptor 250 and just turned the throttle screw in a little. Great bikes!!!
  2. DUNERDR82


    Texted and called the number on the add and I don’t think it’s correct?
  3. DUNERDR82

    Crowds this week ? Who's still out there ?

    Just got here to pad 3. There is plenty of room on all the pads or roadrunner
  4. DUNERDR82

    Gear one midboard hub seals

    I have a set in my trailer . I will try and run by in the am and check out the numbers.
  5. DUNERDR82

    Glamis camp photos

    All Saftey precautious were put in place to protect any fellow duner from anything that would hurt them. (Notice the cones that have reflective tape that outline the battle zone).
  6. DUNERDR82

    Glamis camp photos

  7. DUNERDR82

    Motorhome project. under 3000 original miles $2k

    How much for the electric awning? Any pics?
  8. DUNERDR82

    Wing w/ storage + panels

    Yes same style car. I will ask Carlos when I’m there Monday.
  9. DUNERDR82

    Wing w/ storage + panels

    Might be interested in the side panels if all the holes line up.... ?
  10. DUNERDR82

    v8 header for ls motor

    Tom face... http://www.scottysmuffler.com/html/headers.html
  11. Pretty sure I have a couple that are in decent condition..
  12. DUNERDR82

    Motorhome buying?????’s

    This one looks nice....
  13. DUNERDR82


    Yes just a basic leveling kit and some 35’s. Yes it does have air bags because it’s a F250 my buddies 350 didn’t need them.

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