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  1. tommy gunz


    Will be in Glamis next weekend if any one is going out and would like to see it.
  2. tommy gunz


    4 seat Chenowth explorer with turbo 2.0 Subaru,002 built by McDowell transmissions. motor is mounted low to maintain low center of gravity. 2.5 race ready shocks with reservoir, no pitting on the shafts or leaks. Mid travel extended beam and arms. New Saco steering rack installed last season along with tweed 3" lift spindles, tie rods, combo rims. LED light bar 40 inch on top, two six inch on front bumper, 2x3 side pods. LED color changing whip. Tachometer, water gauge, Boost Gauge on dash. fuel and oil pressure mounted on motor. Extreme 13.50 paddles on bead lock rims. Extreme 6.25 x 15 front tires. overall length 14 feet 10 inches. rear with paddles is 90 inches wide, front is 72 inches wide Buggy runs and drives and is ready for this season, fresh fluid changes all the way around, just re-greased front bearings and CV joints. I am sure i am leaving things out, i have some spare parts i keep in the trailer. Not looking for trades, looking for the cash. Selling it so i can go to a 2 seat. Message me on here if you are interested. $10k or best offer.
  3. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    Thanks @Rockwood I am working on getting a new add put together, trying to get some clearer pictures. Calling McDowell today to see if he has anything on it. Hope to get new add posted tonight.
  4. tommy gunz

    Solvent/Diesel recycling

    Bob, Depending on where in SD you live there are several legal options. As long as it is from your residence and not your business. City of San Diego https://www.sandiego.gov/environmental-services/miramar/hhwtransfac https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/deh/waste/hhw.html If it is from your business or none of these other options work out send me a message, I work for a HazMat company.
  5. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    Some one else made that suggestion, i just have to find the serial number. And remember to do it. Planning on doing that , changing the price adding pictures, then trying to make some trips out just to try to get it out there and seen.
  6. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    Yes seeing it in person always helps. Just had to wait for season(again the patience thing).
  7. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    Yea I am definitely gonna do that. Thought about some vinyl letters in white down the sides.
  8. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    10k seems to be the number, all the "offers" I have gotten have started there. None of them go anywhere is the problem, like said earlier I just may need to be a bit more patient. Season just barely started. Thanks again for all responses.
  9. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    Yea that's the hard part I have worked on this one alot so I know it pretty well. Going to something else definitely a little scary. Never know what your getting. Thanks for the advice and insight. Gonna work on a new price and post.
  10. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    Thank you for all of your opinions and suggestions. I had kind of forgot about Samba, I will try that as well. I will try relisting it on the other sites with a little more write up on some of the items you guys have brought up. What ever I can find on it I'll add to this one as well.
  11. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    That's what I am thinking I will do. Hardly anyone on here post's what they actually sell for so it hard to tell. The patience part is what I struggle with. That and the obvious scams that come from Craigslist. Again thanks for the input and advice.
  12. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    Thanks for the quick input. I don't repost the add cause I am on my phone. I can later. I kind of thought the same thing, it has to be price. Doubted it though due to others I had asked. I think it's the case though. I was hoping there was something i missed. I will more than likely drop the price. Again thank you guys.
  13. tommy gunz

    Advice on selling a used buggy.

    Looking for some input, I really want to get mine sold. I have had no traction here, do I need to change my add? Add pictures? I tried to be as forthcoming and informational as i could be. I put it on Craiglist/race dezert/facebook as well, had a lot of "interest" but nothing even close to a real offer. Or is the market just this dry for them? If that's the case then what? If the buggy wont sell as is at anywhere near the asking price how much do i spend upgrading it? I know you never get back what you put in. I also don't want to up grade this past the point of what the chassis will handle and have some frankensteined creation. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.
  14. If you have any left please let me know shipped to 92040. 4 tubes if you have them.
  15. tommy gunz

    Hows Your Attitude?

    @Richie Rich Your looks identical to mine minus the green and ours says Stellar.

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