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    Buckshot Sandcar, X5 4 seater, LS motor, super charged, Albins 5 speed trani, second long time owner. Rebuilt motor. Looks brand new, very low hours. runs like a raped ape.


    San Jose, California - US

  2. you can text it to my phone 408-691-2263. Dan. the buckshot I own is a little wider I had the cousin to your trailer with 2 axial had to get the cars front tiers up to the door to keep it from wagging its tail at 60 65 mph, where is the fuel tank, and water tank located thanks
  3. Ok, had to try, sold my motor, home got a toy hauler need a smaller car for the sand. thanks
  4. can you please send a picture of the fuel door on the right wheel well (inside, ) thanks Dan
  5. Very nice for 9 years of use, do you drive over the out let on the right wheel well cant tell from the pics.
  6. interested in a trade 07 buckshot need to get 50 k out of my car thanks dan
  7. Want to trade Buckshot for a smaller car, for 50k / trade + cash on your end thanks Dan
  8. interested in a trade for a Buckshot + cash ?

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