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  1. No. I’m going to swap next trip. Only real problem is the Rogues we have are only 12 paddle.
  2. I actually like the weight and torque of the pro r. The turbo r just feels like a normal rzr with great suspension. Stock clutching the turbo r will pull the pro r about 4 car lengths out of the hole. Then the pro r comes on hard. Stock clutching on both. the weight of the pro r lets me drive it kinda like my Funco. It stays pretty planted. The Packard paddles may play into that a bit though.
  3. Mine has the Packard ultra lights. My sons turbo R has the Rogue 34” with 1.3” paddles. I’m going to try them next trip. Packard’s work well and slide well but spin pretty easily. Not sure what the right combo is. I did the AA ecu and Phoenix Speed header and exhaust. Sounds bad ass
  4. I like it a lot. Plenty of power and drives great. I did put the MTS spring kit on it though. Stock springs were already sagging at 200 miles. sold the speed spot. Just got tired of waiting. I’m sure it will be great when delivered but I’m happy with my choice.
  5. I have one. It’s not that big of a deal. One bolt on the couch cover sucks. other than that it’s not much more time than the standard configuration. not sure why they didn’t use the quarter turn fasteners all around the clutch cover though. Seems like a no brainer. Edit: the 4 seat looks like a little more work than my 2 seat.
  6. Thinking about renting out a lakefront home I have in Idaho. Checked with a local company and they charge 25-35%. No thank you. Anyone use Air BnB or VRBO? Just wondering what the downsides are before I contact someone.
  7. I used self tapping screws and fender washers to hold the mat down on mine. the rest KISS
  8. If you have UTV’s Mike at IDRV does guided rides now. A couple years ago we were with the Funco clan and Mike took us to Island Park. Had lunch and drinks at the lodge right on the lake. Probably 100 mile round trip. One of the best rides I’ve been on. not too much rain this time of year. It will be hotter than hell most likely.
  9. Used ZBros Exit shocks. About 200 miles on them. I had them in a RS1 but will fit most rzr models. 4K new. Great upgrade. 2500.00
  10. I have a A1000 pump and filter that came off of my CBM 425. Asking 400.00 shipped for both
  11. Gonna try and take some time off. No glamis or Idaho trips in my near future so with only a couple Oregon trips my SXS will do just fine.
  12. It was Grease Monkeys old car.
  13. sold Funco G52 Originally built in 2014 by Funco Complete rebuild finished in Jan 2022. New C&G TT 440 (1100 hp to the wheels) New Albins sequential Holly ecu and dash Air ride technologies New paint by Matt Hutchinson New interior Billet front arms Funco shifter and turning brake Dial a boost controller Garmin GPS Switch Pro PCI Bluetooth. $180k IMG_1049.MOV
  14. Yeah I know. I’ve tried most of the big ones. Hoping someone sees one at a smaller dealer that I can scoop up.

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