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  1. i don't think i would by a used trans of any kind unless i picked it up in person from a very short list of reputable shops. that would be the time to put that question to them- in what way a newer design was different, what changes had been made to the used one, etc. just me, but i've been caught having less knowledge than i thought i had before
  2. seems this is the one thing i dont over think. 30 bucks from summit racing, wired to the fuel pump and keep a paper maintenance log.
  3. Have pressure bled brakes until my face is red and the air is blue! Replaced the residual valve with a Wilwood. Turning brakes hold pressure well, brake pedal holds pressure for a while but an hour later goes straight to the floor. This is rear brakes only car. Could I have gotten a bad residual valve from Wilwood? If so, I wouldn't think the turning brakes would hold pressure. My only other thought is master cylinder. Can it cause this issue? Thanks
  4. when outback surfaced the flywheel i would expect they removed material from the pressure plate mounting surface to keep the depth correct- might be worth checking. also, sounds like you reused the old pressure plate? ive always thought it best to use all new or reconditioned against each other
  5. i agree- i've had him do this one before, but he's really backed up at this time
  6. looks like i'll be shipping it to rancho. i've never done the shipping thing before and it's not as pricey as i had expected. thanks guys
  7. Currently in the St. George, Utah area and just got the word that I need a transmission rebuild. Have a Mendeola 2D. Looking for a reliable, trustworthy, honorable, give a sh!t, etc., etc., shop to rebuild in the Las Vegas area. St. George would be better. Limited time frame so I would have to believe they would get it finished when they said. Any and all recommendations would be appreciated. TIA
  8. im running a stock ls with a 2d, 930 cvs and GASP 27 spline micro stubs. is it the best money can buy? no. if i was in the position of having to replace something i would go to the 33 spline and forget about it. untill then, i set up my suspension very soft and low in an effort to keep tires on the ground, easy on the clutch no wheelies etc. works well for me
  9. sooooo looking for opinions- if i show up at glamis with two 55 gal drums in an enclosed trailer and keep everything closed up, am i apt to have a problem? be my first trip to glamis in a long time
  10. i drilled and tapped 1/8 npt in the cap, then ran a 1/8 nylon tube straight up a little ways then down through the floor pan. takes care of the thermal expansion and if it does leak it goes outside the engine area. dont drill any deeper than you absolutely have to in the cap or you wil remove all of the spot weld that holds it together- two threads is enough for zero pressure
  11. Lower "A" arms off of a 2004 Sandwinder. Chrome has some surface pitting. Have been used. What if anything are they worth?
  12. Sure looks right. Got them coming. Thanks!
  13. Does anyone recognize these? We lost a taillight lens and would like to get a replacement. They measure 4 5/8" x 3/4". If someone knows where we might find one, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  14. No play on words here - just telling it like it is On the left is "Daddy's Lil' Mistress" On the right is "Mama's Dirty Vamp"

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