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  1. Looks like you do need a stacker but your half way there.
  2. 77charger

    Sxs carnage

    I’ll agree it’s About driver skills they know when they are at their limit,can read the terrain and don’t drive above the conditions they are in,etc. IMO you shouldn’t end up in a witches eye with a broken front end and some of your crew running into you.
  3. from ranger station.it was .60 til today. https://mesowest.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/meso_base_dyn.cgi?stn=QCAC1
  4. I used a wire crimper from HF trimmed the front part off to the actual crimper part. Worked great for bead rolling. You can look on line for the instructions if needed.
  5. Off weekend id take my chance driving down ive done that for a few hour visit.But on pres weekend i doubt youd make it past the first row of the sharks(BLM) Is a permit needed to park near vendors?
  6. I used a plate that used all 4 bolts available there it will spread the load over more of the block vs just the bottom half.Just a 4x6 3/16" plate i trimmed a little to fit.
  7. Only difference is stud length. Mine came from a 2d I just cut off extra.
  8. and since she is in ca she will get re elected without even having to campaign.
  9. I revalved mine myself. But good exhaust can run 450-500 and decent radiator can be had for 250-275 for new alm Cherokee version vs a cbr
  10. Mine cost me about 2700. 1500 for engine adapter and ecu. Bought new headers radiator fuel system and few misc stuff. I did the fab work. my friends car was about 7500 I think but he spent more for engine since it was going to be a quick turn around job. I got it after thanksgiving weekend had it done by xmas for New Years trip. I only charged him 1500 labor for the swap.
  11. You know right down from your shop it’s 2.89 I don’t know what it test at but close enough for you to possibly check out. Chevron at Euclid/orangethorpe
  12. Build too much pressure it’s going to escape somewhere. Under normal conditions pressure may be lower and why you may see no oil . On our old dragboat we used a catch can deal and big breather hose.It was a little aspirated 470 that spun 9500 rpm dry dump deal
  13. Mine seems to do ok at river. I’ve been 118 and it held ice through the day and night beer still cold in am but just handful of ice. Helps to dip in water or a wet towel over it when parked. but the newer soft coolers do a better job no doubt.

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