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  1. What's your thoughts Kenne Bell to Whipple or others?
  2. My original plans were a set of All Pro heads but the turbo company actually talked me out of them and recommended the AFR heads that it was built with. He had said the lower flowing head would spool the turbos faster and make the original 1300 hp goal better. Which they certainly did but I feel the All Pros are a superior head that I wish I had gone with.
  3. That's an awesome and informative post Fullthrottle! Thank you! Starting from scratch I'd go that route in a second. I am however confined to my current long block. But some solid points I will give thought to. Thank you!
  4. My builder just finished an almost identical 4.5L Whipple motor besides the fact I'm running e85 and this was on 91. Were thinking we could get even a little more out of mine if I stayed on E85. I'm thinking the instant response of the Whipple and nearly identical hp would make the Whipple platform the best of both worlds for me
  5. I'm having a new car built and trying to decide what road to go down. I'm going to be using an existing Dart Next LS7 6 bolt 427 stroker motor that I just had built which currently has a pair of 66mm ball bearing Bullseye turbos and made 1375 hp and 1200 ft lb at the crank. Not to say I'm unhappy with it by any means but I'm strongly considering switching over to a 4.5L Whipple when its put in the new car. The car will never be the fastest out there nor do I want it to be. I want something that rips in all areas, duning and drags and is as reliable as possible. What's y'alls thoughts on which road I should go down?
  6. Decided on a TRX-4 with a full carbon fiber body and a few functional and unique upgrades that I think will make this car handle like none other.
  7. Welp, I pulled the trigger earlier today and left a deposit with Tatum to build me my dream car! Now the hard part, trying to wait. Lol
  8. Beautiful car Tintman! If something changes, I'll certainly keep you in mind!
  9. Why are you selling so soon?
  10. Thank you for the advice!! Beautiful car DWB! But its gotta be a 4 seater. A lot of the reason I'm wanting to build a car is specific features I want to include that I've done to my current car and havent seen on others. I also have a really nice motor that I'd like to use since I'll never get what it's worth back out of it.
  11. Definitely going to go Albins and carbon fiber body. I had one person mention their wiring work wasnt the best and recommended I have someone else wire it? Any one else have similar thoughts?
  12. For those that have had Tatum build a car for them, any tips? I'm looking to have a TRX-4 or a PreRunner built (not sure which yet). Curious if there are any options or things you would do or not do or anything I should supply, do myself, or outsource. Thanks for any tips!! Super pumped to have exactly what I want built!
  13. Yes I have tabs that bolt on to those designed
  14. Thank you Jason! I should have thought around this instead of relying on PBS. I spent more than the hour it took me to design the bulkhead calling and emailing PBS. If you guys want a blank bulkhead or something similar to offer your customers, Id be happy to cut them for you! I'll finalize tube layout and then match this to it. Done for now though!
  15. Awesome! I just downloaded a truck block Solidworks file and a couple data drawings. If anyone would like them, I would be happy to share them. Just shoot me a message with your email and I can send it over.
  16. Thank you LRS! Weddle was kind enough to help me with that so I was able to design the front mount. I just need something similar for the bellhousing. It's the large full size clutch bellhousing.
  17. I need the bolt pattern to build a bulkhead. Im not asking for a complete file of the design. I design things for a living, I would never ask for a complete model, I understand what that would be asking for.
  18. Does anyone have a DXF/PDF/Solidworks file for the PBS bellhousing bolt pattern? Ive tried PBS, Weddle, Racer, Tatum, and AZ Transaxle. All of which besides PBS were very helpful and tried but dont have the file. PBS cant manage to get the file over to me after over a week of trying. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  19. Definitely. That was the first thing I did when I bought the car was convert over to E85. It's not as easy to get actual 85% content anymore though. Hopefully they don't do away with it it's a phenomenal fuel
  20. The cam guy was super nice to talk with, I think I asked him a dozen times to keep it as flat and broad as possible and I agree, it's perfect! He definitely knows what he is doing.
  21. Ken @ Borowski drove the motor out so we would have a shot at getting it together for New Years! And thanks to the direction of Brent @CBM for the advice on what clutch to run. Motor is ready to stab tomorrow!

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