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  1. im in Phx too. Its good to know who works on them. I have a tompro car,
  2. That's the oil I want to run in it. it is a little pricey but cheaper than a motor. this weekend im changing out my oil cooler, the one in the car looks a little damaged. Im new to this turbo thing so everything is a different from my car I had before. Thanks everybody all the info helps
  3. I was thinking of a fan on my oil cooler but didn't know how good it would work. seems like when the motor reaches close to 200 degrees the oil pressure drops to almost nothing at a idle when the motor is cold it idles around 70 lbs. just thinking the cooler isn't working very good its an 05 tom pro
  4. I have heard running synthetic oil in a hayabusa isn't good for it. Has anybody done it and have they had good luck with it. I need to run a heavier oil than a 10 w 40 I would like to try a 20w50 mobile 1 synthetic, the car has a turbo if it makes any difference Any info helps. I would hate to blow up the motor. it would cancel my dune season Thanks
  5. It was running great at the dunes and the next morning we went for a ride and it had no power wouldn't accelerate, so after everything I have done to it still has starting issues and when its doesn't start quick it runs bad like its not firing correctly or to much fuel. im ready to set it a blaze
  6. Its an 02 stock Busa in my car, I have installed a new few pump, had the valves done, different injectors and throttle bodies, new spark plugs and the problem is, Sometimes it will not start, it sputters, pops, and it acts like not firing. it can take a half dozen times or more to get it started and when it finally does start its running rough and then smooth's out. and then sometimes it starts very quick and runs great, its not showing any codes and im lost on this one Could a sensor be going bad and not show a code for it Any help or input is appreciated
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    Here is mine West Phoenix

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