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  1. Would look good in your collection John.....
  2. Sad news, glad I got to meet him, some of the things we talked about cracked me up. he was one of a kind and will be missed. RIP
  3. LOVE IT!!!!!! Congratulations!
  4. I like the changes you made. Thank You for your hard work, and good job!
  5. I had similar problems on a LS3. Check and replace the easy stuff first. Cam shaft positioning sensor and MAF sensor. Worked for me...
  6. I'm looking for a good MEFI scan tool. Anybody have any recommendations for a good quality tool and program. Is this any good? https://obd2allinone.com/mefitune.asp
  7. Has anybody added a Quick Release steering wheel hub to a Funco? exact same setup as these pictures? I'm doing this soon, already ordered parts from Kartek. All they had were 6 bolt hubs. Figured I could adapt to a 5 bolt and use my Grant steering wheel. Was going to cut off plate and weld spline to existing. After reading this post, I may do the MOMO swap and drill trick. Thanks, and great timing on the post!
  8. Ok, I guess it could be worse. I apologize. anybody selling a 1978 Honda Accord 5 speed hatchback?
  9. Doesn't take much for me. I enjoy looking at advertisement for sand buggies, if I want to see honda civic ads I would go to craigslist where they belong.

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