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  1. Still at LRS's for any interested parties...
  2. I'm sure BFD could add them before you get it shipped up North.
  3. Heck, you'll have fun with it until he's ready!
  4. Not sure how this thing hasn't sold! But I think your boy needs my BFD Revo!
  5. Haha, just DEW EAT! It really would be a perfect Oregon car. Get 'er sold and let's make it happen. Your dune season is just getting started. Thanks for the input, and I agree 100%. Like I was saying Melissa's 2018 XPT Fox Edition is very nicely setup, with probably 155ish RWHP. While not a long travel it has the Internal Bypass Fox shocks (obv, being the Fox Edition) and Ed "The Suspension" guy completely redid them (all new Eibach springs top and bottom, real cross-over rings, and of course Ed's valving). The XPT is awesome, and I can keep up on any dune ride, but there is simply no comparison to the Revo. The Revo is way more stable and fun. I've never had a problem rolling RZRs *knock on wood* but the Revo stays so much flatter and more stable and slides in a way even my HCR long-traveled Z1 RZR didn't. It also turns around even quicker than a 2 seat RZR when you want it to. The really surprising part is it soaks up big drops and G-outs better than any SxS I've driven, including setup X3s that (at least on paper) have more travel. Then there's the power. Like you said even though it doesn't have Horsepower Wars numbers, it's a blast. The power to weight is definitely better than a X3 or Turbo RZR and there's just no replacement for a real transmission and shifting gears. Another thing I like with this car though, is the motor itself is 100% un-touched GM. The computer, harness, and necessary adapters to run it in a rail are all CBM and it was a complete CBM package, but the motor itself is internally untouched and totally GM. I'm sure you've all followed my various trials and tribulations with my other "big" cars. I'm a firm believer in an untouched GM motor that was built from the get-go for boost. And that's another thing, this is running stock pullies and the gauge shows right on factory boost levels - so there's only room to go up from here. Hot Rod made over 370 HP with just a blower-swap and different cams on an otherwise bone-stock LSJ...
  6. It's with LRS in La Crescenta, CA. Trans is an H-pattern and has reverse. -TJ
  7. TTT - Major Price Drop! For full asking price it will include the full set of dirt tires on Methods (non-Beadlock) as well as a 2nd set of Methods (Beadlocks) and of course the DWTs with the Baja Pros & Dunesports. It will still include spare CVs, boots, fluids, spare filter/outerwear, etc. -TJ
  8. Helping a friend sell the 2.2L Ecotec package from his Buckshot Bullet. This would be perfect for somebody looking to re-power a light VW rail. Here's the car it's coming out of running with this motor, very stout built (heavy for its size) car: Several board members have driven this car and can attest to how fun the package is. It'd rip in a little VW dune-scoot. The only reason he's pulling it is because he bought a complete 2.4L Ecotec Turbo package. The package will include: 2006-2007 2.2L GM Ecotec complete engine (intake to pan) CBM harness MEFI Exhaust (was in a mid-engine config... obviously it's a crap-shoot whether or not it'd fit your application) Throttle Body (regular drive-by-cable, lots of Ecotecs have drive-by-wire which can be a pain) Fuel rail and injectors Throttle pedal (again, can't guarantee fitment for you) Water-neck adapter Fuel rail adapter Flywheel Pressure Plate Clutch Disc Alternator Tensioner/Belt Oil Pressure Sensor Adapter Adapter Plate NOT INCLUDED: Fuel system (the actual fuel pump and plumbing stays with his car) $2,500 obo. Located in Vegas. Buyer pays Paypal & transport fees as needed.
  9. Thanks - I'm confident anybody who looks at it will know it's nearly new. Just two days 'til it's in G with me!
  10. I'll PM you my phone number, feel free to call/text. Yup, this thing actually defines the term "like new" you see in so many for sale posts!

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