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  1. 77charger

    New to the club

    NIce ride sure beats a gayzor.
  2. 77charger

    Fuel pump issue

    Doubles the fords chance of breaking down. 😂
  3. 77charger

    Fuel pump issue

    Never leave a barrel uncovered in the rain yeh you think they are sealed because they build pressure but they do get water in them easily too.
  4. 77charger

    Good Source for used engine

    Turbo it too.
  5. 77charger

    Kids seats?

    Did a car seat strapped in when my daughter was little,
  6. 77charger

    It’s Saturday 12/15/18 what’s everybody doing.

    Took a day off working on friends buggy and brought the impala to a toy drive car show.
  7. 77charger

    Starting another project.

    Where im at now mocking up coolant lines waiting on tank but ready now can't get til Sunday though. Have engine mounts cut out and drilled. Gonna weld up Sunday and hope to fire then. More work than I thought it would be. Got headers from juggernaut yesterday as well.
  8. 77charger


    Decided to out a volt meter to mine last night. Reading was 0-.01 radiator is sitting on rubber pads and a pad on top for mounting. Car not running.
  9. 77charger


    about 50/50 with a bottle of water wetter.Runs 200-210 letting the ecu control the fans 180 if i leave the fans on manually.I am new this watercooled stuff in the dunes but figured coolant cant really hurt and looking more on the corrosion protection.
  10. 77charger

    Starting another project.

    I was looking at it last night think I'm going to do something like you suggest I should be able to extend a tab to bolt the shock absorber thingy too.
  11. 77charger

    Starting another project.

    Have radiator mounted and electrical wrapped up today. Came out about 1.5 inches higher than expected. Will be doing fuel system this week and get into the cooling lines. Got the last of ordered parts this weekend New Years is coming fast engine mounts will be the last I do. May change the alt belt tensioner to older style so I can remove large bracket on passenger side to make engine mount go the block instead.
  12. 77charger


    So other words don't let Blm see you cross deny everything if they ask how you got across the tracks. I've always wondered about pushing over the tracks know it's legal to walk a bike.
  13. 77charger


    Is there still legal trails on other side of the tracks?Just asking if you somehow ended up over there with an ohv?
  14. 77charger

    It's Saturday 12/8/18 what are you doing this weekend?

    Working on mounting radiator on another Honda swap. Need to have car wrapped up by xmas.
  15. 77charger

    Glamis this morning

    Think that was presidents day weeekend i know one a couple years back we held off leaving on fri night left sat morn to escape rain did fine til dunes edge then a couple drops and increased didnt stop til about 9-10 at night.

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