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  1. we go sat to sat its nice til about wed the crowds start rolling in.In years past though i have seen it busy all week but past 7-8 has been mellow til wed and fri is a shit show
  2. Hope you get the bugs out of it.My fans kick on about 210 according to my guage shut off about 195-200.If i run my bypass swithch i wired it will stay at 180,Friends car i did a swap his rad is higher than mine his stays 185 easier just driving,
  3. Smoker for me done well for the past 15 years out there
  4. Gonna be easy since i did the things i was to do today during the week.Replaced a tie rod end on buggy went through it,changed fork seals on the cr500 yesterday.So today its load buggy back into trailer.clean up misc stuff,organize and get ready for next weekends trip for a week. Leaves me time to take the 550 stand up out tomorrow too.
  5. 70 mph hell seems like everytime i pull in from the cow farm its im lucky if i break 50 becasue someone up front dont wanna go any faster.LOL
  6. Be prepared before you hit the sand and dont get stuck in the first place.Air down before not after you get stuck and like said by someone else earlier once stuck dont think your gonna power out cause you moved an inch once your spinning your not going anywhere but down!
  7. Probably just trying to avoid all his buddies chop and wanted to leave his own and besides hes in a SxS dont you know they have the right of way anywhere they go.LOL Guess we are lucky they aint parking as a group across the whole path yet.
  8. Think i will need an math degree and one in physics as well to understand this topic.LOL
  9. Turbo the Honda get 400 hp out of it.
  10. Saw the cat drive across near our camp sunday morning across the flats near sweet maries i was telling my brother in law someone just spent some good money as it was driving back slow paced i said he just made 75 bucks driving this section.Would have attempted to help out as well truck was already aired down.
  11. 77charger

    RC Cars

    I have a couple of slashes they work great easy to get parts and durable. Just haven't used them in a while. Others in our camp have the rock crawlers and they get used pretty often around the fire and camp. They will climb the wood pile or whatever they find.
  12. Easy to come in from roadrunner smaller dunes.A friend took his G wagon a couple years ago to swingset pretty easily
  13. I keep eye in mirror tray and look for everyone at times not hard to glance back.Others in our group lead if you have an issue your screwed i dont think the know what a mirror is.
  14. Think a nice 454 set up for low end torque would do really well.
  15. Starting off at 15 psi is good and if you still get stuck can always go to 10. Makes big difference from 15 to 10. But best to carry a compressor or an air tank once your unstuck or drive out easy.

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