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  1. DTA

    WTB Can am X3 XRS

    Curious how how fees add up to $4-5k. Sounds like theft on part of the dealership.
  2. DTA

    WTB Can am X3 XRS

    A guy on here a couple days ago saw a 2018 at a dealership, new XRS for 18k.
  3. DTA

    WTB Can am X3 XRS

    Whats your budget? I have one that is all done up and fits your needs. PM for more info. Located in San Diego. $70k invested. Looking for $40k. Has 5 year warranty as well.
  4. Same thing happened to me at about 500 miles. However I just drove it in 2wd the rest of the weekend. I spewed tons of oil. I had holes on both sides of the case. Warranty took care of it no problem. I guess I got an updated front diff. I have one of the first 2017 XRS off the boat and they apparently updated them. I love warranties.
  5. 18 XRS for 19k? You should be all over that.
  6. So I have my stock X3 30" bighorns laying around since 2017, will these things fit on an XP4? My moms rzr looks a little skimpy with the small tires. I'm concerned about the tires clearing the trailing arms mainly. Anybody done this? My x3 stock 30s to moms rzr stock tires. Also, the rzr goes in a FS2600. Anybody get an XP4 into a 2600 with bigger tires?
  7. Great deal, too bad it wasnt a 50. Son is only 2 and need a smoking deal on a stock 50.
  8. I did my x3 last week. It had new bearings installed by dealer after 1st set got squeaky (warranty). Even the newly installed bearings took between 15 and 20 pumps after 600 miles or so.
  9. I dont care what they do there. Im sure videos would be awesome if they start drag racing then hitting the downhill. 🤣 Havent been to Glamis since this photo was taken in 2006. I stick to the hardpack. You guys out there are nuts. I used to love glamis and gordons. I couldnt take the stress and worry of injuring someone or getting injured. Calculated risk and all that. One day ill be back im sure.
  10. Just to add salt to the wound I know its done with, but 600hp+ and paddles. I could barely get to 100mph at the end of the drags. This is when the drags were a bit shorter, circa 2006. The gearing and paddles just didnt work correctly. It was fun though, on the left of the pic.
  11. Fair enough. I only posted since most cannot grasp the concept of vehicle capabilities. I know very smart people who strictly go by the sticker on their hitch, whether it's on their truck or moho. On a DP, or most DPs, there is most likely plenty of buffer there and everything lines up. However on smaller RVs as you most likely know there are tiny buffers for towing. This happens everyday on every RV dealership in the country. Walk into one, ask a salesman how much a certain RV can tow and they are going to walk over to the receiver sticker and tell you whatever is listed there. I have done my fair share of towing overweight so I am not innocent here, dumb, yes. Safe as I could be, yes. Nowadays with a little 24' v10 on a 350 chassis, I have to be more careful compared to my 3500 drw.
  12. I think this post and receiver labels or stickers are disingenuous. The receiver does not determine how much you can tow, the sum of all your parts does. There should be a sticker in the cab or in the door jamb with a dry weight of the RV as measured after the chassis was built and the house installed. Then it should state a max gvwr and a max combined gvwr. Take your dry weight, add all your stuff, water, food, people etc. Then add your total trailer weight. If the sum is less than your combined gvwr then you are good to go. If it is more, well you are then overweight. This is basic math and logic. The receiver rating means nothing. You can install that receiver on a Prius if you like, doesnt make the Prius tow a 10k lbs with a weight distribution hitch. It simply means the receiver alone is rated for that weight. My moho receiver is rated for 8000lbs. 24' class C. My weight rating allows me about 4000lbs. Big difference there.

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