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  1. About two years ago we did a surprise garage remodel for my dad and used Saber cabinets. The quality is great and the pricing is very reasonable. I want to say we were around $4000 shipped for all of the cabinets/stainless counter top and took maybe 4 hours to install. the large storage lockers do require assembly but nothing crazy. I would comment that the cabinets are not "mechanic grade" but more for the nice garage and guy that likes to tinker. If you are like me and in the garage every weekend wrenching i would recommend other options. all that said my dad absolutely loves them!
  2. Talk with CJC Offroad about the Carli kits. I would go Carli over bds hands down. 110% you will not be disappointed. Im on 37x13.50x17's on my carli leveled 2017 ram 2500. The ride quality is amazing.
  3. Pretty crazy. The velocity shocks from walker are what a lot of race teams are using and are a damn good set up
  4. our 2018 2 seat dynamix race car was complete garbage out of the box. its all dialed now but i cant believe the price of these cars and they can send them to a customer like that. I didnt even want to drive it.
  5. ours is still for sale! 2018 suzuki drz 70. perfect starter bike https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/mcy/d/mesa-2018-suzuki-drz-70-perfect-for/6777560818.html
  6. Also go to the site and check out the new LP6's. I might be replacing the XL80's with those lights when they come out of pre order.
  7. Baja Designs hands down. We have a 30" "onyx 6 plus" bar on the roof and two XL80's in spot/flood combo pattern with amber lenses. like others have said the upper light bar makes things worse if you are not leading. the white light reflects off of the dust and makes a wall that you cant see thru. this is where the xl80's in amber come into play. No questions asked you will be amazed with the quality and performance of the bd lights. Pretty sure i can get you 10-15% off just depending on what you order. send me a pm if interested.
  8. I have the Anderson in my 2017 ram 2500 and absolutely love it. I also have two friends with the b&w companion and they are a stout set up. I went with the Anderson only because its light and i haven't really heard of any failing. One draw back is that you have to jack the front of the trailer a few inches higher to get the adapter up over the ball on the hitch. Not that big a deal but it is kind of annoying. If it was a dedicated tow rig 3500 dually that only came out when a trailer was connected i would probably go with the B&W just for how stout it is and you can see the quality. That being said i have helped my buddy take the companion out in two pieces and it still was not "easy" . It just wasn't as heavy.
  9. Buy that truck before someone else does. that is a screaming deal on a low mile 4x4 dmax. I literally just sold my dads truck yesterday, 2004 lb7 fully loaded with 114k on it and sold for 20k.....
  10. I cant speak from experience but i have heard nothing but good things about the sandcraft tires witch are actually made by Skat i believe.
  11. yes he still has this bad chicken! I will tell him to log on and respond
  12. I have 2 friends in sales over at ADD offoad. I was told that last week a high volume customer of theirs came in and was talking about how he was building his xx for the ssss but it was not going to happen due to robby having rights to both the cage and suspension components. He hasnt figured out how he can build a cage for the car without there being an issue. Thats all i know and all i was told......
  13. Was this Tylers"tintmans" truck? Why are you selling it so soon? Going to forward your info on to my dad as he was interested in it the first time around. Where are you located?
  14. Looks like even back in 2016 people were wondering what had happened to it. https://www.iol.co.za/motoring/industry-news/what-happened-to-nissans-294kw-15-2018536

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