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  1. Pics are deceiving. 2 trucks would of never got that buggy out of that bowl unless they had a winch with 300’ of cable or more. What good does it do to pull an axle with a frozen hub bearing, the wheel would still be locked up. I was coordinating getting help and tools necessary to take it apart. I helped for hours until there was nothing else to do but wait for the snowcat the next morning. He stayed with his buggy by choice because he was afraid of it getting stripped.
  2. Wolters

    CBM 402

    CBM 600 horsepower stroked LS2 (402) L92/LS3 heads Forged rotating assembly Complete engine with computer, harness, all accessories, air filter setup, fly wheel and clutch, complete turn key package. New CBM engine 15k package Extras installed FAST LSX intake 102mm throttle body $1500ish Flywheel, dual disc stage 3 clutch setup for S4S $900ish CBM chrome pulley package $800ish Air filter setup Turn key set up, dyno tuned, it put down 470 horsepower and 450 torque at the rear wheels through an S4S. Runs perfect needs nothing but a new owner. Engine has about 5 seasons with 3-4 trips a year on it. Still in the car for a week or 2 and can be test run. Does not include exhaust. No trades 10K 520-312-4580
  3. How much for a set of stu 36x17 #2 shipped to Tucson AZ?

  4. 2-33x17 well used #2’s that are probably the height of #1’s. I ran tubes because the sidewalls leaked. No plugs or patches. Someone get them or they are going in the dumpster. 520-312-4580
  5. Thanks for the paddles and super quick shipping and good prices. Paid for them late Friday afternoon and had them on my door step this morning.
  6. Where are you located? I have a 26' aluminum deck over. I am located in AZ

    1. Terry P

      Terry P

      Thanks, I'm in CA. I appreciate it.

  7. I would love to see some good pics of tires.


    1. Dirtywhiteboy


      text me your cell and remind me to send pics of 33's 310-351-6666

  8. Will you take $700 for the 33x17's and will you be in glamis on halloween? I would have to find glamis postal to get them to Tucson

  9. Wolters

    WTB STU 33x17 #2 cut

    I am ready to buy brand new but thought maybe someone has a pair they want to get rid of. Only looking for new or in close to new condition. 520-312-4580
  10. I have a set. I am located in Tucson. Stock black rims and tires in great shape. $100 520-312-4580 call or text if interested
  11. How much for a 2- 17x33 Sandblaster #2 shipped to Tucson?
  12. Wolters


    New 8” dual disc with floater plate and stage 2 pressure plate. VW spline. Was installed but never used. In Tucson AZ. 520-312-4580 $75 OBO
  13. I have had nothing but problems with a leaking power steering. It is a Tatum rack. I replaced it 3 years ago because the old one leaked. I had the new one rebuilt last year because it started leaking. 3 trips later it is leaking so bad i had 2-8" puddles of power steering in my garage after a long weekend at the dunes. Any one had similar issues with Tatum steering rack? I am thinking of switching to Howe. I never see them leaking on any of the sand cars.

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