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  1. That's not really an option for us, if we both want to get to go on the trip. We live ~12hrs from the dunes so our trips are generally going to be a week+. It's hard to find a dog-sitter for that long. We could/should try boarding, but honestly with *these* dogs I think that's more traumatic than the fireworks (perhaps not so with Hemi when we had him). Again, I happily shift my trips around to do the best I can. My dogs, my problem. I just wish the fireworks weren't lit IN camp and EVERY night... but I'll never be the one to call for LEOs to make it so. When I got brought up duning we were taught to do it right: get on a quad and ride with no lights out a dune or so then light 'em. Geez, why can't parents teach their kids proper safety. 😄 -TJ
  2. Our boy Hemi, that we lost about 2 years ago now was like that. It got so bad towards the end of his life that he'd start shaking and acting weird whenever the sun set in Glamis. NOTHING we did made it better. Melissa stopped coming on big holidays, or would go get a room in Yuma for a few nights to keep him out of it. Of our current two, Allison gets a little shook up but kind of barks and bounces around and looks like she's just super excited (she has the same reaction to be scared as excited) and that gets the other one MACK all riled up. It's not as bad as Hemi, but Melissa still leaves with the dogs on nights like New Years Eve. It's tough, because I don't really know what to do about it. I like fireworks, and have been known to light off some with friends down by the canal. But it seems like year by year it's more and more EVERY night and almost NOBODY rides a dune out or goes down to the canal to light them anymore. You have people lighting fireworks off RIGHT next to your trailer (and hot embers landing on your stuff). Personally, I never like suggesting MORE restrictions or MORE policing, so that's not the solution IMHO. However, like all things it seems when given an inch, there's an element that will take it a mile. At some point it'll get bad enough that BLM will decide to enforce the fireworks laws, and we all know when they do it it won't be fun. IMHO it's really up to us, the duners to self-regulate and show some restraint to keep the BLM Geheime Staatspolizei from using fireworks as an excuse to toss all of our camps and ruin all of our fun. Do we really need fireworks EVERY damn night of EVERY damn week and weekend? It'd be great for people with dogs if they knew just avoiding the actual holiday nights (especially NYE) would help them avoid fireworks. It's going to happen now and again but stressing our pets out that much EVERY night of EVERY trip isn't something most of us want to do. I'm totally happy to adjust my schedule and avoid the big fireworks nights (or weekends) because they are my dogs and therefore my problem. But it's not like I can even say "okay, we're going on a random Monday through Thursday so I shouldn't have anybody lighting fireworks 10 feet from my trailer" anymore. Cliff Notes: doggos no likey fireworks, I wish there were SOME nights left w/o fireworks anymore. -TJ
  3. That's what I'm saying. I was expecting to see something, anything. So far, nothing. We didn't get the front cover off yesterday after I got the ATI puller because I had to run down to the office last night. The good thing about having at my buddy Chris's house now is he can keep messing around with it even when I'm not there. He did get most of the new sensors in (genuine Mopar knock, cam position and crank position sensors, etc.), valve covers swapped over (with new gaskets - even those these ones were basically new), flexplate off etc. Our only operating theory at this point is that the old HLAs were actually starting to fail, even thought they seemed fine on the bench. This would mean it hadn't been getting full valve-lift for some time. With new HLAs and full valve-lift the force of the valve slamming home on the seat was enough to knock a few loose. It's a long-shot, but it's all we have so far. The only other possiblity we can come up with is that we dropped stuff in those cylinders, but it's just so unlikely. We were very careful and only had plugs/injectors out for the minimal amount of time required. Like I said, I had to run down to work yesterday and am here now, but Chris might pull that head today on the old motor and just see what there is to see. -TJ
  4. Unfortunately, I didn't think about the fact that we need a specific puller for the ATI, so that blocked us tonight. I actually just ran out to Reno to pickup the puller (and hey, maybe I'll win my fortune while I'm here, right?): This is blocking us from getting the front cover off, of course and seeing 100% what happened. So far, NOTHING looks wrong. All of the timing marks are still in the right spots (note: the dark links in the chain will NOT line up after it's been rotated, but where all the marks are on the cams and crank are EXACTLY right - not even off a tooth): You can also see the guides are still tight, meaning the tensioners should be fine.
  5. Got started working on it today. New motor: Got the old one out:
  6. Took it to my buddy's because the picker, engine stand, etc. etc. all were there so it just made more sense. Plus his tools are there and he's just more efficient there.
  7. tjZ06

