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  1. Fair enough. I only posted since most cannot grasp the concept of vehicle capabilities. I know very smart people who strictly go by the sticker on their hitch, whether it's on their truck or moho. On a DP, or most DPs, there is most likely plenty of buffer there and everything lines up. However on smaller RVs as you most likely know there are tiny buffers for towing. This happens everyday on every RV dealership in the country. Walk into one, ask a salesman how much a certain RV can tow and they are going to walk over to the receiver sticker and tell you whatever is listed there. I have done my fair share of towing overweight so I am not innocent here, dumb, yes. Safe as I could be, yes. Nowadays with a little 24' v10 on a 350 chassis, I have to be more careful compared to my 3500 drw.
  2. I think this post and receiver labels or stickers are disingenuous. The receiver does not determine how much you can tow, the sum of all your parts does. There should be a sticker in the cab or in the door jamb with a dry weight of the RV as measured after the chassis was built and the house installed. Then it should state a max gvwr and a max combined gvwr. Take your dry weight, add all your stuff, water, food, people etc. Then add your total trailer weight. If the sum is less than your combined gvwr then you are good to go. If it is more, well you are then overweight. This is basic math and logic. The receiver rating means nothing. You can install that receiver on a Prius if you like, doesnt make the Prius tow a 10k lbs with a weight distribution hitch. It simply means the receiver alone is rated for that weight. My moho receiver is rated for 8000lbs. 24' class C. My weight rating allows me about 4000lbs. Big difference there.
  3. An email I received from speed: Speed UTV would like to congratulate you on your Pre-Order of the new Speed XXX (Unit # 148). This is an exciting time for Speed UTV and the release of this new unit. We thank you for your support and trust that Robby Gordon only makes the best products that money can buy. In the upcoming weeks/months we will be reaching out to you to get some more information on some of the different items that you can change on your UTV such as color of your long travel suspension kit and what graphics kit you would like on your new UTV. We will also keep you updated as much as possible on how the process is going. The expected delivery time frame is between October and December of 2020. One thing that we would like to have from you now is your address. If you can please email it to gstaufenbeil@teamgordon.com. If we have your address we will be able to mail you information as well. We do offer a couple of different financing options to help you finance your new UTV. If you have any questions regarding these two options please contact Shari Paxton and she can help walk you thru the process. Sheffield Financial – www.sheffieldfinancial.com Roadrunner Financial – www.octanelending.com/comsumer_form/6200 We here at Speed UTV understand that the waiting process to receive your new UTV is an exciting and stressful time. We are here to answer any and all questions you may have regarding this process.
  4. Maybe, but hes got plenty of time to figure it out. Or Trump deals CARB a death blow Worst case scenario, AZ registration for me. No biggie, would rather have the plate anyway.
  5. Again, from what I have read: The whole 1000cc is some sort of gentlemans agreement between the manufacturers being a part of https://rohva.org/. Robby is not a part of this... yet. Quoted from another site:
  6. Site just updated. Q4 2020 for the 4 seaters. Q2 2021 for my 2 seater. First 250 of each model (total 500) will be equipped with: Speed Carbon Fiber Racing Seat Speed Positive Pressure Roof Speed 5 Point Seat Belt Harness
  7. I would sure hope Robby measures true travel and not the gimmicky usable travel. Just got confirmation the 77" are coming with 33" stock. According to Speed, when I placed my order, the first 250 orders get the carbon race seats thrown in, along with a roof. Im assuming the roof is plastic but hoping for aluminum, carbon would be a bonus. The seats alone on Robby's site are $600 a pop. Yes, agreed to all your points, this thing could be a hit hence the reason I ordered. Im $65k into my canam. The speed car probably only needs 5-10k to get it to where my canam is and most that stuff isn't necessary for the normal guy. Referring to comms, gps, light bars, window nets.
  8. From what I can tell: RG is pissed textron boned the wildcat and put sub par parts in. IE axles and not doing other thing recommended. RG is pissed textron wont build a turbo car. RG is pissed textron wont build a 4 seater. RG is pissed textron wont build a wider car than 64". Apparently there was some settlement made with RG between textron that he is now allowed to use the general look and the engineering and design he did for textron to build his own cars under his own brand. These cars being 72" and 77". I dont know if this involves RG holding multiple patents and having the upper hand or if textron is just seeing the writing on the wall. Somehow he swindled a deal where textron who seems to be on their way out, to build 72 and 77 cars whereas textron will supposedly continue building 64" cars. Again. This is just speculation from what I've heard. If someone knows better please correct me.
  9. And that is different from the rest of the UTVs on the market? Sidenote, built in a Chinese factory in Texas. So is that actually made in USA? https://www.google.com/search?q=hisun factory texas
  10. I am curious where on the site it says that. I couldn't find it. Either way I have an AZ ID so im not worried. 2020 MY is 250 run. They are saying 2021MY will be around 4000 units.
  11. Well eff it. I ordered one.
  12. True (side) story. I, like you guys thought the guy was probably too big for his britches. A couple years ago we do an annual jet ski trip to estero beach and surf ride our standups. This was the same weekend as NORRA so there were some racers there along with Robby. We come back from dinner at a restaurant pretty hammered. Now my jet ski buddies are not offroad guys. They dont know what a trophy truck is, what it cost, buggies, race cars, nothing. As we are walking back in to the parking lot area of Estero, there is Robby with his giant dakar semi and the Gordini sitting out in front of it. Maybe 9 or 10PM and Robby is out there alone getting his shit ready. My buddies being ignorant of offroad altogether say we should all go check out that truck! We have 2 18 racks of tecate in hand. They walk up and start touching the truck which is making me cringe but these guys are drunk and like herding cats. So I go up to Robby and shake his hand, introduce the group, crack our 18er open and apologize for my buddies being jackasses. Offer the guy a beer. We all crack beers and he opens up the Gordini (with these bitchin carbon fiber doors that weigh nothing) for my drunk buddies to get in and out of and sit in the seats and pretend they are racing. We chit chat for a couple minutes and bail out since he had to get up early to race. There were no cameras, nobody else there. He's just a regular guy like anybody else and we all put our pants on the same way in the morning. Honestly, my opinion from before about him was pretty shitty from the things that I had heard and read. He is actually a pretty good guy IMO.
  13. This is why I posted. To get some feedback. Thanks! Can you expand on anything he mentioned?
  14. What's the word? Who put a deposit down?

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