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  1. I'm buying a toy hauler (Eclipse Attitude) with their factory Zamp solar and am trying to figure out if I can add another panel or two to the existing system or if I need to change a bunch of stuff to do that. Right now it just has one panel.
  2. Do you have a bulb that replaces the 1411 bulb? I have 20 in my toy hauler I want to replace?
  3. Is there a good video or guide posted somewhere on how to do this? I believe I have the 930 midboards mounted to my 2D and would like to learn how to do this as just good general knowledge. Any advise would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you. I started talking to a tuner that "King Adam The Great" uses and I'm not opposed to having my car tuned at all.
  5. I'm saying I've been warned by a couple different reputable trans shops that it will kill the tranny quickly, so I just keep it in the dunes.
  6. I don't really expect it to hold up forever, I'm just trying to make a better decision on my next car.
  7. I'm trying to figure my next move for my next car. How would a Mendeola sequential hold up in the whoops compared to a 2D, would it be a lot better or just a little?
  8. This is my first sandrail so to learn "what I was getting into" I went to a few tranny shops to talk to them and they said "No Reverse" and "No Whoops" or you will be our best customer.
  9. I recently purchased a sandrail with a V6 and 2D and learned I can't drive it through the whoops like I want to. What kind of sand car (transmission) is capable of that or atleast having it be easier on the trans. That was one of the things I really enjoyed doing in my old RZR 1000, was smaller jumps and whoops so I'm kind of bummed I "can't do it with this car." Any advise would be appreciated.
  10. Another question I have is about half of my friends tell me that sandrails are just money pits and to stick with a UTV and other half say there isn't a whole lot to them. When they do break, what breaks? I could understand a catastrophic failure on an engine or trans but other than that.....?
  11. I can't wait, I have a 4 and 6 year old and my wife so a rail would be perfect for me
  12. Dear lord that thing is ugly (I know, I know looks aren't everything, or even the first thing, but daaaaaaaaaaaamn...). -TJ I just want to go for a ride in one at this point, never been in one Where are you located? You can take mine for a spin So cal and usually frequent glam is and Dumont

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