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  1. Genesis are decent. I have a 2020 3016IKS Here is a break down. I have fixed everything myself with the exception of the main air conditioner that was replaced under warranty. - All the interior cabinets have too small of screws. They are installed at an angle to grab. - Double door fridge does not like high temps. Seems like a common issue. I am working on additional fans to move the air. - All the tanks are poorly secured or not at all. - They broke off a drill bit under the flooring. I had to cut a slice in it to remove the bit. - The wall paper and cabinet paper are very thin. Beware of all the warning stickers they plaster everywhere. When you remove them it takes the wall paper. - 12 volt wiring was a nightmare. They had 20’ of extra wire rapped up and multiple leads on the battery. I cleaned it up using bus bars. - The blinds are cheap they will be breaking soon. - Factory tinted windows do not block out any heat. My WW stayed way cooler.

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