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  1. Only got through page 1. This thread makes my brain hurt. My candidate is a moron, I'll admit that. He can't name a single world leader, past or present, that he respects. He has no idea where Aleppo is, and probably can't spell it anyway. He'd probably be thoroughly incompetent in executing his duties. That said, I could care less. What I'm casting is an "eff no!" vote toward both of the ruling parties. It doesn't matter what my wanker does or says, he's not going to win. If it was that crazed nutjob on the left polling higher than my crazed nutjob on the right, I'd be voting for her just as a means of rejecting the ruling-party system by supporting whatever 3rd-place finisher was likeliest to have the biggest impact. Truth be told, my moron is no worse than your moron, regardless of whether yours is the power-hungry, morally bankrupt sack of flesh without an original thought in her that proposes to continue the same "rich get richer, eff everyone else" mentality of her predecessors or the comically elementary reality show star who refuses to even acknowledge his own personal and financial bankruptcy while advancing the same "rich get richer, eff everyone else" mentality. If you're super-hardcore "womens' right to choose abortion" or super-hardcore "all pregnancies must be carried to term" I suppose there's some debate (though I wouldn't put it past Trump to flip-flop on that once the votes are in) over who to vote for. But living in California, knowing my vote doesn't really count either way, I feel good about casting a "none of the above" ballot. Zonies, your mileage may differ, but if you're like me you'll really feel like you couldn't keep a clear conscience voting for either of the undeniable failures the ruling party tickets have presented. Oh, and FiveThirtyEight, compiling an average of all polls to date using (gasp!) science, puts Trump's chances at 16.5% as of this writing. I'm curious as to how diehards respond to that, though I must admit not so curious as I can guarantee I'll get much time off from the 70-hour weeks I've been enduring to check back soon...
  2. I made no attempt to read this thread, apologies if this is already covered...I grew up in El Cajon and lived there into my mid-twenties. Do not go there if you have an option to avoid it. That is all.
  3. Ass. Hopefully new plugs and wires (old ones are so encrusted I suspect they may be originals) solve the misfire I'm hitting, if so I've got a tow mobile that's going to cost less than the gear it hauls, once I force the dilapidated wire boots off the plugs in this effer tomorrow. Ass.
  4. I remember the late-90s push for Huffy to regain respectability - IIRC these were based on Linn Kastan's designs, he also was behind the Giant Mosh line (the best aluminum frame I ever rode). Too bad they didn't stick with it, the quality was there but the brand recognition among those in the know was just crap...
  5. I've still got the Elf Doublecross I bought off an old school GD'er - are Bouncertime Jimmy or Kelly still around? Need some Landing Gear or other suitable 1" threaded forks to finish that build. Currently cruising the streets with a Giant Mosh cruiser circa the late '90s, all my S&M Bikes (a Challenger, Holmes, and Hlomes NG) are lost to moves over the years. I still have the JAD frame with a 22.5" top tube, 74.5 degree head tube, and 14.5" chainstay the owner made for me (his garage "factory" was a couple blocks from my house as a kid, supposedly he made about 50 to my spec but most ended up in Australia). I'll put it back together someday sans the Bombshell triple clamps I sported for a brief moment when the Lakeside-based fabricator of Zzyzx mountain bike tech called me a few days before a national and offered a factory ride, then installed cruiser forks on my 20" and ruined my weekend...
  6. Tuning up the old school Chevy big-block beast I bought last week - soon as I'm done it's time to buy some more quads for the family and/or turn my ZJ into a playtoy, at which point I'll return to torment those who thought they'd rid themselves of my presence years ago...
  7. So jealous of you effers taking advantage of the best time to be out...finally bought a truck big enough to tow my hauler after selling off the fleet some time back, will be on these rides like white on rice next year.
  8. Eff you for getting to go! My dad wouldn't take me one year after I took Gold Cup #2 and I was stuck watching this poser kid who barely made district main events parade around with MY ROC plate for a year in the mid-nineties. The only consolation from friends who went was hearing the whole pack went down in the first turn and he was so far behind he was able to avoid the carnage... This. EDIT: Flying isn't scary. Being a fat guy who draws the middle seat is. This is why I hate airplanes/rocket-powered giant dildos.
  9. Sup Homie. Hidy ho, bro. Just spent some time in your hood....
  10. I'm astounded that I still have a smiley.
  11. Without lights, no less. Thanks again for the kind words from everyone who knew him and even those who didn't. He was an ahole, but damnit, he was our ahole.
  12. Glad to see PI is alive and well, and in about the same state I left it. Regardless of whether Billary or The Donald wins, let's brace ourselves for collective disaster...the only ones that win in this mess are the comedians who'll have four years to mock the guaranteed metaphorical train wreck rapidly approaching...
  13. Thanks all for the kind words, Cortni in particular - he loved you guys, or at least the way Doug would beat up on my half-drunk rants...
  14. This may not resonate with a lot of people here, as Robby's been away from the forums for a while now (I have too), but in case there's still anyone around who remembers any of our crew from the early days, I wanted to pass on the unfortunate news that one of my best friends (and at one time a friend to a lot of folks here) is no longer with us. Last weekend, while out on a ride in his current home in northern Idaho on the cruiser he inherited from his father, Rob got tangled up with a deer, laid his bike down, and was taken from this world far too soon. Rest in peace, brother.

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