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  1. What is the overall length?
  2. I can tell you it’s not just EBay all e commerce is being forced to collect sales by most all states having a sales tax. My wife works for a nonprofit here in Oregon as a staff accountant and their e-commerce is having to go back to sometime last year and pay the taxes due on every transaction sold in those states she is about to pull her hair trying to get it all sorted out sucks for sure
  3. Awesome pics thanks for sharing, looks like some, the good the bad and the ugly. We love Moab
  4. I ran Toyo’s on my gasser class a and my super c came Michelin's We run Michelin's at work on our truck fleet not the cheapest going in but cost per mile averages out and peace of mind is worth a lot.
  5. Congratulations on 21 years you guys look like youngsters so unusual these days may it be 21 more for sure
  6. Great you can't go wrong with Rob, he is a great guy and builds some awesome cars, also is extremely helpful.
  7. I have had two tow dollies and they are okay I guess but a whole lot more work to hook up and go takes about a quarter of the time to hook to flat tow and a whole lot cleaner. After setting up to flat tow legally would not want to go back to a dolly, just saying,
  8. Mine also if I had my big car sold I would be calling TJ for sure, don't have the room for another toy or I would be tempted anyway. Awesome looking car TJ
  9. Buddy of mine had a car with this type of axle not sure the brand but had issues with them, not breaking side covers but they did fail and bet the crap out of the frame. If you think the car is a good car and deal you could pull them inspect them closely and try them if you find something you don’t like in your inspection I would change to cv’s. Just my 2 cents
  10. In Sandy Oregon at the Granddaughter’s 9th birthday party
  11. If breathing didn’t come natural he’d suffocate and you can’t fix stupid
  12. That is a sweet car I am an LS fan but think if that was my car would have John build the subi and fore go the fab work involved in a repower just my .02 congrats good look with your decision
  13. We tow a jeep unlimited behind a super c and use the SMI kit they are in the $1000. range but it works well and makes you legal, most states and Canada require brakes towing over 1500 lb's. For me not worth the liability with out brakes if you ever get in an accident just my .02 worth.

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