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  1. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Post Your Pic's Here....

    Son and daughter starting to get into quadding. Bought son his 2nd quad at X-mas. No namer, but hey, it's a good starter for them. We're getting ready for a little ride around home here. If I have mine out he wants nothing to do with his machine
  2. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Post Your Pic's Here....

    My little man on his 1st quad!!
  3. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Diesel Fuel Additives

    A 5% Bio-Diesel blend ups your lubricity 62%. It's also such a good solvent, that "Sticktion" will not be a problem for it. It'll clean and maintain the entire system. Built, commisioned a Bio-Diesel plant here in Canada. Canola was the feedstock but very similar properties at your USA Soy based Bio-Diesel. Stop wasting the money on all these additives. Letcha in on a lil secret.....Diesel is usually the "Fuel INjection Cleaner" in Gas jobbies. Expensive in the additive form. BUt a gerry can and go get $5 of diesel and add a bit to your tank every 2nd fill. WAAAAY Cheaper.
  4. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Truck Pictures

    Somehow the pic didn't load
  5. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Truck Pictures

    04 Excursion Limited 6.0 L updated, FICM update, EGR Delete, Straigh 4", Banks 6gun, AFE Stage 2 4:88 gears, Detroit Locker, 42" GoodYears. Fox Shocks with Resi's, Dual upfront. Deaver springs for 6" lift, Bushwacker flares. 2000W system with DVD front and rear. Back up camera My son and a 2007 Yamaha Phazer in the pic as well!!!!
  6. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Post Your Pic's Here....

    Kickin back with the family, watchin the effin snow fall here on May Long Weekend.....Arggggg. Been lurkin off and on the past couple years but haven't forgotton GLAMISDUNES.Com!! Still proudly display my "brotherhood" decals behind the bar in the shop!! (have to post a pic of that!!!)
  7. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Post Your Pic's Here....

    Been awhile since i've posted here on the site......
  8. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Truck Pictures

    Racing and being a daddy....PWing had to be set aside for a bit I've been lurking just not posting much
  9. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Truck Pictures

    My 1980 Ford Bronco..... Playin in the snow
  10. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Post Your Pic's Here....

    Racing pic#2 Racing Pic #3 Racing Pic #4
  11. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Post Your Pic's Here....

    Racing pic
  12. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Best Trx 450r Exhaust

    That's what I needed to hear, THanks a bunch trx450r!!
  13. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Best Trx 450r Exhaust

    145?? Most yfz's run in the 175-180 range main, 48-52 pilot and yfz needle on 4th clip down idle mixture 4 turns out. 145 is way way way to lean for anypipe. 1370696[/snapback] My bad, I have a 165 in there right and i'm on the 5th clip now. And doesn't 4 turns out usually mean you have to up one size on the pilot jet?
  14. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Best Trx 450r Exhaust

    Pulse Charger
  15. Bronc-O-Boy11

    Best Trx 450r Exhaust

    Hey guys, I know this is an old post, Could really use some help!! 04 YFZ450, What jetting makes this pipe work the best?? I just bought a pulsecharger system but can't jet it for the life of me. I hear these pipes work totally different when it comes to jetting. Air box lid off, K+N filter. 145 , 65, 3rd clip, 2 turns on the air screw. Still pops flames when the revs are coming down and it's alittle hard to start. Also, because it is a big pipe, do any of you who run it space it away from the frame a bit to minimize the rear brake caliper from hitting the pipe?

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