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  1. WTF. My Pops always says he wants the OG version of this played at his funeral... -TJ
  2. Stop by the BFD booth and see my Revo that's for sale! -TJ
  3. I recently picked up a Camp Chef Woodwind grill. If you're going to have just 1 grill/smoker, it's the best IMHO. It has a lot of cool features that others don't, but the big one is that the heat deflector slides off to the side with a handle which allows you to cook with direct heat like a traditional BBQ. I got the model with the side sear-box ( https://www.outdoorcooking.com/products/grills-smokers/pellet-grills/camp-chef-sg-woodwind-pellet-grill-with-sear-box.html ), which is really awesome and lets you finish meats with a super-high-temp sear, or you can turn it on low and use a cast iron pan on it to cook up a sauce as you're doing the steaks (or just about about anything else you'd want to do with a regular heat source, heat up some baked beans, throw some veggies on it, etc. etc.). You can watch the vid for the features: The ONE thing it doesn't have, that I wish it did was wifi or Bluetooth integration. I've had Green Mountain Grills with that feature, and it's cool to be able to see the internal temp of your food on your phone from anywhere as it's cooking. I solved that by just adding a stand-alone Bluetooth meat thermometer, so it's not a big deal. Just something I think "should" be included at the price. Otherwise the features and quality are 2nd to none, and I've had Traeger and GMG products and used most others. -TJ
  4. I've seen this thing in person and it's AMAZING, no expense spared. I think Coop needs my BFD next: -TJ
  5. Meeeeeeeeeeeee too. When I had the Potter and we'd park it next to Nick's AC it was obvious where Potter gets most of his ideas, which was fine by me! -TJ
  6. Yeah, I hear ya. I have no idea if you can still buy a new 4-seat cage for one. I can pull measurements for you as-is though on Fri. -TJ
  7. My DB towed absolutely outstanding. It was 1-finger on the wheel in any wind, passing any rig, with our without the stacker. But it weighed over 40k lbs (just the RV... was almost 53k w/ stacker) and had 8 giant 315 section-width tires, plus it had Comfort Drive which is friggin' awesome, but only Newmar has. The tag-axle is key if you go DP, IMHO. That said, 450/1250 HP/TQ meant the hardest parts of 80 dropped it down to about 37 (top of 3rd gear) but "most" grades it'd still do 50. Also I got it stuck (with the stacker still on it, cuz I'm an idiot) once at Sand Mountain. That was special. I love those Super Cs on the RAM 5500 factory 4x4 platform, and love them even more when converted to big arse super-singles. but the ONLY floorplan they have that leaves ANY carrying capacity left in the GVWR is the 30FW. It's a really cool floorplan if you don't mind having no private bedroom and a small-ish bed. I still kinda wish I'd gone that way... but compared to a Genesis 40 CRXL like the OP has it's tiny inside. -TJ
  8. So, just my thoughts but... On a XP 1000 you should be able to get away with running the cover in G. That said, on our XP Turbo I never-ever will run a cover in big dunes. I have measured an 80-100 degree average running belt temp change with the cover on. This was using an infrared belt temp gauge on our 2016 XP Turbo. I go into some of my thoughts on running the cover or not here, as well as some good maintenance stuff: The way I generally look at it is yes, you will wear the sliders, buttons, roller etc. out more quickly with the cover off... you can't deny that. But it's not as drastic as people think. When the clutches are spinning they do a good job of "rejecting" the sand. But the key is, when a belt breaks it often does a ton of damage to the clutches that people don't realize or see, and then you break more belts. Talk to 10 people with RZRs and you'll get at least 5 stories of "my first belt lasted forever, but after it broke I started going through belts like crazy." That's due to the damage that was done and/or not properly cleaning after the belt-break. IMHO you can't clean up sufficiently mid-dune when a belt breaks, so I always carry good used belts as spares. Again, I don't have belt breaking problems *knocking on wood profusely* but the idea is: replace your belt at home when you can properly clean and inspect everything in the comfort of your garage with a few coldies, then put your still-good used belt in the RZR as a spare. When/if you have to replace one in the dunes put that old belt back on and take 'er easy back to camp. Then pull the clutches and properly clean them as I cover in that link and put your fresh belt on. Do your belt break in around camp. Then you're ready to party again. It only SOUNDS like more work, but it's way better than spending your whole trip in the bottom of a bowl trying to fish belt-debris out and ruining every ride for your group because you broke another belt. The jury is still out on the blowers. It's nice being able to pull that air out when you stop and cool things quickly - but some say they are a restriction at high RPM when the clutches are moving a lot of air. I'd just run no cover and not worry about any of that. -TJ
  9. Have you considered the Teryx? Bigger motor, more HP etc. than the Rhino in a similar price range. I'm selling a super nice one, but it's only a 2-seat and would need converted to 4-seat: -TJ
