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  1. Enjoyed the wind and the little bit of sprinkles in glamis. Weather was beautiful from about 4pm on. Glad I didn’t shy away from this trip.
  2. Night rides til 4am will help. Man I don’t even lock my Moty when I’m gone all day.
  3. Damn change your screen name to 4 doors more hores….
  4. I will be out there sometime Friday afternoon
  5. @Carwashguru has some I think.
  6. Give this a try and let me know what you think. I personally like turbo stuff but this looks to be a good set up and I have considered it. https://magnusonsuperchargers.com/products/01-23-62-283-bl
  7. That sir was a Thursday night game. My 10 year old was at that game. And I was watching it on my way to Glamis in the motorhome.
  8. I hope the cops come and pick you up for your warrants😜
  9. I went there once BecUse I need race gas and diesel simultaneously. That aspect was convenient. But pulling into the place and the line inside to pay was not convenient.
  10. When you go to red earth do you have to go inside to pay?
  11. My kids that are 10 and 8 that are huge football fans have no idea who he is. Their biggest concern was if there was gonna still be the madden video game. I had to explain who he was. They didn’t seem very interested.
  12. If I was buying one I’d buy the Hisun 250. Build quality looks worlds better than the Polaris ones I’ve seen. And it comes with a winch.
  13. Renewable something or other🤷🏻‍♂️

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