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  1. How much for a set of stu 36x17 #2 shipped to Tucson AZ?

  2. Thanks for the paddles and super quick shipping and good prices. Paid for them late Friday afternoon and had them on my door step this morning.
  3. Where are you located? I have a 26' aluminum deck over. I am located in AZ

    1. Terry P

      Terry P

      Thanks, I'm in CA. I appreciate it.

  4. I would love to see some good pics of tires.


    1. Dirtywhiteboy


      text me your cell and remind me to send pics of 33's 310-351-6666

  5. Will you take $700 for the 33x17's and will you be in glamis on halloween? I would have to find glamis postal to get them to Tucson

  6. How much for a 2- 17x33 Sandblaster #2 shipped to Tucson?
  7. I have had nothing but problems with a leaking power steering. It is a Tatum rack. I replaced it 3 years ago because the old one leaked. I had the new one rebuilt last year because it started leaking. 3 trips later it is leaking so bad i had 2-8" puddles of power steering in my garage after a long weekend at the dunes. Any one had similar issues with Tatum steering rack? I am thinking of switching to Howe. I never see them leaking on any of the sand cars.
  8. Send pics to 520-808-8092

  9. Please Pm me a price for a set of 33x17's blaster #2
  10. Im having a baby girl in late September. I got drawn for San Carlos antelope in early October. Coues 36C in late October. Moose and Whitetail in Alberta Canada in November. Mexico coues in January. Gonna have some fun this year. Wife is not very thrilled. LOL I cant blame her.
  11. Wolters


    I hope he does. I have RCVs as well and would like to know the result. They won't warranty them for wear, only if it breaks the star or cage I think. Man those stars are pretty bad, were they really dry? I had a broken cage and it wasnt covered on warranty. Just saying.
  12. Looking for glamis postal from Indio California to Tucson for a set of 4 wheels and tires. The tires and wheels could also be picked up from DWB in Glamis on March 26th-29th or April 9-12th. I would be happy to give some gas $$$ any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Im servicing my cvs and with the back tires off the ground there is a fair amount of play in the hubs. If I grab the the tire it will move back and forth probably 1/2 inch. It is the same on both sides. The bolts going from the hub to the cv flange are not installed. I did not notice any play before i took it apart. I dont think there should be much movement if any. Is this normal with out the flange bolts installed or are my bearings shot.
  14. Wolters

    Dyno Results

    Yep Only numbers Frank. Those numbers on a dyno change drastically from dyno to dyno. Chris' dyno usually shows low numbers but he is probably the best there is. My car showed very low numbers on his dyno. I was upset at first until I lined up next to cars that claim 200 more hp. Those cars are usually looking good at the back of my car. I have a fully built 402 from CBM they claim is 600HP and on Chris"s dyno My numbers are almost exactly the same as yours Frank. Chris"s dyno numbers are low but are probably pretty accurate. My friends stock LS1 was tuned by another tuner in Phoenix and pulled 388 RWHP? It didnt have that much at the crank. Its a big numbers game
  15. Yes Hondo best money i spent was when you installed a sway bar on my Tatum. Shocks did not need to be retuned and has very slight body roll. It turns flat and was a world of difference. It might be a little stiffer in the chop but not even sure about that.

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