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  1. DTA

    led pod?

    I have a BD 50" on roof and BD 10" amber on bumper of X3. Run alot on just amber in the desert in dust. Other hand mama dukes has 2 xl80s on the front her rzr bumper. Holy shit. Those things are almost as bright as my 50. If I was doing pods I wouldn't settle for anything less than the xl80. I would do them in amber. Keep your 40 for no dust and those xl80 in amber would kill!
  2. Yes crank HP, the same way the manufacturers rate their engines. Dyno attached, Canam has about a 21-23% driveline loss. So with the stage 3 Im running around 186-192 HP at crank. Its really not a bad deal for $300 with the controller/programmer (when he has his sales going on)
  3. Nope, not this time around. New 2020 with 195 HP has bigger turbo, new intercooler, new pistons, and new clutch with bigger belt. However, on my 154hp model im putting out 192hp with just a stage 3 tune. Could go for more with just a 2018 fuel pump and a stage 3 or 4 tune on that. Would put me over 200.
  4. It's a 4 seater converted just like the rest of the turbo unlimited cars.
  5. Missed these replies, overlay is done on all gopro 5 black and newer. You just need to enable it on the gopro itself and enable on their app. Since I think their app is crap, i use a program called dashware. It's a free download and works well. It cam also combine all the GPS files and video files into one. On your new 7 you should be able to Google how to enable the feature. On my gopro 5 the speeds are not totally accurate as the GPS takes a ping every second or so then calculates the speed. The newer gopros are supposed to be much more accurate.
  6. Can't blame that on Trump, you should be blaming your local and state governments for high taxation not the feds. Most people in other states benefited. States with high local and state taxes suffered. I live in CA as well, but I don't blame the feds. I wish I could be hopeful CA residents would figure it out, but after the gas tax vote all my faith has been thrown out the window.
  7. That's my point though, Trump didn't have the Senate. Today he actually does with a nuclear option, +3 and the VP tie breaker, but no House...
  8. Meh, this is BS, not really true when you need 60 to pass without the nuclear option. Then when they were going to use the nuclear option they had a bunch of RINOs (donkeys) named Mccain, Flake and Collins who would use their power to side with the Dems. Stating Trump had majority of all branches of .Gov is a misnomer without context. Edited to add: Agree with the above posters. The judges being put in are an incredible impact. On top of how well the economy is doing and how much 24/7 mud is thrown at Trump, today he has record high approval numbers. Absolutely unfathomable. I say keep the mud coming, it's not working and only helping.
  9. Thanks! We run a low tune, these other guys run pretty hot tunes and pop belts and axles. We've been good on that front. Dead engine starts are tricky too, working on it. 4 wheel drive.
  10. Nice!! 12 car should be fun and somewhat inexpensive. What orgs you guys going with to start?
  11. If money were no issue? The fortin rear hub kit with the 930 axles and big brakes along with the magnum or some other quality heimed radius rods.
  12. As I said in the last thread, last race was his first back in the right seat in a while. He had the jitters. This race he was on point for sure. Only gonna get better too.

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