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  1. TTT - still available.
  2. Not a lot of time left before I need to load it in the trailer for a G delivery next week!
  3. And we're officially in the 20's!!!! $29,500. I can bring this to G for pickup on 1 Nov.
  4. TTT - I can bring it to G on Nov 1.
  5. To the top with a price drop!
  6. tjZ06

    WTB: 24' Enclosed

    Thanks for all the help everybody! I'm trying to stick to 24' since it'll be towed by a '19 Ram 1500. It's rated for 11,340lbs, but I'd never tow that much with a gasser, even the new one. I'm trying to keep it closer to 8k lbs so I'm even looking at AL trailers. Yes, we will run a weight distribution hitch and we'll have air bags on the truck (we opted not to do the factory air suspension).
  7. Financing... no. But I could be interested in the Blazer.
  8. TTT I'd like to get this car sold, so I just DROPPED THE PRICE $10K!!!!!! The car is still on the stock Z1 turbo, setup around 20psi on 91 octane. I will be including the big turbo at this price, and the big injectors, fuel pump, etc. are all still on it ready to go back to E85 if the buyer wants. The new belt-size I've been running has cured the belt temp issues, at least in dirt. To be 100% clear I have NOT yet had a chance to test in sand w/ the new belt length. The car has been good and reliable for 2 dirt trips now (4 and 5 days each) and the belt never gets over 180 running hard in big, open washes. For reference, with the old belt size it was running in the high, high 200s on the same type of rides. Going slower on more technical trails it stays around 130 in Low. This is even lower than friends with X3s and stock XP Turbos are reporting on the same rides (with the same Razorback infrared belt temp gauge). That said, I have not tested as-is in the sand. I want to be abundantly clear about that. I "expect" it to be fine, but make no promises. Also, since posting I've added Hawk Engineering's Alternator kit. No more worries about voltage running all the fans and accessories you can imagine. There is a slight drain in the system somewhere, so I put int on a trickle charger when it's going to sit more than 2-3 days, but when it's getting used there are ZERO power issues with the alternator and 3 Battery Tender 480c batteries. This thing is very, very nice and ready to use as-is, but that said it still need the final dialing in to be 110%, IMHO. I've bought and sold a lot here on GD and other forums and I prefer to be as straight-forward as possible with everything. So, in the interest of full disclosure, here's what could still be improved: Tune - it starts and runs every time, and could be used as-is as long as you want. On a ~70 mile ride it used about 5 gallons, which was only about .5 gallons more than our 2018 XP Turbo used on the same ride. Still, it's on the rich-side under power (.75 Lambda under power... that's about 11:1 AFR) and I think it would run harder and do even better on fuel closer to 12:1 AFR Driver's door-frame a little bent - it blew open on a "drying run" after washing it, I must not have had it fully closed. It'll need some tweaking to get it right, or a new door frame if you prefer to go that route (skin is fine) Battery drain - as mentioned, there is drain somewhere in the system and it will drain down in 2-3 days. Not an issue when in constant use, but something maybe worth chasing down someday... maybe not if you leave it on a trickle charger like I do Light bar switch - the switch itself is bad, light bar is fine, but the switch somehow got stuck and won't rock to the "on" position, I plan to order one and swap it when I get time, but at this moment it's not functioning It has been used and trail-ridden - if you look close you will find scratches and "trail stripes" here and there. IMHO it looks really, really good and better than most RZRs out there, but I still think it's worth pointing out As usual I failed to take any pics this weekend, but here are a few I stole from others on the trip: PRICE DROPPED TO $37,500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. GD, I'm looking for a 24' enclosed car trailer. Must be in good shape, ready to go. I'd prefer black, but I'm not too worried about the color. Cabinets and such in the interior (that don't take up storage space along the floor) are a plus. Water/fuel not needed but a plus. Let me know what you have. Thanks, TJ
  10. It's included with the purchase of my trailer or RV... you better grab one!

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