  10. Hey John, let me start by saying I'm biased because I happen to be selling a '09 Kawi Teryx. That said, I was looking for sort of the same things when I bought this Teryx. The idea was to build it up for my Pops for woods use in Idaho. He's had it for a few years now and it has 300 more miles than when I bought it... and I'm confident I put over 200 of those miles on it. It just wasn't his thing, so that's why we're selling it. But anyway, when I was shopping for him I figured a Rhino would be the right thing. However, I didn't want something carb'ed since I knew he'd consistently run back and forth between 3k and 9k feet (okay, I guess I didn't "know" anything because he didn't use it at all, but had he used it the area he'd use it in has huge elevation changes). At the time any EFI 700 Rhino I found people wanted YYYYuge money for. I started doing more research and found out about the Teryx. It's a 750 and has a good 20 HP more than a Rhino, and '09+ are EFI. I searched around and found one used with a nice long-travel on it, but it still had a functional factory dump bed. I figured that was the right dealio, so I got it. Anyway, the Teryx might be something to think about for you. Here's the link to mine for sale: -TJ
  11. There is no way you should be doing 2-3 belts per trip. I have thousands of dune miles in G with a XP 1000 on paddles and never broke a single belt. It's time to clean, inspect, and rebuild your clutches and figure out what is actually going on. Are you running with the cover on? -TJ
  12. I hear that. I had a paid-off DP and stacker and it still felt like it was expensive AF - and we even used ours a lot. The costs + stress over camping in dirt, mud and sand with low-hanging trees with that kinda $ into a rig was enough for us to go back to a 5'er. Well, that and the fact that (with the trailer) it didn't fit in most of the parts that are an hour or two away from our house, and our focus shifted a bit away from Glamis. You remember my gas Class A, right? That's how we rolled to the Oregon dunes. 20' flat bed trailer, '16 XPT and '15 XP 1000 (obviously both 2 seaters as you can see). I never weighed that trailer, but for a flatbed it was a little on the heavy side (with the sort of double-level frame). The rig was a '09 (so the later 3-valve V10) and it had the full Banks Power Pack (intake, headers, full exhaust, tune, etc. which makes a BIG difference). It got the job done, but honestly it kind of sucked and I couldn't even imagine it without the Banks stuff. I actually really liked the layout and size of that gasser (34' with slides only on the driver's side and a King Bed) so once it was at camp we loved it. But with that trailer and 2 RZRs it struggled on the rolling hills of 5 up in Norcal and on into Oregon. It was a constant cycle of picking up speed on the downhill (maybe a bit more than I was comfortable with) then heading into the hill pinned, downshift or two (and it had the "good" Torqshift trans) and screaming 5k RPM up the hill sometimes at like 35. It was loud, it was stressful, and it also blew all over the road. It was actually much better for stability with the trailer on it, but without a trailer it was a handful. I think the bigger Class A Gassers are just too light for as much cross-sectional area as they have. It's nearly as big of a sail as our DP, but weighed literally half as much (or less) with way narrower tires, and less of them (IIRC the gasser has 245 width tires, the DP had 315s all around and the DP had 8 with the tag axle vs. 6 on the gasser). In hindsight there's a part of me that thinks I should have just kept that gasser and the 28' box trailer we had at the time and had Melissa just tow the box trailer with my truck. But then again, I HATED driving that thing. You're used to your truck and 5'er, you're going to hate a gasser. I was so used to how my truck towed (stable, no sway, great braking, and plenty of power to do 60+ up everything) that when I got in the gasser it was a bad experience. It got knocked all over the road by wind or trucks, the power without a trailer was decent, but with a trailer it was pretty "meh" and the juice-brakes on a rig that big suck. IMHO if you're thinking of something OTHER than a diesel pusher you should ONLY look at diesel Super Cs. I know you, you won't be happy w/ the gasser. You're used to your truck that's stable, stops well, and pulls hard. The gassers are loud an ride like a FedEx truck (cuz that's all the chassis is). The DPs are way, way, way quieter and smoother. But that wasn't even the big deal. The big deal was just being a two-hand, white-knuckle drive at all times vs. the DP I could one-hand (really one-finger) in any weather, passing Semis, stacker or no trailer, just always solid. Now, all of that said, the gasser game is about to change a bit. Ford just announced a 7.3 liter push-rod V8 that will become the standard F53 motor I'm pretty sure. It should have a lot more power and torque than the SOHC 6.8L V10 and I think they're going to use the 10 speed trans on it. That could change things a little... but I still think the juice brakes and stability won't make you very happy. -TJ
  13. So much want. The cool thing is you can hang 'em on your wall when they're not in use so they don't take up much space. I've wanted to upgrade my poor man's lift for a long time: -TJ

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