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  1. I just looked up on the Forest Service site and all sand camping and all FS campgrounds in ODRA are closed as well as FS day use area, last I heard from Douglas county for Winchester they are only taking reservations from Oregon residents, but those who had previous reservations that hadn't been cancelled are still able to use their campgrounds have friends down from Washington now. It would be wise to check ahead as they are updating often hoping they get it all opened up soon, Sounds like that will be a great trip please post pics as your journey proceeds and if I can help you out with anything while in Oregon let me know and good luck on them opening the dunes up more I know the private campgrounds can get you in if they have room.
  2. Thanks for the great post Romans, and Thank You All who have served and sacrificed for our country and our freedoms.
  3. Have a friend who works at a Motorsports store they have been crazy busy and April was best month ever sounds like the same in Southern Oregon as your area
  4. Right now they are only open to Southern Oregon county residence, with our governor it is hard to say the counties had to make application just to get phase 1 started and things are changing daily, hopefully they will get them opened for you guys by July.
  5. We crush rock and concrete for recycle also wash and size for concrete.
  6. Looks like some epic sand and a great time, to bad for the poor guy in the blue car glad he is okay considering, I like that car hope the repair isn't to bad. They are just starting to open our dunes up here, looking forward to a sand fix soon was thinking it might have to be Idaho.
  7. Wife and I brought the MoHo and Jeep to Reno today. Looking at some crushing equipment in the morning then back home Monday, nice break from the yard remodel.
  8. So Boxcar Hill is the only campground that is close to the sand other than FS campgrounds [Horsefalls, Horsefalls beach ] both these FS sites are on Asphalt but close to sand when we go to Horsefalls we have to get 2 spaces to fit the DP and enclosed trailer, The other camgrounds are Oregon Dunes KOA start on gravel, sand, pavement,gravel then dunes, Riley Ranch Coos County campground is sandy and gravel sites then pavement ,gravel , concrete bridge small gravel hill then sand road to dunes, Myrtle wood factory is dry pavement camping then sand, gravel to the dunes. Hope this helps we use them all except the beach because of the wind Favorites are Riley Ranch and Boxcar we used to always do KOA but has changed ownership and we were good friends with PO"s and just not the same for us now. What ever you chose sure you will enjoy the dunes up here. If you have any questions you can DM and I can give you my number and you would be welcome to call.
  9. gbrsand


    That is well written and right on. Good read thanks for posting Don.
  10. Mine is on the left and I hate it very hard to use as I drive left handed also going to move mine over by the shifter when I have a chance
  11. I still am liking my RT's have around 37000 speedo miles plus what we tow the unlimited behind the moho quite a bit so well over 40 on them and would say they are about 40% tread left the do well off road, when these are done will replace them with like. I don't think you would be disappointed with them see if the guys with the heavy trucks chime in my jeep is not that heavy.
  12. He is risen and the way things are shaping up right now his return could be soon Happy Easter to you all and may the Lord bless each of you
  13. Great call, thanks to the front line essential people
  14. I broke one off at the base on a big tree limb at the Oregon dunes called them up said send both back so they could check the other one came back in a week no charge Excellent customer service

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