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  1. 77charger

    Paddles 13.00x15 need inner tubes

    Just add radiator alumnaseal and anti freeze to each tire the should do the trick.Are they badly cracked? if not do this if cracked maybe tubes then.
  2. 77charger

    Community facebook pages

    Hey but video I get of the ice cream trucks gets up quickly
  3. 77charger

    v8 header for ls motor

    Hothead headers in san bernardino Look up juggernaut here on the boards he makes some nice headers.
  4. 77charger

    SU Engine/Trans Suggestions

    Atleast you already have a fuel system set up for EFI i had to do mine from scratch on my vw conversion so had to find the right place for filters,pump.The wiring shouldnt be too bad i found that pretty easy going but had to make a spot to mount ECU under the rear seat. What radiator you gonna use for that lots of options but ill say you are gonna like the power difference i know i sure did form my 2275 to the honda 3.5 i didnt have to shift as often and the power was right there as soon as i hit the gas.No need to sidestep clutch ever just roll the throttle.
  5. 77charger

    2.4 Ecotec Supercharged Engine Package

    There you go ready to drop in.
  6. 77charger

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    I have a beam car and if I decided to sell I'd get killed on it. I know every spec on it as I go my own work. But for me it's easier to drop money here and there vs buy another car that I don't know it's real condition Just like said most think they need a v8 and a arms then you have the finance a SXS to bling out and look cool as they think. Some times parting out may bring in more money too if you have the time for it.
  7. 77charger

    Need the Straight Scoop on Camp Razor

    Gotta love being a car or 2 in a bowl and here comes a group of 10 of them and think they have the damn right of way just because theres 10 and they just cut in front of you and continue on.
  8. 77charger

    Total power batteries

    Had one in my old car it seemed fine but was starting to lose a lil power.I liked its size for the vw but i went with the odysey for a slightly bigger battery. BTW the old total power i decided to use for my honda generator.
  9. 77charger

    My summer upgrade vw to Honda.(finished up)

    Oh yeh I was pinning it to 6k often seriously worked very good. Response was great made car easier to drive.
  10. 77charger

    My summer upgrade vw to Honda.(finished up)

    Well I duned it today power is perfect very strong low and mid range trans is geared short but damn I love it.
  11. 77charger

    Glamis Oct 12-14th

    Will be headed out too but not til sat morning.Gotta see how this honda you recomended is gonna work out.
  12. 77charger

    Duners Diner

    Enjoyed heading there a couple years back was bummed last year they were closed.On the longer trips we take a trip down there and use up the day.
  13. 77charger

    Built 091 HP limit for duning

    driving style determines most of it.Im sure guys can make it last with 300 while others may kill it with 250
  14. 77charger

    My summer upgrade vw to Honda.(finished up)

    Thanks it does fit good wanted to do ecotec but was gonna be real tight fit at rear of cage. I ended up saving money going with the Honda too but I think I'm at or just over 3500 for swap. But sold the vw for 2400 so it helped offset cost.
  15. 77charger

    My summer upgrade vw to Honda.(finished up)

    Hard for me on Sunday sat is only shot. I wanna head out I cleaned out that idle valve seems good now.

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