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  1. Pretty sure the old format and software is never coming back. How about sharing some issues you have with the site and maybe others can help you adjust?
  2. I had an 06 Z71 Colorado, a 11 Colorado with the 5.3 V8, and now have a 16 Canyon with the 3.6 V6. I really like them. The 06 we only put about 40k miles on as we went to a bigger truck. It had no issues other than the stock shocks weren't very good so we replaced them. The 11 has about 100k miles on it and has been a great truck. I did a few mods to it and drove it pretty hard so I did just replace the transmission, but that was an abuse thing more than a reliability thing. The new one I have had for 7 months and have put 19k miles on it and I love it.
  3. 24v

    New format

    Thank you, nailed it for sure.
  4. 24v

    New format

    I completely agree with this. If we could find a way to sort the stream so that it only shows a single instance of a thread with new replies that would be great. I have tried messing with the different settings, but if there is a way to do this I've completely missed it.
  5. The feeling I got reading this story is why people keep coming back to this site. Thank you for that GM F B.
  6. 24v

    Harley Backrest

    The stock seat sucks for passengers.
  7. Pretty ladies......pretty crazy. LOL
  8. 24v

    Harley Backrest

    Here is the one on my current bike.
  9. 24v

    Harley Backrest

    A good seat is very important. Not sure I agree with Gel though. I have had 3 Danny Grey seats. The first one had gel and was the least comfortable to me. Everyone has a different butt though.
  10. 24v

    Harley Backrest

    I bought my backrest for my Road Glide from Boardtracker as well. I just got a new saddlebag lower from them yesterday as a matter of fact. Damn bikes. I can't ride mine right now and it's making me crazy. Hopefully only a few more days.
  11. 24v

    Harley Backrest

    Either one that I named are legit and will get you your parts no worries. It's amazing what local dealers charge. Eventually everyone will catch on, but for now they still get away with it.
  12. 24v

    Harley Backrest

    Just buy the Harley parts from an online place like Surdyke or Boardtracker. They typically have free shipping, there is no tax, and are usually 20% cheaper than all the local dealers.
  13. 24v

    My Trailer Mods

    On of the advantages of a little trailer is that my shower is about a foot from my hot water heater.
  14. 24v

    My Trailer Mods

    Sorry guys, I never get email notifications from this forum. Here is a link to the kit I used. All you need extra is another pump. http://www.usi-rv.com/product.sc?productId=7&categoryId=2 It is a little spendy, and had more stuff than I actually needed, but the time saved hunting for parts made it worth it for me.

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