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  1. and if ur staying at SHR and need 87 or 91 fuel let me know
  2. got it, SHR can order 50 gal. drum of race gas and they stock 5 gal. race gas
  3. off topic but no nets wile racing ? vary clean glwts
  4. i put a note on md's locker, said meet me at the back gate
  5. I think it was Grease Monkey rental car he had while in seattle
  6. 8'' of snow in the dunes
  7. u can see him using his remote but wasn't working for him
  8. so many peeps wouldn't get that one
  9. it couldn't have happen to a better person ................
  10. ya i told him u wanted it but he told me to pound sand
  11. did the washes long time with a 40' dp and trailer
  12. ummm didn't u guys know about the cold ? and being away from ur grandkids ?

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