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  1. I think the death penalty should be gotten rid of all together. The cost it takes to house them and give them all of their appeals for 20 years is astronomical. And they are kept segregated too which only protects them. Let them join the other lifers and get sorted out by society.
  2. Jtmoney714

    US Open

    The biggest win for golf will be a Bryson Brooksy pairing.
  3. CDC is saying there was about 3.36 million deaths in 2020. Although I do believe this pandemic was fake. It will be interesting to see the data as the year unfolds. Did vehicle deaths decrease, did cancer deaths increase and etc. As of now they are saying 375k deaths are attributed to covid. Further I’d like to see the break down of those deaths coupled with comorbidities and etc. And then who knows how much of that data can even be trusted lol.
  4. Doing the math it’s about 15$ a foot. I had him do my 40’ Moty and 24’ trailer for 900$. He said next time it will be cheaper. Said first time he never knows what’s been done before so it’s usually more. He washed waxed and buffed everything.
  5. I just had these guys do my Motorhome in corona. I was very happy with the work.
  6. I have the dometic one. Works great til your buddies find out about it.
  7. Taking my 9 week old baby to havasu. Could be fun or a giant mistake. Either way I’m drinking some tequila.
  8. I have the 370hp version of the isl. Moat come with 400 but they can be tuned up to 450 but I don’t think the torque changes much so I haven’t spent the money for the tune. Towing my Jeep on a heavy flatbed up the cajon last time someone jumped in front of me and slowed me way down. I was only able to get back up to 55mph with my foot in it.
  9. I’m not opposed to it. Xj on 40s?
  10. Last Wednesday morning. Mine is a gray American tradition.
  11. Mine is there now getting the front end all rebuilt. Not cheap but I’m hoping their reputation is worth it.
  12. Follow the wires. Maybe you lost a fuse somewhere or a rat gnawed on that wire for you. Or see if you have 12v at the switch in the cab.
  13. I was under the impression that synthetic oil was not ideal for synchros. Is this false?
  14. Baja designs. Xl80s to be exact.

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