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  1. My buddy Rich Willhoff runs parts and service for Abel Chevrolet. I know him from my 'vette racing days, and he's won a few Optima championships and such: https://www.optimabatteries.com/en-us/experience/2018/01/osusc-feature-rich-willhoff Anyway, his shop swapped the CP4.2 for another stock, new, CP4.2. I thought long 'n hard about going to a CP3, doing some more tuning, maybe bigger sticks and turbo etc.. but decided the truck had been flawless and works perfectly for me for the first 100k, I'd be plenty happy with another 100k as-is. When it hits 200k, I'll prob just swap another CP4.2, or maybe by then it'll be just a "toy" and things will get silly. -TJ
  2. I've been using Stanadyne Performance Formula: https://www.amazon.com/Stanadyne-Performance-Formula-Diesel-Additive/dp/B000M46TEU/ref=sr_1_2?crid=1ULUJNZ6KDECP&dchild=1&keywords=stanadyne+performance+formula+diesel+fuel+additive&qid=1590686261&sprefix=stanadyn%2Caps%2C198&sr=8-2 since very early-on with my '11 D'max. I guess I don't have any evidence that it's helping me, and I also have better filtration/lift pump which helps the CP4.2 immensely. I replaced the CP4.2 at about 100k miles as a preventative measure, and I'm at ~118k now. It's always been worked hard and towed heavy. -TJ
  3. Interesting. It's def a big re-work then, since the head is completely "turned around" and lots of other substantive changes. -TJ
  4. My WJ build is going to have 2" RadFlo bumps all around. I've ridden in rigs with them, but never had them on any of my own stuff, so I'm pretty excited. It's not a high-speed desert bombing rig, but the benefits even on a basic fireroad when you hit a water-bar faster than planned are great.
  5. I'm still not totally sure on that. It seems like *some* of the bottom-end might be based on previous architecture, but the whole head is for sure new as it's the only one in the SxS or Snowmobile industry that has the exhaust side of the head at the "back" as it sits in a SxS. In the vid on the motor he talked about port-design and showed how they elevated the ports to smooth out the flow, and that was the work they did with "his" NASCAR/Indy guys. Also, adding cooling around the spark plugs and things like that. -TJ
  6. Where are you getting that the engine has been in testing for 5 years? I tend to agree, but we all "should" be using window nets, so if it's a simple design like on his XX race cars that opens up like a door I might start using them. I hear you... I just don't want the RG colors. It's a killer deal for what you get, but I'm not into the race-car-look-alike thing and bright colors. Still, it's hard to pass up the comms, nets, and suede stuff for $2500 on my UTT. Why don't you just call in during his live session? FWIW, they NEVER said what they were showing at the SSSS was the final vehicle. Watch the vids. He says they've been developing some of these parts on their XX program, including for the Dakar rally, for years. I've not heard one claim that any of the 3 new models (2 seat 95" wheelbase aka "Baja Bandit", 2 seat 110" wheelbase 'truck' aka "El Diablo" and 4 seat 120" wheelbase aka "El Jefe") have been in testing for years. EVERYTHING I've watched in hours of their presentations and read on their sites makes it exceptionally clear these are new vehicles. I'm really not sure where you're getting your info or how you're choosing to interpret it. -TJ
  7. Dirt fire-roads I could take my civAk down count, right? Seriously though, I'm hoping to plan a Rubicon trip sometime later summer or fall. I want to try to do it on say a Tues-Thurs to try to avoid huge crowds. -TJ
  8. Here's what I picked up from last week's presentation, and sorry, I mostly wasn’t capturing timestamps this go-round, but tried to for some key questions. New names… 4 Seat 120” WB car will be “El Jefe” 2 Seat UTT car will be “El Diablo” (wonder if they’ll have a “Magic Man” package?) 2 Seat 95” WB car will be “Baja Bandit” RG is now taking live calls during the live streams, would be a great chance for folks to ask the questions they have above… First live question was basically one that’s been asked here about actual testing since this is an all-new car. At about ~10min RG covers testing. Short-version: components are already being tested. I think the keyword is components… which implies no, complete cars have not been tested. RG did end this answer with “yes, we will be prepared” but there wasn’t as much depth on testing as I’d like to hear, to be honest 95” Wheelbase 2-Seat will launch in ~Jan, 70-72” wide car other than RG edition that will be 77” Same 35”x48” bed with tailgate (with cupholders) Same engine, trans, front diff/subframe, etc. Some of the suspension is the same, but obviously there will be parts with different widths like tie-rods, axle-bars and arms – but they’ll be totally swap-able to change later $30k LE for