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  1. Hell i dont know near exact but gotta be over a million. Current work truck 240k previous one 330k one before that 125k before that 120k others before 100k combined personal truck 192k currently and other personal stuff before prob another 250k then add the motorcycles my guess another 80k These are just ones i know of milage for sure
  2. Oil level full. A friends car was doing that oil level was low filled it back up went good. Found out later he had the oil pressure switch under the center console and it had cracked leaking some oil.
  3. My boss bought a set of those been happy with them seem to be similar to an stu 13.00 with a softer rubber. IMO seems many over paddle their SxS
  4. LOL reason i got rid of my vw was parts are getting more expensive and quality going down.Had a solid 2275 ran great very reliable(i worked on it and went maintain,etc between trips) but as kids got bigger i needed more power too finally ditched it and got a honda and said after why the hell didnt i do this earlier!Now i dont do much between trips and forgetting how to work on cars.
  5. Headed out in 2 weeks gonna take the old stand up jet ski to play in the surf and a quad to putt around friends are all takin older ATCs.Went out last year to play with the ski surf is fun and of of a few spots to legally play in the waves.
  6. I measured my voltage and it was way below the limit.I did a swap for a friends car also mounted radiator same as mine just used water and whatever coolant was in the block for start up and did a voltage test it was approaching limit still safely under but close enough to get there too. When done i drained coolant and added distilled water and new coolant the voltage went way down.
  7. Air the knobbies down that 250 wont have power to spin paddles anyways and paddles may make it worse.
  8. bought a directors chair from big5 last year liked it had a table and drink holdera friend thought it was his and loaded it in his trailer so bought another from a HF for 20 bucks like it too has a side pouch and a table.
  9. Like said psimo is small i know some dont like to ride there or care.We use to go here and there and mainly to escape the heat at home and camp at the beach plus have one of the toys to take a quick spin. Headed there next month with friends mainly going to take ATCs to play around and will also take my stand up jetski to play in the surf.
  10. I have a 680 and have charged it with a regular charger when I do I just use the 2 amp setting. I really don't get the special charger deal after all when used in a car there's no special alternator for lead or gel batts.
  11. Damn too bad you didnt have a 00-07 2500hd i had a cab over and sold it on oct still have the brackets on my truck.thought about taking off and selling.
  12. I remember seeing Dave show up at phx with a psi blown flat was a bad ass ride. Thing for open boats we had the 7.70 et rule go quicker you got dq. My boat I had could have broken it with more seat time but if you put a capsule you now have a boat that can barely break high 8s. Killed the pro gas flats atleast here in ca njba let's them run just don't break 145 I know tony scarlata drivinh groses boat went 6.82 but exceeded speed limit they came back different set up close et but unde mph limit. One of the baddest flats ever. I wanna say right now they can run close to top alcohol flats on the 1000 ft course not bad for a carbed gas engine.

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