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  1. 98" or larger rear door only.. Prefer something newer.. no budget.. if it's nice, I'll pay for it. text anytime or call during the day 480-577-9130.
  2. Really cool ordering system, more builders should have this kind of thing.
  3. Not a huge veteran here, but worst I've seen it in 6 years. Hard turns in congested areas are not pleasurable.
  4. Bought two of these as track cars.. with traction control all the way off, they are extremely easy to lose control. OR I just forgot to buy the talent package.
  5. Web developer here.. You can have this site autorotate images to fix this because the images will come with the information on how to "fix" them. Looks like later versions of invision boards have this functionality already, so your developers might be able to glance at source code.
  6. What about the roof? Just use FRP and styrofoam insulation with 3M VHB 4950? or should it be thicker than 45mil?
  7. I want to insulate and skin the interior of my trailer. I figured .125 diamond plate 16" from the floor and .030 white for the rest held together with 3m vhb double sided tape. Anyone have experience doing this?
  8. Grant will you have your cars on display today? (minus tires)
  9. Talking to my engine builder, so I'm on the fence.. but if I do stay with ethanol, I'd take 3.
  10. I've seen people running 35.5's on eight inch methods and I wanted to get some feedback from GD peeps. Do you notice a big difference? Sure would be nice not having to swap tires to fit inside the trailer. It sure does make a narrow paddle and I'd assume it wont slide very well.
  11. If you want Racelines go through OMF, they get blanks at half cost.
  12. https://www.racelinewheels.com/#!lang=0
  13. Building a new car and finding my options are limited on wheels for 35.5 paddles and 12.50 fronts. Options: Kevin's racer had Ultra wheels, but they only sell 6.5" wide wheels? (even though their site says they make 8") DWT.. plenty of sizes and options but everyone has them. OMF customizes raceline, dwt, or has a few of their own Anything else out there with 10-12" wide options preferably? Strength required as well, boosted RHS

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