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  1. I'm Sorry

    Last week of March 2015 Google Earth

    all this talk and no pic. ?
  2. now i see it my bad... didn't see it in ur pic. posted before GLWTS
  3. u say in ur ebay ad that the turbo needs tuned, it doesn't have a turbo and its a 9 out of 10 ? ok........
  4. I'm Sorry

    Do you guys like pics?

    i like seeing ur pic. better then watching vid. on here good job thanks
  5. I'm Sorry

    Coral Pink / Idaho Dunes Trip Report

  6. I'm Sorry

    Do you guys like pics?

    was that white sand truck Electric ?
  7. I'm Sorry

    Opinions on selling my buggy

  8. I'm Sorry

    It's Saturday 3/16/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    drank h2o all weekend
  9. I'm Sorry

    Motorhome + Trailer length

    if u got into an accident speeding in your car would your insurance cover it ?

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