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  1. 77charger

    What is the skinny on the enclosed monster Manx

    I know the one your talking about he camps next to us most big weekends its a street legal plated one too has windows on it i dont think i have any pics though.Owner does alot of time in baja with it as well.Very nice set up if you see it up close and owner is a pretty cool guy too. Didnt see him out this past weekend though unless he camped in another spot.
  2. 77charger

    Thoughts on LTZ250?

    Got my 17 year old son a ltz 400 he was on a blaster before.Gonna put my 13 year old daughter on the blaster but before i do i figured id teach her how to use a clutch so had her try the ltz400 out.She learned quickly all she had ridden before that was an lt80.She was out and riding it on her own within 15 minutes near camp and after about 45 min another in our group took his daughter and mine on a mild ride from camp near ranger station to the start of the big bowls and back. Spend some time on how the clutch works before they ride off and a basic on how gears work.I had mine with bike off pull in clutch all the way then release to half way a couple times and said this is about where it will grab,started up quad give a little throttle then let clutch out til it started to grab and told her pull clutch i explained this is where it starts to go did a couple more times followed buy letting out with same amount of throttle (about 1/4 or just under) til it began to roll and pull it in again finally said hold throttle there now keep letting out clutch slowly and once rolling let it out do a lap around camp come back here to a stop then roll out again and get use to it,had her come in told her to shift to second ride a lap come in shift to first then stop then neutral.After that she was on here own it went fast and thought it was perfect to train her on this since its electric start and has a neutral light indicator so she gets a good feel for a manual.
  3. 77charger

    Ok how is it out there...rain in glamis

    It's bad stay home then or the sand may blow into your vaginas. . Years ago we didn't have a way to check weather there we just went and had fun. Didn't realize how many are scared of a lil wind or rain.
  4. 77charger

    Next step up from lt80

    You've seen jason drive his car kids gonna want to race other buggies asap.LOL
  5. 77charger

    Next step up from lt80

    Taught my daughter last trip on my sons z400 she learned very fast i explained the gears and neutral then i had her pull in clutch lever and let it out halfway then slowly from there out with engine off.Had her start it up gave it 1/4 throttle then slowly let clutch out til it begins to grab while holding the throttle steady then pull clutch back in,then repeat a couple more times.After this i had her go a lil further til bike rolled then pull back in.At this time i said ok when it rolls just let it out all the way and barley give it a lil more gas and when you stop pull in clutch let off gas! She rolled out had her do a lap around camp in first gear come to stop then go again then she asked if she could shift gears she was on her own within 15 min shifting and riding around.Now she wants it but shes getting the blaster but may work out since son follows on rides and doesnt really ride around camp anymore but she prefers riding near camp.
  6. 77charger

    Interesting "Pop" out of an LS1

    compression numbers are within range of each other now if you had one at 150 it would be an indicator of something wrong but yours are close enough.
  7. 77charger

    Engine Swap Ecotec 2.2 to 2.4

    all ready for pres weekend shakedown
  8. 77charger

    Sandrail purphase question

    Dont forget you could also be buying a rail that has the goodies in it but never been rebuilt or maintained then a trip or 2 you could be rebuilding a trans or whatever. IMO driving style has alot to do how long a trans and cvs can last 3 drivers same set ups one may get 4 years out of it another 2 trips third can get either of the 2 or inbetween,And suspension seen plenty of times where someone has bypasses and all that but looks like a bucking bull going down the drags only to get passed by a SXS and then others with bypasses go over the rough smooth enough to not spill a drink.
  9. 77charger

    Tire pressure for wet sand

    16 on mine but their just 13,00 number 2s. I use to run 12-13 dry with the old vw first trip this year with Honda it was wet so started at 16 and just kept it there. Definitely breaks tires loose on wet sand.
  10. 77charger

    Let’s discuss Quick Release whip mounts

    IMO i had a quicklight and it was a very good quick release very sturdy and solid.I have a 5150 now because i wanted an LED type color changing base is fine its the air chuck deal havent had an issues with it but its not as solid as the quicklight base.
  11. 77charger


    I had Dave go a second set for a friends honda swap I used mine off my car for mock up they hit on one side barely so when I had my friends made I took pics and specified what I needed to make fit. Came out perfect on friends car fit great and done on time as said he would.
  12. 77charger

    How are conditions ?

    We're camped next to them last year good time. About the only time I'd camp in the dust bowl.
  13. 77charger

    Permit Ticket

    Not sure if its a county/state deal or a federal cite.If its a federal deal then the local county court would not have any info on it Doubt the DA would have any info on it since its a minor deal.I know hes in brawley daily though.
  14. 77charger

    New motor

    That's my main reason for selling my vw and going Honda. I never had issues with the vw but like to tear it down every 2-3 seasons and refreshen it but parts were getting up there and I needed lil more power. Recently did a swap for a friend too cracked case on his vw turbo. Now has a j35 and loves it more power all around uses less fuel and reliable. New case for vw is about 1k
  15. 77charger

    winch for loading

    I wanted the 2500 too based on price and it may have done th job. But my mind said go next size up so I don't do this twice. A friend has the 2500 and a 3-4 hundred pound lighter car his struggles getting the car just onto first part of ramp and up it. Mine slows down on first part but once wheels are on ramp it pulls easy. I also liked the 3500 has thicker and longer cable. I've learned from the past go next size up from the size you think you need.

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