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  1. Thanks for sharing some really great pics, Had to go to my phone to see most of them though. Wish I was as talented as you with my camera.
  2. We were there over Thanksgiving and had a good time, stayed in back to back sites #159 and #160 I backed my trailer through 159 and put the back out by the road then went around and backed in moho front of coach was even with front of trailer with plenty of room to park smart car and XX in front of coach. Hooked up I am right at 69' and my Son is around 66' he stayed hooked up and was able to unload SXS and smart car by backing up beside my coach still had room to get around with the ramps on. As far as the riding we had a good ride out to the oasis and back was really muddy in the washes going out towards the bat caves. Once you get past the canal and the beginning of the Bradshaw Trail [really rocky and not super fast going] it was a lot of fun lots of trails and super rock formations in the canyons even did a little rock crawling in a couple of the canyons. There is a Jeep trail Red Canyon Jeep Trail that goes almost back to the 10 according to the map we only went part way as the wind was cool on Friday after the weather on T day . It is not a KOA anymore and I think the new owners are trying to clean the place up we had no complaints, Restaurant was good has kinda strange hours though. We are planning on making another trip down may split our time next trip between Glamis and here just have to bring the sand car instead of the smart car. Good luck with your trip hope this helps.
  3. Hanging out at the house getting a few chores done finished fixing the fence that was down when we got home from our Thanksgiving trip down south. Have a great time those at Glamis and be safe
  4. Have always had Crow just bought a set of PRP for the XX with sternum strap and really like them they have the easy release latch’s and are very comfy and stay tight really well
  5. Up in Sandy Oregon for youngest Grandson’s 8th birthday party then driving home tomorrow
  6. I can tell you it’s not just EBay all e commerce is being forced to collect sales by most all states having a sales tax. My wife works for a nonprofit here in Oregon as a staff accountant and their e-commerce is having to go back to sometime last year and pay the taxes due on every transaction sold in those states she is about to pull her hair trying to get it all sorted out sucks for sure
  7. Awesome pics thanks for sharing, looks like some, the good the bad and the ugly. We love Moab
  8. I ran Toyo’s on my gasser class a and my super c came Michelin's We run Michelin's at work on our truck fleet not the cheapest going in but cost per mile averages out and peace of mind is worth a lot.
  9. Congratulations on 21 years you guys look like youngsters so unusual these days may it be 21 more for sure
  10. Great you can't go wrong with Rob, he is a great guy and builds some awesome cars, also is extremely helpful.
  11. I have had two tow dollies and they are okay I guess but a whole lot more work to hook up and go takes about a quarter of the time to hook to flat tow and a whole lot cleaner. After setting up to flat tow legally would not want to go back to a dolly, just saying,

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