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  1. I learned to rebuild and adjust myself after not getting any call backs from suspension tuners at the dunes. Rich at makenzies gave me good instructions on how to do it.
  2. Had a total Power it was fine but redid car and got an Odeysey 680 works fine with Honda 3.5. I had a vw in it before but I think I can use next size up when it comes to hot starts. As for maintaining at home I don't really do much holds fine although I might put a trickle charger on it for a few hours just a regular one.
  3. Use to go to a taco shop meal cost me 4.80 with chips and drink I tipped a buck twenty each time. Place got bigger quality of food went down same meal is almost 7 bucks if I go there I don't tip anymore.
  4. Was gonna go that route but found a black braided kit on amazon for cheap did my car and a friends so far holding out good. Weve ran high dollar stuff on drag cars and cars and our old drag boats worked great but still have to replace a hose within 2 seasons usually a leak at a fitting after it sat for a while. my advice fun hose two seasons replace. Unless ptfe
  5. Hey look though you can blow one up find another cheap to replace.
  6. 77charger

    Honda 3.5

    Pretty close to my gears I'm a 1.84 third and I think a 2.46 second. I use a 13.00 tire can pretty much dune third whole time. Use second if I'm at near stop and need to hit a steep hill. Start olds in second and grab 3rd half way up on steep side.
  7. Lot of stuff is custom but universal.Best to look see what you have then compare to whats out there.I live 5 min from makenzies so its easy for me.Ive learned saving a few bucks doesnt save you either because when it fails you end up buying the better part to replace it.
  8. Biggest motorhome and trailer plus a few big 5 tents also can host an overnight stay for illegals as they migrate they can keep space occupied.
  9. You forgot sobe bombs and disco lights.
  10. When i did my honda swap last year i went with black nylon braided line i bought way more than i needed but can easily replace the hoses.I will probably change the hoses every 2 years no matter what.I have seen name brand hose fail out of no where and some last in our old drag boats or my bosses old race cars. Other things i learned with fittings is they dont take alot to seal up so dont over tighten them.
  11. I put paddles on my sons 90 years ago he hated it they were skats they had too much traction and bogged the engine down.I put his stock tires back on aired down a bit he liked them much better let the engine rev up quicker and had enough traction. Paddles need power to push them and go to slow with them they will also dig in faster.
  12. Yup leading is the hardest part especially on fresh dunes. Anyone can follow or follow existing tracks. I go faster following 😁
  13. Like early ghost camping this topic is a bit early better go get my beer gonna be 5 pages soon.
  14. We have a 2016 work truck i had to drive for about a month they tried to push it on me.2 12v outlets one is hot all time other only when key is on i didnt like that.Usb ports only hot when key is on didnt like that when my phone was charging on one if i get a call or text it shut the radio down,if i was online and any site that has sound it went through the stereo and i had to push buttons 3 times to get back to radio. First i thought it was cool but after a day i was like hurry up get my 2013 230k mile truck fixed so i can not deal with technology anymore.
  15. Some years have been great some are nothing but most years where water is up is good. Where did you end up catching.

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