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  1. UUUGGGG... I tell myself every year I'm entering my car but something always happens... this year ill be out of the country that date
  2. Message me if you are interested in my 2D. Gonna pull it in 3 weeks so you can feel it run through the gears
  3. I'll be pulling the tranny in 3 weeks if anyone wants to feel it run through the gears before it comes out.
  4. Selling my 2d with shifter for 5k
  5. I would love to by a trx4 roller and build it myself. Either that or a Gen 6 will be my next car.. well gotta finish this current build 1st.. lol.🤑🤑🤑
  6. Just bought one today but as a FYI to everyone else.. S4 trannys are 4 months out easy. This is a great price and will go quick
  7. Oh man. I just bought one earlier today.. you are selling for a great price. It should be gone by the end of the week
  8. deal is pending with sandjunkie74. will know today for sure.
  9. Does anyone have a S4 laying around? Let me know Raymond 951-751-2559
  10. i load my Attitude with a 5 seat rail and 2 full size quads.. over loaded.. probably with water, gas and everything else.. but the axles and tires are not so that's all i care about.
  11. What's your budget. I am thinking about selling my LS2
  12. Walmart sells it in the cleaner isle

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