    Sxs carnage

    You're probably on to something with the extra leverage in the 72" models on the arms. I've seen a LOT bend, but IIRC they've all been 72" models. Of course, that could be a function of everybody I know buying the 72" versions... And yes, they're pretty damn comfy and impressive if you take it for what it is and don't expect it to be a Funco F9 or Trophy Truck. I regularly dune with LS cars (including boosted Funcos, AlumiCrafts, etc.) with the little 64" width model XP T (it's probably 70-ish on the dune wheels/tires). -TJ
  8. No, the real-world price on a Dutch Star isn't that much, trust me I know. Even MSRP isn't half a milly, and the going street-price on a new DS is 26-28% off MSRP. Wow. Huge bummer and I hope the legal battle isn't too bad for them. In cases like this a lot of times the insurance company has to pay out, so at least he gets his $. Then they go after other parties they think are at fault (like the installer of the tow package) to recoup their money. Hopefully that's the case, and it doesn't put your buddy out of the game too long. -TJ
  9. Depends, from one of the big-name builders, or having it done by a smaller ship? Boost or no boost? Either way, I really think there's a market. I have a buddy that just went through a lot (a LOT) to land around 280 RWHP from a turbo 2.4 Ecotec in a Buckshot Bullet. I know for a fact he would have gone with a J-series if he could do it again, and double-time if he could get 500 HP... forget 600! -TJ
  10. motAr... and my buddy's new Snap On boxes - worth a LOT more than that motor, the Jeep it's going into, the other WJ I have, and a few XJs. -TJ
  11. motAr arrives today. I guess we'll find out WTF happened this weekend when we pull the covers and whatnot off the old one. -TJ
  12. I was going to say, that looks like the new Dutch Star. I had a brand new 2017 Dutch Star I bought in '16. Never a chassis/drivetrain problem with it, but it did have a whole host of "new coach problems" that took us most of the first year to get sorted out. Mine was on the Freightliner, do you know if that's the Freightliner or Spartan chassis? What was the cause? Came in at 52.5k there. That was with my Potter and my '16 2-seat XPT in it. RV was full of fuel and probably 2/3rd water, but the the fuel (156 gallons) and water (100 gallons) on the stacker were empty. Probably pushed 54k+ fully, FULLY loaded. Loooooooooong stretches of pedal to the metal (tile ) on grades. Never any heat issues, even during regen (could definitely tell a fuel consumption change during regen). Shoulda kept that one... Weird. E-brake left on or something? -TJ
  13. It's a valid concern. If I was buying a XP 900 I'd want to see that a better aftermarket airbox had been used since day 1, or that it had the motor rebuilt and then went to a better airbox. However, it's just one more reason that a XP 1k is kind of just worth it for a few Gs more. High mileage for a 1k is probably 5k+. I know a few guys with 9-10k on 1000s. The trans bearing issue can still come up with the 1k, so if I was shopping one past say 2500 I'd be very interested in the trans fluid they used, change frequency and would possibly be looking for one with a new/rebuilt trans and the bearing upgrade. -TJ
  14. Yeah. But it's just a long block, so I'll be pulling these valve covers, front cover, oil pan (though I actually have a spare brand new oil pan from my other WJ that I thought needed one), etc. so I'll most likely be able to at least figure out what broke... and maaaaaybe why. -TJ

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