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    Sand jack

    thanks again for holding on to the tires until we had a chance to meet up.
  2. i get between 9-14 with my 2016 6.7 but i have 4.30 gearing so i am assuming that is helping me get better numbers?
  3. Came out very nice. Looks like we got the same or very similar water line tile. Bad pic but its close
  4. Cool thanks. I can PayPal you now or hand u cash then?
  5. I was just in LA yesterday lol.. gonna come by Beaumont anytime in the near future? I can meet u at the Chevron again.
  6. If these will fit on my Tatum I'll take them for $200?
  7. We bought a new Altima so this one must go. 2014 Nissan Altima SV in great condition - Technology Package - Convienence Package - Sun Roof - Navigation - Rear Camera - Tires in great shape - Title in hand KBB & NADA both list the car way over my asking price. NADA - $10,600 KBB - $8700 - $10,499 https://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/2014/Nissan/Altima/Sedan-4D-SV-I4/Values https://www.kbb.com/nissan/altima/2014/25-sv-sedan-4d/?vehicleid=392399&intent=trade-in-sell&mileage=88000&pricetype=private-party&condition=verygood&options=5495281|true|5495380|true|5495415|true|6389570|false|6389572|false|6389576|false|6389578|false|6389582|false|6389584|false|6389587|false|6389593|true $8,700 Raymond 951-751-2559
  8. Invest the money to help offset the tax liability.. there are options if u decide let me know.. i know people..
  9. Its a dodge 🤷‍♂️🤣
  10. awesome.. but why does the boss call the season early? still some good weather for the next month or so...
  11. not the best angle but you can see the PBS is tight also. like i said this car did have an Albins H pattern in it before.

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