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  1. @DRDEATH Are you worried about it being stolen or paying taxes? Somebody is going to have to pay the taxes to title it, no way around that. Either way tell the guy to get a title for it negotiate the associated costs into the price of the car. If he wont maybe it is stolen, with the market being as soft as it is I would imagine he would be willing to do that.
  2. Hit and Run Couple of good car chases, one with a Tatum.
  3. What are you guys using for a bead breaker?
  4. I think on these there is a kill switch that will not allow it to start at all. I think its back behind/under the rear grab bar.
  5. We clean diesel spills all the time. All the non porous surfaces can be cleaned. Once it is in the wood there is no way to get it it out. Hot water flushing would work( how we get it out of freight trailers think fed ex,ups, etc). Problem is all the wood will swell and be destroyed. Even after flushing with simple green hot water they air all those trailers out and the smell is still there.
  6. In Glamis this weekend, if anyone wants to check it out.
  7. Thanks Ill see if ant of them can help me out. Thanks again for the recommendations!
  8. Looking to get a new roof made, have the old one but it is beyond repair. Looking for a shop in San Diego area that could make a new one.
  9. Yea i called the guy selling it, said he had some one coming to look at it. Text me back they were buying it. Congrats to your dad looks like a cool car.
  10. Your Dad is the one who beat me to the punch on this one!
  11. Bump. Will be in Glamis again this weekend.

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