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  1. MIne does the same 210=215 fans come on about 195 go out,I run a manual overide where i can turn them on and it drops and stays 180 but rarely use it i let the ecu do its thing.As for fans i they are all wired to come on at once but i did use 1 relay for outer fans and another for the center fan so that if a relay craps out i still have a fan running.
  2. This past season i used a couple of small sheets in my AO buggy cooler.Did great kept drinks cold and last a while.Doesnt do well if you put warm drinks in as it will take a long time to chill vs the old ice and water.
  3. I did my 2.0s in rear only one trip on them though.
  4. The judicial system is just just too politicized these days.Courts/judges dont care about the actual law they are just there for the most part to back up their partys side.IMO we should not be able to tell if a judge is left or right leaning in either way but we already know which side of the isle they are on.
  5. Prob a lic reader and facial recognition to see frequency of travel and prob know how many times you’ve crossed border.
  6. Romney could not campaign he was not good at it. Didn’t have the balls to shut up Harry Reid when he said Romney didn’t pay his taxes He thought being calm was way to go as the dems made him to be a bad guy. Had he put half the effort into his campaign as he does bashing trump he may have won in 2012. Dems are great campaigners they don’t mind slinging dirt and brutally attacking their opponents they do it proudly. Had it been any other republican candidate for 16 Hillary would have best them. Trump didn’t take any attacks he fought back he was outspoken had a backbone didn’t take the high road to look better and that’s what also helped him win.
  7. The no new taxes hurt him but the big factor was Ross Perot he pulled enough votes as a third part candidate that would have most likely gone to bush. Clinton didn’t get 50 percent of the vote.
  8. We went there a few years ago during thanksgiving week like tues or wed night had a little speaker and a fire with a few of us no issues.But i went there in my young days at night and it was wild during the 90s.Taped a mag light to my cr250 was how we did it now we all cant drive without lightbars on our cars.
  9. Been told shock and arm should be at 90 degrees at full bump gets the best performance out of a shock. Front or rear but in some cases not done as easily. ever see the front of some race baja bugs with beams they will mount shock on upper arm and have shocks leaning Foward heavily
  10. It’s true never shot there but driven past it total crap show
  11. should not be effected there its not really a deveolped site but i would drive about 25-30 min further and be by yourselves and not worrying about others unskilled shooting antics.Check your dm ill send you directions to a better spot.
  12. My brother had a king car years ago i remember it being stiff when he got it i told him it needed to be softened up.Out of the whole group he had them revalved made huge difference on his car next thing was owner of king began revalving customers cars and finding a good setting that worked .Not all cars were done but ones who did them were happy.
  13. Gonna go next weekend not sure we’re we’ll camp maybe the normal spot or ugh washes just gonna take it easy
  14. I see some who do put more on a 2d and I’ll ask they say that’s what was recommended 🙈I have an 091 and keeping 13.00s for a reason but yeh pbs or s4 go for it
  15. Not sure what trans you had but Isn’t 33 as big as you want to go with a 2d generally speaking

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