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  1. 100% Check out my clutch maintenance thread in the tech section, it's done with my XPT but all the ideas are the same. Cleaning them out well on a regular basis and replacing the small wear items will save you a fortune long-run, if you let one of the little sliders or buttons go bad too long it can take out the rest of the clutch and it gets expensive. Catch it early, and they are just a few bucks. I had STMs on the Z1-swapped car. They are a TON of work. Absolutely a TON. Their wear parts and longevity are pretty bad too. For a dedicated drag/hill shooter they are about the only way to go, but if you CAN avoid STM you SHOULD. -TJ
  2. 32"s will rub in the front. My ~30"s will touch a c-hair here and there. I'm running 1200 Desert Trak fronts with the ribs cut down about half way and 1300 Padla Trak rears. It's not the "fastest" setup for drags or hill-shooting because they are a bit heavy (and my Method 406 beadlocks are a LOT heavy) but I did not get them comp-cut or anything because G just has way too much stuff in the sand (plants, garbage, glass, etc.) for that. Besides, it's not a "drag" car anyway. When I got these I talked to Dave at Fulerton for a while, and his $0.02 was these would be the most fun/drifty tire but not the drag setup - which was perfect for me. As an added bonus when you have to tow somebody out (which it seems like I've done a LOT with this particular RZR) you actually have a little useful bite in the front, but not so much as to break front diffs and/or belts. -TJ
  3. This is why I can't understand why my Revo isn't selling at around MSRP of a new X3 or Turbo S that needs cage/seats/harnesses/communications/frame and bulkhead improvements/etc. to be equivalent for sand-focused people. I guess it's all down to financing options. -TJ
  4. I'm guessing more like 1000+ lbs more. He said 90 crank HP, so I'm guessing an XP 900 (which were 88 stock). XP 900s were more like 1200-1300 lbs (a good 300+ lbs lighter than a XP Turbo) and I can't see this car coming in at 2000-2100. Either way, it's still a TON more HP/LBS and not going through a belt... and in a real sand car frame/susp... and... and... and... -TJ
  5. Yes, Ed does shock work in G. PM me if you need his number. What's the motor combo? -TJ
  6. The car is currently in Glamis. It's not being driven/duned, I just have a good friend keeping it in G for me so that buyers can come take a look. Otherwise, it'll end up back at LRS's in La Crescenta. I live in Lincoln now (North of Sac, which is the whole reason I'm selling it) so I didn't bring it up home because I knew buyers would be down South. -TJ
  7. It's pretty common. Evo has even worked out a 2-step on the factory X3 computer. I had a 2-step on my Z1 car (never used it). The idea is you set it up with a lot of primary spring so the engagement is moved pretty high, then you set the 2-step under the engagement RPM so you're not "riding the belt" when you're on the 2-step. I forget who, maybe K&T, but another shop also worked out a mechanical "lock out" that kept the primary from being able to engage, which was released when the 2-step is released. It's still a ton of "shock" on the belt, but at least you're not super-heating it. -TJ
  8. A spindle letting go like that is what always gave me pause when I'd hit 100+ in a rail. The Potter had big 2" hollows... but you still never know. I can't imagine these guys doing 150, 160+ now. Hopefully we never find out what happens when a spindle, heim, trialing arm, etc. lets go on a rail at 150+. Great data on the weight too. To be clear, in the "other" thread I was definitely not debating that your platform is lighter and lower CoG than V8 cars. I think the fact that your car is 2300 should point out to some that thing their big V8 cars are like 2200 lbs that it just ain't so. My Potter was 2550 with a 1/2 tank on the 15" wheel, 33" tire setup, IIRC. On the 17"/36"s it was probably pushing 2650lbs (before me). That's a NA car, no stereo, no windshield, single battery, etc. About the only thing that was overly-heavy on the car was the YYYYYuge radiator - but I was okay with that. Anyway, my point is there are very, very, VERY few V8 cars sub 2500lbs, let alone 2300 like yours John. -TJ
  9. TTT with another price drop. Cheaper than a top of the line Turbo S or X3 but WAY safer and WAY more fun, and both of those would need cage/seats/harnesses/rigid lights/sand wheel & tire setup/etc. before they approach being as well equipped as this. -TJ
  10. Believe me, it is. And now I'm having bad ideas of just throwing the 2.3 in... -TJ
  11. If PBS is a deal breaker then non-D S4S should be too. Same R&P and overall strength... some claim the PBS case is stronger. IDK about that... but I shredded R&Ps. -TJ
  12. You conflate technical terms non-stop, as Rockwood pointed out. That makes it hard to take these posts seriously. You also assume everyone is out there to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible and run 11/10ths all the time... but most aren't and don't. Is the 6 cylinder in your green car, fully dressed, with Turbo and both intercoolers really only 300 lbs and 17" long? -TJ
  13. Still for sale. To be 100% clear, the prospective buyer did NOT come see the car or drive it. He never even put eyes on it, no issues with the car. -TJ

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