pre-orders with same LE features (roof, carbon fiber seats, beadlocks, etc.) as the rest, through Aug 1st RG Edition will have the same suspension travel IF it’s the 77” RG Edition Pointed out 4-seat X3 has 16” longer wheelbase than his Trophy Truck Confirmed all are 4x156mm (same as Polaris) so your sand wheel/tire setup will transfer over *if* they clear the much larger brakes Seemed to confirm all RGs WILL be orange and will have the race graphics, no option to change. Also, all 3 versions will have RG Editions available Upgrade from LE to RG will be $2,200 on the 2-seater, $3,000 on the 4-seaters This gets you comms, window nets, suede seats, suede steering wheel and the RG colors There will be a “Speed App” for OBD-II diagnostics ~25 minute mark final assembly and parts origin is discussed. Short-version: final assembly will be at “Speed Texas MFG” facility (which I’m sure is the same facility we’ve been talking about). You can switch freely between 91 and E85 using the Flex Fuel sensor, without draining or testing fuel, just like I’ve been describing so far. What he didn’t make clear was if you can run the low-boost, regular key on E85 ~27 re-explains all 3 wheelbases, new names, widths, etc. Easier for you to just go watch that if you’re still confused Obviously, tax and title will be additional to the listed prices (I’m really not sure who wouldn’t have figured that… RG isn’t going to cover the tax spread for different areas to have a locked OTD price). Shipping will be $750, but there will be options coming (I *assume* this will be picking up yourself at one of the delivery parties to save that, but we’ll see) Cup holders in the tail-gate! Baja Bandit, goal is New Years weekend in Glamis, but probably first few weeks of Jan Reiterated that everything from the back of the doors (front doors on the 4-seat) forward is the same. Everything from the rear bulkhead/firewall back is the same on 2/4 seat. On “El Diablo” aka the UTT the cooling stack was moved forward into the space behind the seats to allow for the bigger bed. However, there will be access doors and storage areas on El Diablo to use some of that space behind the seats (who’s going to be the first to make a bolt-in sub-box???) Wiring will be the same on all cars, with jumpers to extend lengths as needed to simplify repair and spares Covered again that the sealed-cab, HVAC car will have front-mounted radiators. Conversion will be possible, but cost-prohibitive (you’ll be better off selling your open car and buying a closed car if you want to go that way) Speed SxS will produce accessories for Speed UTVs They are developing and will factory install some accessories. They’re asking folks to email in “wish lists” right now, but the basics like comms, whips, mirrors, bags etc. will be covered (this will be nice for somebody like me that doesn’t want the bright orange RG Edition, but wants comms and would rather just have them factory installed) Accessories will be ordered in August when pre-orders are finalized (along w/ colors etc.) I *think* he’s saying intercoms/radios will be $1300 (not bad, considering you pay at least that just in the parts to do it right now on other SxSs) Initially, in the summer of 2021, there will only be enclosed versions of El Jefe and El Diablo, but they’re considering a enclosed Baja Bandit later Prices were covered again
  9. I think we're getting into a lot of speculation (is motor mfg determined, who will over-see QC at the Texas factory, etc.) that RG would happily answer if you send in the Qs for their next live-feed. I'm sure in the coming weeks/months they'll run out of good content to keep these weekly ~1hr videos going, so all questions will get fielded. As for last Wed's vid, I haven't actually watched it yet. I was out camping w/o signal Wed-Sun, which is always needed. Today catching up on work, but I'll try to get to it tomorrow and add my thoughts. -TJ
  10. Yeah, I know, I was just pointing out some of those changes. Shocks are just another one (they will be Speed built shocks, not either Fox or King). -TJ
  11. While *some* of the parts will be updated versions of Speed's XX parts, most of what you see there will not be the actual Speed UTV. For example, look at that whole front suspension, normal pickup points vs. the lowers mounting to the front diff/bulkhead. -TJ
  12. Yeah, that's true... but all the E85 I've tested in Cali is always at least 85, it tends to be a bit over. Still, my point is you won't "have" to worry about it if you don't want to. What will be really interesting is how long before the belt-temps climb and the computer pulls throttle back on the 300HP setting, in the sand, on paddles. There will be an over-ride button for that feature, but if it can't run the sand at the 300 HP setting without needing the belt temp over-ride, and killing belts, that'll be a disappointment. -TJ

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