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  1. No problem man, just get me an address I agree with this....I'm a Marine on a twelve month deployment to Afghanistan which means I'm missing the dunes.....I can PM my address.... Sure no prob man, any Armed Forces over sees need a vid let me know ill cover the postage, least i can do and if theirs anything thing else any of ya need let us fellow duners know and we will see if we can make it happen, its the least we can all do for u all.
  2. Congratulations on the merge. If you continue the same quality of work that Phil has done you should be very successful. Phil has my buggy in his shop right now, hopefully I can grab one of your videos when I pick up the car. Thanks... Ya next time your in their just tell him to hit ya up with a Jackson Snakehunt dvd, tell him u seen em listed on glamis dunes he will know what your talkin about. Yes we are defiantly goin to keep up with the craftsmanship and quality, just gonna try and be a little more efficient and get people their products and cars back in a faster time frame. The business will actually change hands April 1st so if theirs anything u need or want be sure and let us know and we will take care of it...........
  3. Phill Jackson with Jackson Motorpsorts is a good friend of mine and has recently sold out to I, he has done many projects for us and I couldnt be happier, We are just merging companies for a larger cliental and to expand are region and customer base so under the circumstances it will be under new management however he is staying on board and going to work for us now still building jackson chassis cars, Nothing will change except the name and we will now offer more products from more venders, we cover the marine, auto, dirt, circle track, and diesel, parts and accessories and now will cover the offroad industry as well, all business will be as usual, He is now hired on as a full time fabricator and will continue to work their to build high quality cars....
  4. You can Search BSHIPMANFILMS SNAKEHUNT on youtube for the teaser......... I am giving away FREE SANDRAIL DVDs, It is a film by a friend of mine Blake Shipman, He is know as BSHIPMAN FILMS u can search his stuff on youtube... He did a video on our business and are cars and i am giving them away for kinda an advertisement for us, we are a business based in GREAT BEND, KS have been building cars for 14 years and have stuck through all the hard times this sport has taking, We have many good friends that did not make it through the fallout of things and had to close their doors, we wish them the best of luck but we are here to promote and let the community know that we are still here and looking forward to building u the car u want and get the quality u pay for, We are business that builds every car like it was are own the quality of are fabrication is what we pride and sell are self on, This video is all about sandcars and and our big weekend known as SnakeHunt located in Waynoka OK, Its not a Glamis Gone Wild video or anything of that sort, its just a good well put together video about the sport, our cars, and are business that builds those cars, I have over 500 DVDS on hand so if u would like to receive one please mail me a self addressed envelope with prepaid postage big enough for a DVD case to ship back to you........... Mayhem Motorsports P.O box 1485 Great Bend, KS 67530 Please add reply of just your name if you are sending me an envelope so i can keep track of the count..And helps keep this thread going till all DVDS are gone... Thanks...........
  5. wow 30 to 50 million a year is a mini ...i must be microscopic.... Our Federal Government is what's holding Mini/Big ballers back....I can't tell you how many business owners I've talked to that have said they made MORE money when they had way LESS employees. Seems the Unions, Obama Care, Work-mans Comp, Insurance are now preventing companies from growing.....Aaron, be happy and stay where you're at....doesn't seem to be much of an advantage to growing and getting bigger and hiring more people with this current administration. I'm just saying..... Booshy's car will be done as soon as we can get the wiring guy back into our shop!! Not too far away..... We're going to run it on the street prior to putting the body one. I'll post video if my bro is cool with it. If all is good, we'll slap the body on and In the Wall Paul, Salamander man and Racer are going DOWN!!! There are a 100 wiring guys out there. Poor Booshy didn't have a car for new years are you going to have him sit on the side lines for presidents day??? Racer and Tatum have wiring guys in house, what up? My car went for a 12 hour road trip to the guru of HP today, and I said I don't care what it costs, I don't want to see a racer next to my side panel again. I want them to Bow Down when Team Tatum pulls onto pad 3. Attention deficit I don't know what I'm going to do to beat you, you look fast but I haven't seen any top speed gps readings from you. If all you got is a small pulley you better start swapping it now, we're looking for you too. Dale I like the rules you propose, but let's have 2 classes. 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile. I'm gonna kick ur butt in both, but I want to see the <100 mph guys with 4 speeds join us for HP wars too. C'mon jeep boys, quit being scared and drive them buckets of bolts out there. LOL i stand beside ya on u dont want a racer next to your side again, and i deff wanna see one of us stomp a mud hole in that car, They called me out now are now where to be found,, I dont have pics of GPS but fastest we ran new years was 126, I clear top speed every run so i can look at the end of the track and see what we did. And for pulleys i have a big pulley for 12lbs and a small pulley for 18lbs, I ran the 12 new years, I have two tunes in the car with a toggle switch, I will run the 12 for this race unless i see some bad fast cars then ill swap it out lol....
