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  1. 77charger

    The debate over abortion

    For me wheter i agree with it or not the supreme court gave a final decision years ago and they shouldnt try and change laws years later.
  2. 77charger

    The shifting sands of Glamis.

    Saw yesterday about three hrs of 4mph plus winds.
  3. 77charger

    Honda 3.5

    I have the a1 in my car i can say the torque is real nice i know they are lower on the hp then the others but i will say after its first season in my car vs the v dub i love it.Has plenty of punch for my car and can just leave it in one gear if needed was nice having the low end power with a great upper rpm hit too. Other car i did for a friend was an A4 version his car ran real good this year too. we both raced and it was pretty even but i think he may have a lil more up top with his.
  4. 77charger

    The shifting sands of Glamis.

    Noticed that on FB too. I know at our camp what use to be a 30x 50' about a foot deep hole has turned into a good sized bowl over the last 9 years. Every year there's slight changes too.
  5. 77charger

    Flashlights 2..uh..

    I only use them while camping but have a small nebo single aa battery one its only a 50 lumen but what i like about it its good enough for my imediate area and has a good light patteren and small to easily carry in pocket. Other one i have uses a 18650 battery and is bright about 6 inches long but the light part is about 1,25-1.50 diameter ill usually keep in truck and use it for scouting an area at night if needed.
  6. 77charger

    Fuel level gauge

    sight guage is best bet remember if its around tank the first part will go fast the middle slow the last part fast.I never ran a fuel guage on my cars i know i can hold about 9.5 gallons and it will get me on a ride easily.come back fill up for next one.
  7. 77charger

    when having no money but having fun was everything....

    Starting somewhere and showing you dont need 50k to have fun.He has the pride of saying he did this himself too.Now tell him re route that brake line.
  8. 77charger

    Shooting at Pismo

    atleast when investigators showed up the caution tape was already out for them.
  9. 77charger

    Honda 3.5

    Yup no shortage of them.Get one take the non essentials off clean it up should be good.
  10. 77charger

    So glad this genius is our Govenor

    Have no fear this is newscums way of diverting the attention off the state legislature and to the oil companies hes gonna say they are the ones responsible and we the government are trying to help you the people of this state. Truth is the stupid people will buy it and the dems in sacramento will be laughing all the way to the bank with the taxes they are charging but i can put money that the state makes more per gallon than any oil company does.
  11. 77charger

    Best Jack to lift sandrail in the Dunes

    Small shovel is nice to have in that situation.I got stuck years ago on a evening ride by my self.I ended up digging by hand to clear tires even aired the rears down some then put in reverse hit starter and pushed at same time car came right out took it easy back to camp knowing i was lower on air too.,
  12. 77charger

    For all of you SiriusXM listeners...

    I didn't get Sirius to listen to him anyways. Use to listen to him years ago but has just turned into a whiner. Was better when he was on fm radio vs today.
  13. 77charger

    How many BS sales calls do you get a day?

    I may go a week without one then get three in a day. I don't answer calls unless I'm expecting a call or I know the number. And if it's someone I know from a different phone they can leave a msg or text and I'll get back. I block the numbers too that are telemarketing.
  14. 77charger

    Easter Trip

    Headed out too friday night to sunday.prob get a good run before noon come back head to river then ready for a evening run for sunset.Looking to camp along gecko somewhere.
  15. 77charger

    Firearms in your car

    IMO not wise to leave in car unless you had to.Too easy to get stolen and not really the safest place for one.

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