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  1. Pair of STU 8.50 X 15 FRONT razor backs possibly shipped to San Diego area.
  2. Luckily he has been dragging his feet to get it powder coated. He has been tossing the idea around ever since he finished it. A couple of us have switched to A arm and how rough it's been his last few times out. Last weekend was the final touch on convincing him.
  3. Sounds like he is going to use HRT to do it. He was looking for some ideas more or less. He has been looking at lots of different set ups. I think HRT sold him due to how many they have done and the quick turn around on it.
  4. There was a post on here about some one doing this last year I believe. I found the old post and will show it to my Father in Law as he is considering doing it . If I remember right some one said they had some arms off of an A arm Explorer. I am sure for a reasonable price he would be willing to buy them. Or even if he could use them to mock up new ones. Thanks in advance.
  5. Just traded my 2015 for a 2020. I hated the new look in all the pre-release photos, in person its much better. Pulled the 5th wheel to Glamis this weekend, new ten speed is awesome. Visibility is so much better. The hood/front end looks big standing outside, inside looking out visibility is great. The whole truck is bigger inside and out. they moved the DEF tank so you don't see it anymore, fill is next to the fuel filler. And it has a gauge in the DIC , small things that's actually huge. The 2500 GVW went from 10k to 11,3k. Truck seems to ride better and feels more stable, 2015 had airbags i dont think this one will need them. Ours came with wrangler all terrains that measure out to right under a 35 inch tire, 34.9 to be exact. These sit higher like the Fords and Dodges have for a while now. Time will tell but so far so good!
  6. @DRDEATH Are you worried about it being stolen or paying taxes? Somebody is going to have to pay the taxes to title it, no way around that. Either way tell the guy to get a title for it negotiate the associated costs into the price of the car. If he wont maybe it is stolen, with the market being as soft as it is I would imagine he would be willing to do that.
  7. Hit and Run Couple of good car chases, one with a Tatum.
  8. What are you guys using for a bead breaker?
  9. I think on these there is a kill switch that will not allow it to start at all. I think its back behind/under the rear grab bar.
  10. We clean diesel spills all the time. All the non porous surfaces can be cleaned. Once it is in the wood there is no way to get it it out. Hot water flushing would work( how we get it out of freight trailers think fed ex,ups, etc). Problem is all the wood will swell and be destroyed. Even after flushing with simple green hot water they air all those trailers out and the smell is still there.
  11. In Glamis this weekend, if anyone wants to check it out.
  12. Thanks Ill see if ant of them can help me out. Thanks again for the recommendations!

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