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  1. When I put my axles back together I put 2 bolts in dry and tighten them. Then the rest I put lock-tite on and torque them. Then pull the first 2 out. I never had a reason to do it that way lol just kind of what I do. Glad to see I’ve saved myself some headaches.
  2. I got mine direct from Jamar in Anaheim.
  3. Jtmoney714

    WTB sandrail

    I’m looking for a clean 5 seat car in the sub 50k range. No specific brands in mind and I’m open to different motor and trans combos. Needs to be big enough to put a bench seat in the back that can seat 3 mid sized kids.
  4. Robby is delivering some great content on Instagram. The internet never loses. It’s great to see him comment on meme pages and let the internet do his thing lol.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTiw5mWHwrZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  6. Sweet diagnosis of the consumer who has done well enough to purchase one of these mystery machines sight unseen. If you keep defending RG and talking about how great he is maybe he will call you up and ask you on a date.
  7. Are you gonna rice it out with the slanted tires? Or did you do that already?
  8. Nothing quite says “you’re a baddass” like truck nuts do.
  9. The mopar 2” lift works well on the jl. My buddy has done all the big bear trails with his jl on 35s with that lift.
  10. It’s cheaper to go upside for a jog/walk
  11. I buy quality pork from New Zealand for a reason. Our pork and meat in general in the states is of terrible quality and chalked full of hormones.
  12. I use the plastic one you have to jerk off and a gas can. Hopefully there is a better way lol.
  13. I was gonna go the blaster route but I couldn’t find a clean one.
  14. Cmon you know you are making them learn violin already. Teach them how to shift.

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