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  1. The issue I have run into with putting sxs's on my belly lift. ( that i converted myself). Its a couple bolts and some longer cables. Most sxs's wont sit flat on the bottom pans on the front unless you ratchet the wheels up. The belly lift platform was a little wide for the sxs's in my case. I'm sure there are different sizes out there.
  2. I flat tow my 17 F250 with no braking system. I obviously know it’s back there but have never felt like I needed extra braking power. I know you are trying to be on the safe side but I think your wasting your money.
  3. This.... Save yourself a bunch of time and Money. Just moved my 6 year old from lt80 to a raptor 250 and just turned the throttle screw in a little. Great bikes!!!
  4. Texted and called the number on the add and I don’t think it’s correct?
  5. Same thing happen to one of Robbie Gordons rigs when it was coming in a few Thanksgivings ago. They pulled him over and made him leave. And i do believe they gave him a ticket. not sure of the actual violation but at the time sounded like B.S. But even if they are wrong they can still do what ever they want and tell you to take it up in court weeks or months later.
  6. Everyone I know that has Bunk models use the bunks for storage. Due to how small the areas actually are after your kids reach about 9 or 10 they are to big for them. I picked up a 2008 Fleetwood Discovery 40x last year and it works GREAT for my wife and I and 3 boys. It has 4 beds. 2 coaches that fold out to beds 1 queen and 1 full, and then the dinette makes into a bed. and with all the beds out you can still walk thru from front to back. With your Budget i would say you wont have a hard time finding exactly what you want. As far as the water goes i went from 150 gallons in my 5th wheel to a 100 now and run out of water at the same time i did with 5er. And after talking to a few friends they all say the same. My advise would be to go look at a bunch of different brands and models before you settle on one, what works for someone might not fit you.
  7. Just got here to pad 3. There is plenty of room on all the pads or roadrunner
  8. I have a set in my trailer . I will try and run by in the am and check out the numbers.
  9. All Saftey precautious were put in place to protect any fellow duner from anything that would hurt them. (Notice the cones that have reflective tape that outline the battle zone).
  10. Tom face... http://www.scottysmuffler.com/html/headers.html

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