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  1. Sorry for your loss. Just remember the great life you gave her. And Rottweilers are the best. Ive had 6. We have a Labweiler also. Shes a lapdog and a sweetheart too.
  2. Today is the Vietnam Veterans day. Thank a vet. Love you Dad....
  3. Thanks. It was fun. Sold it last year only because I didn't have the space to keep it parked indoors. Super flexy, locked front and rear, gears, power disc brakes and steering, new Buick Oddfire v6. Great crawler but could still roll down the highway. I wish I didn't have to sell it.
  4. Kids did some night riding on the track tonight. They had a blast. Hard to get any good pics.
  5. Watching my kids tear up the yard. Its no glamis but we are still making the best of our spring break.
  6. Buddy in Reno built these with his kid's
  7. Making the best of canceling my trip to Glamis.
  8. Dipshit brother in law called my wife and told her he had heard blm was driving around camps on the loud speaker telling everyone to leave.
  9. Bailed on our 2 week Glamis trip. Sucks. Supposed to snow for the next few days here. Going to switch everything back to dirt duty and let the kids tear up the yard and the neighborhood on their quads.
  10. Lol. Oh she knows she's the boss... I tell her all the time. "Yes Boss" Sorry Boss"
  11. Not really worried about the road trip. There. Family can use the trailer for food and bathroom. Ill glove up and pay at the pump. Hospitals are a concern. Wife and kids are all high risk if they got sick. Or hurt. Asthma, Atkins disease, type1 diabetic. Shes concerned about the return trip if shit keeps heading the way it is.

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