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  1. This is My wife's 1987 200X, She bought it New rode it for a year, Then moved up to a 250R, so it has been sitting in a garage . My son washed it off now She might sell it ........
  2. Sitting at Work, contemplating, selling my rail, and going the way of a SXS.
  3. 1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. My dad bought it in California in the 80's. Drove it for a little while then he drove it back to Utah in the 90's parked it in his garage and there it has been sitting.He passed away and I went back to Utah picked it up and trailered it back to California, washed it and pushed it in the garage. It has not been started in many years. It is in very good shape. The motor is a 400 with an automatic. It has 78,059 orig miles.It ran great when he parked it but it hasnt been started in 20+ years. It is being sold as is. Vin # 2W87Z6N543781I have the title, it is clean. The pics of it dusty is what it looked like sitting in the garage all those years. Any questions, please let me know. Texted Dave (661) 312-4855
  5. Napa sells them and because it's NAPA they ain't the cheapest place around.
  6. I have the same radio. Bought it from Scaldmax Rugged had to make a new cable for me, works great. 4 person intercom. My troubles was it was to small of a connector to the microphone port on radio. Rugged Radio took care of it .
  7. Funco sell loading wheels 5 lug pattern. I believe they are 18" truck spare donuts wheels, with the centers cut and rewedded .
  8. I'm a Subaru fan all the way. Reliable, light, low center of gravity. I'm with the guys on running it just the way it is, and see how you like it. One guy you should talk to is John at Out front motorsports. He had one of these in his shop lots of mods. He could give you an idea of what your in for on mods to the car to get it set up with Subaru, or V6, 091 or Mendeola. Good luck
  9. just wondering did you paint the old wheels or are you selling them? how much for the wheels? PM me
  10. just wondering did you paint the old wheels or are you selling them?
  11. bump for a fellow Funco Gen3 owner.

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