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  1. We found a set of keys in wash 13 last trip out. 9 keys and a chevy alarm pad. one of the keys is a black and red flame house style key. Chevy ignition key and others. reply to post or send PM if you think they might be yours.
  2. Wow Thanks for all the reply's and PM's. We found a group to camp with in wash 14. Have fun out there everyone.
  3. we are going out this weekend and are looking for new friends to camp with. some of our group can't make it so we need other people to camp and or do rides with. We are family oriented with an 8 yr. old in our group. not loud at all. we have a sandcar and a quad going this weekend. We are planning to camp in the washes. let us know. Thanks
  4. I would like to attend, possibly with some of my group. Could you provide more information on times and locations. Thank you, A Vietnam Vet

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