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  1. We have 2 and 2 more on the way.
  2. Almost brand new, couple scratches. Inside looks untouched. Has pad lock cover from the factory.
  3. 2021 1 trip 40 ft high cube container $6500, local delivery available. 626 810 2467
  4. Wow, the details are amazing.
  5. My 17.5s are like 6004 lbs. a piece. 19.5s might have a height issue.
  6. I went with 10k axles with 17.5 wheels dual axle to be safe.
  7. See any oil? Might be out of freon. Is the condenser lines getting hot?
  8. 40 ft Fleetwood Discovery 380hp, 22ft stacker two funcos two quads. I think it tows very well. More hp would be nice. Towed to Idaho from LA did great up El Cajon pass and Baker grade. Got a little hot on the way home outside of Salt Lake city but just down shift and watch temp. On the way to Glamis no problems.
  9. That's exactly what it is. Hit a socket on it.

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