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  1. Doesnt she resign now? After all she promised she would if Trump was acquitted...
  2. Crash is before Newbury Park/ Thousand Oaks. Camarillo is a couple miles past there but it is an airport. Not sure what pad he was planning on landing at near crash site? Even the sheriff station was still a mile away. And that brings up another question: they hit the mountain going east it looked like, His destination was west. Weird...
  3. Like someone said before, it was a bad ass chopper. Couldn't he have flown above the clouds and IFR'd into Camarillo airport?
  4. Hope that torque wrench didnt hurt too much Slap!
  5. They don't have to do anything at this point, we're doing it to ourselves. Saw some posts on the FB about how 9/12 was so different and people wished we could all be good Americans like on that day. Have to agree with that one!
  6. Control cables in Sante Fe Springs will make anything you need...
  7. Look up the Dale Jr podcast with John Force. Talk about head injuries!!
  8. Love the top one. Someday when I hit the lottery I want a crew cab version...
  9. Well, I did go easy on everyone at First to Fly...

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