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  1. Pretty interesting film om fuel cell development .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=993&v=jULU8ado0Ro&feature=emb_logo
  2. Those must be Hooker headers at 5.25.....
  3. I had the stick of another member of the blues, right winger Frank St Marseille. He was number 9 as well, guess when he came up, Red took the number 7. Bad ass team.. I wore that stick to a toothpick playing road hockey,,
  4. You are on the right track, but I would lean toward the water pump being the issue. Not always the case, but sometimes the headgasket will make the coolant bottle overflow, from air pressure.. You are right about the mag case, just 05 and 06 got the recall. You can have a dealer verify with the VIN if you have any doubts.. Lots of info on those machines here: https://www.suzukicentral.com/
  5. I used the Hengs on my 5th wheel in Quartzsite. Had to re-do it every two or 3 years. Not sure how long the expensive stuff would last, but I would expect double or triple that.. Very happy with it though, good stuff..
  6. I'm guessing you don't ride a quad...😁
  7. Was enjoying his videos of Pikes Peak Practice this week on Jewtube. He crashed in the last 1/4 mile of his race run. Life sucks somedays..
  8. I'm hoping to move to Glamis for the full season.. Does anyone have the contact info for the head of the HOA for the Estates? Rent's probably too high for me anyway, but might be able to afford a spot near the dumpsters. I have only camped in the washes, is there anything else I need to know?
  9. Thief gets his reward... https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=Nw3e_1560285539
  10. amcf18

    led pod?

    Don't have those exact lights, but I run amber covers on my LED cubes on my atv. Much better in dust.
  11. What # is he in AZOP? I'll try follow his racing.
  12. This particular one.. It is a badass machine. Hell of a tow vehicle.. Here is a clip of it. This was a day a rusty rider borrowed it, and the conditions were tough. He was just a little timid, and and didn't end well.. Didn't hurt anything though.. Thats Spize coming to the rescue.. 😎
  13. Unfortunately I had to find out how cold this winter! 😭
  14. Ever think about putting the wife back there, and having her put on the brakes?🙂
  15. I live in Picton, 3 hours away. Haven't been to Ottawa in years. They didn't have air b&b then, and hotels were kind of pricey, but you ony live once.. Didn't have Uber either, definately wanted a car then, unless you stayed downtown, near the Parliment buildings. There are lots of museums, one or two across the river in Quebec, but don't be afraid. Wine is cheaper there anyway! It is fun to hang around Parliment and the canal beside it.( Worlds longest skating rink) Shopping was pricey downtown too, be careful! Can't comment on any restaurants lately, but lots of good stuff around.. Lots of entertainment too. You could check with the raft companies, they are a little north of the city, but I think it would be wet or dry suit stuff, if they would do it at all. Brrr. It isn't too hard to commute in to the city, if you stayed out of town a bit just depends on what you want to do at night, I guess. Train or driving you will be 7 hours or more to Niagara, so you better make it an over night or two.. Kind of a shitty drive from Toronto to Hamilton anyway, traffic wise, but you will get there. Niagara is a fun place for sure. If you get bored you can come down to Picton. We have about 15 Wineries, a free ferry, and a great Beach. Even have some dunes, but they frown on riding them..😢

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