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  1. 4 Seat Mid Travel Manx built on bug pan and registered as 1969 VW bug, CA street legal and no smog is needed, A-arm front suspension by Mosebilt off-road, Fox coil overs with reservoirs front and rear, CNC brake and clutch master cylinders, Tatum 4- piston rear brakes, Jamar Performance 2-piston front brakes, Turbo subaru 2.0 220HP, chrome and polished parts, Dyno Tuned by Outfront Motorsports, Built 002 Bus transaxle, Weddle gears, super diff, heated PRP heated seats, 4 point Crowe harnesses with shoulder pads, Color Lowrance GPS, Bluetooth stereo, detachable steering wheel, comes with front and rear dirt and sand tires. Runs and drives great on and off road. Located near Sacramento
  2. Very nice, should go quick for that price!!
  3. I live in NorCal and took mine to John for a new tune and will not hesitate to do it again when I do some upgrades. Plus as a bonus he will let you tour his shop.
  4. I just picked up a turbo 2.0 Subaru but need a computer. Megasquirt has several different ones so I am trying to figure out which one would work best for a buggy. I searched for info and found an older discussion on here that the megasquirt 1 will work just fine but that was a pretty old thread, so if anyone has any experience with them I would appreciate any direction of which one to buy or should I be looking into the Link, Stinger, etc instead?
  5. Thanks for the quick response! I will give em a call.
  6. I will be in Phoenix tomorrow (Saturday) and need to find a place that has an adapter flywheel for a Subaru to an 091. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Thank you for the info, I'll check to see what kind of room I have. Do you know if the 3.0's,3.2's & 3.5's all have the same measurements?
  8. I'm trying figure out if I can get a j series Honda/Acura to fit into my mid travel Manx. I know I will need to flip the intake but what I'm trying to figure out is how much I will need to notch the fiberglass to get it to fit without moving the transmission back. Right now I have my gas tank in that location but I might be able get a different tank or figure something out. Has anyone put one in a MGM/FRP mid travel Manx body and maintained the back seats? I need to figure out how tall the motor is from the top of the bell housing and how far back the intake is from the motor/trans connection. Any info and or measurements you guys could give would be very helpful, thanks
  9. Great info! I have had the same hard starting issue after sitting over night especially after sitting for long periods for the past year with my Rhino. I figured it was the Edelbrock carb, so I have just dealt with it. I think I will change back to my stock CDI and give it a try.
  10. WOW! Looks awsome!! Did Darren install the sub? Are you running the stock battery?
  11. Skattrak 26" extreme haulers & mohawks,Brp exhaust,cdi, edelbrock carb & K&N.
  12. Congrats, I've had two sandwinders and have been very happy with them. You will not be disappointed.
  13. dunetrash

    Budget Ls1

    I've had Glenn build two motors for me and yes he will stand behind his motor. He does take longer than he estimates but if you stay on him he will come through. Just like 1fastdsl, I have been very happy with his motors and service.

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