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  1. I put a hose clamp on the hose and then use a cutoff wheel. put the clamp in a vice and cut right up against the clamp makes a very clean cut and keeps the hose from fraying.
  2. I have a Edelbrock Pro Flo 4 fuel injection system from my LSX454. It fits LS7 style heads. Kit is complete with all sensors and computer. Intake is polished. Motor was assembled and dyno'd by redline. Sold the engine without the system. Its only had dyno and about 1 hour run time on it. $1750.00
  3. No but may get you a direct number. 👍
  4. I joined their forums and have had good luck there. They have techs monitoring them.
  5. Mine was one of the first new controllers. looks like the new one is even Bluetooth mine wasn’t. It’s probably better now I see you can still get the APV2 controller also. That was the previous version that worked well.
  6. They just don’t always fully adjust. Say you have it set at 50F and 60R it will time out before it reaches set pressure. Will often take multiple times to get to settings. Same for releasing pressure. Hard to see the screen also. Old controller was simple and worked flawlessly for me.
  7. Looking for a 24’ Sandcar trailer. Must be in excellent shape. 98” door opening. Clay 509-969-3842
  8. I pulled a 26’ stacker that weighed 16k loaded with my Fleetwood Discovery 330. Would pull down to 30 mph on big hills. Flats were fine just take it easy and drive the speed limit. I have 400hp tag Moho now it does the job just fine too
  9. Going back under the knife soon. 👍
  10. Would have have nothing else. If Grant can put up with me he’s a keeper. 😂

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