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  1. Yeah shouldn’t be too hard but I’m not taking it to someone who’s not recommended. I’m too far away to deal with any issues.
  2. Thanks. I’m actually looking at a real simple job also. Just 2 color but everyone is so busy.
  3. My car is almost done at Funco and I think I’d like to have it painted. Has a wrap on it now. All the usual Funco Painters are booked into next year. Anyone know of someone else?
  4. Does anyone know of any late model superjets that are for sale? Dealer or private.
  5. I’ve never weighed this setup. I think @tjZ06 had a similar setup to what they are trying to sell your buddy. I would guess with fuel, water and tools he would be pretty close to max weight for the trailer. He could go to 8k axles just to be safe.
  6. Trailer is just a 24’ box plus V. Very simple.
  7. You can covert it to a belly lift with a little work.
  8. A buddy of mine had a Browns Motorsport that was not full stacker height and had a large loft in it for quads or storage. That would be a good setup if you only plan on putting a buggy in it. My stacker is 24’ and pretty basic. Only has bench and upper cabinets but has 100 gallons of fuel with 2 separate tanks and belly lift. If i had to guess it’s probably about 8k dry. Im not sure though since I’ve never weighed it empty.
  9. Go with a belly lift even if you don’t want one. Easier to sell. You can add sides to make it a platform. Depending on what you need to put in it a 20’ dual axle may do the job and your moho will pull it fine. Ive had traditional lifts as well as the ramp style. The traditional is quite a bit better in my opinion and you can get more in a smaller area. Mine has 100 gallons of fuel. That’s a must for me. lookmaround at what others are using. There is a reason why they are belly lifts and wide door openings. It’s because they work well and are easily resold.
  10. You need a non resident OHV certificate. We’ve always bought them but hav never been checked. https://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/activities/atv-motorbike/
  11. Congrats buddy. Happy for ya. We make a few Vegas trips a year so we’ll have to meet up.
  12. I put a hose clamp on the hose and then use a cutoff wheel. put the clamp in a vice and cut right up against the clamp makes a very clean cut and keeps the hose from fraying.
  13. I have a Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 fuel injection system from my LSX454. It fits LS7 style heads. Kit is complete with all sensors and computer. Intake is polished. Motor was assembled and dyno'd by redline. Sold the engine without the system. Its only had dyno and about 1 hour run time on it. $1750.00

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