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  1. ...can't afford shoes when you own a Jeep. Actually, the sad truth is those shoes are fairly new. I coated them with a stain-protector/water-proofing spray and they did this in a week or two, so they became garage shoes. -TJ
  2. It was a PBS S4S. I'd never put a 36 (or even a #2 33) on a 2D car. -TJ
  3. Honestly, you can do the Jeep route pretty cheap if you DON'T do it like me. 😛 I really like the V8 and the more upscale interior of the Overland. However, you can often find relatively clean, running 4.0L Laredo model Jeep WJs ('99-04 Grand Cherokee) for $2500-ish. If you shop around for used lift parts, or just do a 2" budget boost you can do a lot for way under $5k. -TJ
  4. Yeah, when I went to 36"s from 33"s I started breaking R&P every season and a half or so. I can't guarantee that was all from the tires, but just my anecdotal evidence... -TJ
  5. When we go Jeepin' you'll quickly think it's not all that hilarious when I keep saying "how neat is that?" or "you can tell... because the way it is." -TJ
  6. So, the only, and I mean ONLY thing we ended up re-using from the old motor were the valve covers. They were cleaned and blasted and obviously we used new, high-quality gaskets. Well, this was after only having the Jeep in the garage for 2 nights: Super beat-up size 12s for size reference. Keep in mind, the valve covers were put on on the engine stand and properly torqued. We also re-tightened them as described above. I guess the covers are just warped. I probably should have known better than re-using ANYTHING. But shoot, there are AL valve covers, I thought at least that would be okay. Anyway, I went ahead and ordered some new Mopar valve covers: As you can see, they're plastic. And they came loaded with gaskets and hardware. Well, I'll give 'em a run and see how it goes once I get the RZR out of the garage (it's a hover-craft right now so I could do the wheel bearings, I'll update the RZR Wheel Bearing Greasing thread about that):
  7. I resemble that remark! Seriously though, I don't see putting $3k of shocks on it. If I want to bomb fast, I'll take the RZR. The WJ is for going slow and enjoying NEATure... or something.
  8. Shoot, I spoke too soon, I can get bolt-in bypasses for the WJ: https://www.xerofabworx.com/product-p/wj-radflo-2.5bypass.htm -TJ
  9. Oh, you think you're better than me?
  10. A lot of his setup uses "off the shelf" mounts. Nice, looking forward to seeing the bumper. For now I think I'm sticking with my HK "hidden" winch mount and cut up bumper in front, 'til I totally thrash it. But I think I'm going to go ahead w/ Xero Fab Worx's rear bumper: https://www.xerofabworx.com/wj-rear-bumper-tire-carrier-p/wj-rearbumper.htm But we'll do the Trail Forged fill-panels for the rear quarters: https://trailforged.com/product/wj-lower-quarter-panel-replacement/ -TJ
  11. That's sort of what I'm trying to avoid with my Heep. If I am going to trailer somewhere, I might as well take the RZR, right? The idea with my Heep is short, simple, 1-2 night deals where it's not "worth" hitchin' up the 5'er, loading up, finding a park, blah blah blah. There is SO much within an hour or two of my house, and with "work from home" every Friday (well, every-everyday right now ) I basically have 3 day weekends all the time. Not enough time to really do something w/ the 5'er without adding a day on one side, or both - but plenty of time for a Heep trip. My "hope" is to add a day on each side of my 3-day weekends at least 1x month for a 5'er/RZR trip and then do at least 1 Heep trip in the 3-day window per month. That's going to be sweet. I'll be 10 miles behind you on the whooped out trails.
  12. Super bitchen! If things work out, I have a line on a set of JKUR 44s to go under mine and I already got the Trail Forged front/rear long-arm with full belly-skid to replace my front-only IRO long-arm (have a buddy buying that, who bought my blue WJ). Going to shoot for 6" and 35"s, LOVE how yours came out. -TJ
  13. Sup n00b! Yeah... stock... we almost believe you! Of course, just a decent "mid-arm" 2.5-3.5" and 37"s and it'll do urrrrrythang anybody should try to do with a $60k vehicle they care about, and more. Agree on the RTT, that's one of the great things with a JK/JL: plenty of room to just sleep in it, and there are even custom-fit air mattresses: https://www.deepsleep4jeeps.com/ (of course the cork-soakers don't do them for WJs). -TJ

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