  6. LOL, got ya, Ya i would have liked to entered or at least watched, I had no idea it was even goin on or that they was even having a race, i guess they should advertise
  7. Well this thread has got way out of hand and alot of throw this and that around, I guess what it comes down to is someone called me out and i took the challenge its all fun and games to me i am out to have a good time just as everyone else, but for someone to claim their the baddest and willing to put 10k on the table got alot of so called self pride or is completely arrogant,, However as i said someone called me out and put up the stakes, I accepted and know their no where to be found. I ran their car at the drags and beat it and Ill do it again to prove my point.... yes my car is extremely fast but is it the fastest no, never will be, i have all the confidence in the world of my car but when it comes down to it, it dont matter what u have their will always be something out their nicer, faster, better, whatever u wanna call it... I would never say im the baddest or the fastest or however u wanna put it, when it comes down to it everyone gets beat at some point in time, their will always be bigger faster motors, thats what drives this sport and makes it what it is....other wise we would all still be in our VW's (no offense) and everyone would have the same motor and be happy with the 100hp they made....By the way i still respect VW's for their the godfathers of this sport and what created it all....
  8. ok im in with a couple of requests, everybody has to bring cash and elect somebody to hold it pryor to the event. the distance needs to be 1320 ft,and run down the middle of the bumps at the og sanddrags with a roll in approx 20 mph winner take all if you no show you forfit your dough Cash works for me I dont want to half to come home and cash a bunch of checks lol, 1320 is fine and bumps just make it that more interesting, although its from a dead start to finnish, roll ins are for cars that wanna take it easy cause their drivetrain cant handle their oversized motor, Its all out run what ya brung, dead stop to finnish, gota put just as much in the rest of the drive train as ya do the motor, we do best 2 out of 3 with 15 min between each run just like pinks for drivers to make adjustments. Im in whats first big weekend in glamis, gotta be realistic on a date here im from kansas and cant just drive down tomorrow, i need a notice, i was thinking HALLOWEEN that seems to be a big weekend out their, maybe we can round up a few more cars before then, 12lbs boost was nice new years come watch 20lbs boost for this event, all just a switch and a simple pulley change... someone asked what tranny i was running, Its a Albins that was custom built for me that runs series 30 cv,s McClouds custom built the triple disc clutch to hold, works flawless have had the motor and tranny for over a year beat on it every other weekend hard, the setup works real nice.
  9. Here is all pics i have of the car at different dunes, I havent even unloaded the car since we been back, i will unload it tomorrow and take good pics of the motor to post, yes the motor was built by the Mike Moran that your talking about, hes a legend at building big horse motors that last, He makes honest power and doesnt pump up his numbers to make his stuff look good as he says its your motor and it is what it is, At 12lbs of boost it makes a flat out 1383hp, the motor was built to handle 20+ pounds however i called it quit at 12 when it made those kind of numbers, My motor ran flawless all week no problems, the pushrod ordeal was the other blown big block car that was their it was my buddies, He had a rocker back off and caused it to bend a push rod, We went to L.A. and got parts same day and was back in business, And would like to give huge props to Garry Teague over in L.A. that build Teague boat motors, They got us the parts we needed and even fabricated us some stuff to help get us back on the dunes, those guys were awesome and treated us like we were huge customers dropping what they was doin in order to help us out... thanks again cant say it enough....
  10. lol the english man(danzio) builds some crazy engines. My old king kong ls2 ran for 3 seasons and when i had i was running 24-28lbs! This is PATHETIC..... We have waited for weeks to put to rest all the BS talk on this Post. If you are still confused as to who the BADDEST BOYS west of the Mississippi are....Let me help you out. It is RACER ENGINEERING, not Buckshot, Tatum, Dirty White Boy, Burrito Supreme, or Jarod from Subway..... If you are still confused or in disagreement, I have $10K in Cash that I am willing to put on line to put all the $hit talkers to rest once and for all. Dale with Racer smoked everyone's ASS and could Beat you with his backup Truck. if you are still feeling cocky, show up in our camp with your chip and let's settle this once and for all. Burning a hole in my pocket, Diamond Dave Diamond I'm gonna have to disagree a little bit. Seems to me that a kid from Oklahoma (WEST of the Mississippi) in a blown big block would as well. That Jackson Sand Car with a blown big block is the fastest car I have ever seen in Glamis. Too bad he didn't know about HP Wars cause he would have half tracked everyone. He ran all week long over and over and over. With that said, the Racer truck was fast but not the fastest, DCB Racer won hands down. Oil spewing out and all...... Well first off im stoked that people remember my car at the Drags over New Years, I was told i made the forums so figured i would get on and set the record straight, Im not from Oklahoma but actually from KANSAS. The car is a Jackson built car and a good friend of mines builds them for Hobby, He builds one of the nicest cars in my opinion, i have owned several of his cars and there par to none, i have had others as well, The car is powered by a fully built 632 BBC with a 8.3 Whipple Blower, The motor is turned down to only 12lbs of boost and makes 1400 horsepower, motor was built and tuned by Mike Moran a world leader in top fuel racing. Im not here to stir things up but I was not the one that went for a ride in that truck nor did i ever ride in one at all, it was a kid that i also was giving a ride to he bailed out and went for a ride in the truck, he was the one that made the statement (that buggies suck) not i, just clearing things up, also for the drags i raced that truck and got crossed up in the rough whoops and still managed to finnish ahead of them, im not using that as an excuse either for i tried to circle around and get him to run me agian from a start to finnish, I could never get them to line up with me again. So take it for what is worth.......... Id definitely take the 10k bet and put my money where my mouth is and leave the motor where it its, if i was concerned a simple pulley change and few hundred more horsepower would definitely take care of it.......

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