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  1. Thief gets his reward... https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=Nw3e_1560285539
  2. amcf18

    led pod?

    Don't have those exact lights, but I run amber covers on my LED cubes on my atv. Much better in dust.
  3. What # is he in AZOP? I'll try follow his racing.
  4. Ever think about putting the wife back there, and having her put on the brakes?🙂
  5. Is there room left for a quad it there?
  6. This might help.... From http://rversonline.org/ArtFAQ8.html Charging Deep-Cycle Batteries is a very complex subject so for those of you experts, excuse my simplifications. The most basic charging system is a "Converter" ($100) that converts 120 vac shore power to typically 13.2 vdc for the 12 vdc systems in the rig. A converter is designed to provide lots of 12 vdc for various systems but is not a good battery charger. All the 12vdc systems in your RV are designed to operate satisfactorily on dc voltages between 10.5 to 15 volts. A converter provides 40 amps or more for these systems, but can only charge batteries at 3 to 5 amps. So if the only charging device you have is a converter, it can take many hours to recharge a depleted battery. The typical alternator on a motorhome or tow rig engine can charge batteries at from 40 amps to 100 amps. However running this engine is not very efficient. More expensive two stage converter/charger ($300) have capacity to provide 30 amps of battery charging. The most expensive three or four stage converter/charger ($600) can provide over 100 amps of charging capability.
  7. There is a scale at Love's in Quartzsite now. Not sure if it can do axles, though..
  8. Sweet rig Jay. Gonna pull it with the tundra?
  9. amcf18

    SX / Motorcross

    Did you notice Ryan Dungey passing all those riders? He looked pretty dominant as well.
  10. I hope you tried the Philly sandwich at the DB.. Worth the bumpy ride (in a car) for sure..
  11. Yes, Monday night..Sucks...
  12. I think you should pick it up, Jeff. Be able to keep up with the kids, without breaking a sweat!
  13. Looks Great..Now, what's the real story on the bicycle?
  14. I have rubber balls floating in my atv tires, no slime added.

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