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  1. I'm buying a toy hauler (Eclipse Attitude) with their factory Zamp solar and am trying to figure out if I can add another panel or two to the existing system or if I need to change a bunch of stuff to do that. Right now it just has one panel.
  2. Do you have a bulb that replaces the 1411 bulb? I have 20 in my toy hauler I want to replace?
  3. Is there a good video or guide posted somewhere on how to do this? I believe I have the 930 midboards mounted to my 2D and would like to learn how to do this as just good general knowledge. Any advise would be appreciated.
  4. Thank you. I started talking to a tuner that "King Adam The Great" uses and I'm not opposed to having my car tuned at all.
  5. I'm saying I've been warned by a couple different reputable trans shops that it will kill the tranny quickly, so I just keep it in the dunes.
  6. I don't really expect it to hold up forever, I'm just trying to make a better decision on my next car.
  7. I'm trying to figure my next move for my next car. How would a Mendeola sequential hold up in the whoops compared to a 2D, would it be a lot better or just a little?
  8. This is my first sandrail so to learn "what I was getting into" I went to a few tranny shops to talk to them and they said "No Reverse" and "No Whoops" or you will be our best customer.
  9. I recently purchased a sandrail with a V6 and 2D and learned I can't drive it through the whoops like I want to. What kind of sand car (transmission) is capable of that or atleast having it be easier on the trans. That was one of the things I really enjoyed doing in my old RZR 1000, was smaller jumps and whoops so I'm kind of bummed I "can't do it with this car." Any advise would be appreciated.
  10. Another question I have is about half of my friends tell me that sandrails are just money pits and to stick with a UTV and other half say there isn't a whole lot to them. When they do break, what breaks? I could understand a catastrophic failure on an engine or trans but other than that.....?
  11. I can't wait, I have a 4 and 6 year old and my wife so a rail would be perfect for me
  12. Dear lord that thing is ugly (I know, I know looks aren't everything, or even the first thing, but daaaaaaaaaaaamn...). -TJ I just want to go for a ride in one at this point, never been in one Where are you located? You can take mine for a spin So cal and usually frequent glam is and Dumont
  13. Dear lord that thing is ugly (I know, I know looks aren't everything, or even the first thing, but daaaaaaaaaaaamn...). -TJ I just want to go for a ride in one at this point, never been in one
  14. I have definitely been drueling over that car. There are a few Amplified cars I've been looking at online and one Extreme
  15. I appreciate your response. Do you have a picture of the rear arms that are good and bad (bad stub axles) etc....? Also what's your maintenance cost every year on a rail? Are there parts to be aware of that you should plan on breaking (like a belt on a RZR every other trip, etc)?
  16. I'm looking at making a big jump, sold my RZR 1000 XP 4 seater and I'm looking into getting into a LT rail with a LS1 and a 2D tranny. I have a friend with at LT setup and he loves it and has given me his maintenance schedule but I just want other peoples opinions as well. This will be my first sandrail for my family and I'm trying to stay in the 30K and under range. I just don't see me spending the same amount of money on a RZR or Can Am when I can have a rail for the same price. Thanks in advance.
  17. This question can be covered over several forums (desert racing, short course, utv, etc) but can there be or is there such thing as too much wheel travel when offroading and/or what point is it just not beneficial to have any more travel but better tuned stuff. I wonder if more travel was the answer, why doesn't manufacturers like Geiser build trucks linked with 50 or 60" of travel in the rear? I sold my RZR 4 1000 and am seriously considering waiting until the x3 4 seater comes out and that got me thinking how much more benefit would the extra travel ACTUALLY give me (comparing 18" on the RZR to 24" on the x3) and at what point is it to say "I have more travel than you!" What point would it be more beneficial to take something like the RZR and pay somebody to re-valve the shocks specific to your car and terrain than doing a long travel kit? I don't think there is a right or wrong answer on this one, but thought it would be a good discussion.
  18. Damn, that's a nice car for $5,500. I would love to find a A-Arm car for that price.
  19. It would be all sand. Either Glamis or Dumont.
  20. I would like to get a sand vehicle in a couple of months for my family (we currently need atleast 3 seats) but don't know what to buy. I have done dirt bikes for many years but am looking for something else. I would really like a long travel sand rail but am on a poor mans budget of about 10-15k so that's pretty much not going to happen. Should I look into a SxS like the RZR 4, or maybe a jeep, or try to stay with a mid travel rail? On my toys I'm a little harder on them so I think a SxS would be good so I could jump it a little or a mid travel A-arm (but I think that's out of my range too). What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.

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