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  1. In front of a house we are working on yesterday morning
  2. This one we did solid black.
  3. This one is a strip and restain. We usually won't do that. But that's what the contractor and homeowners wanted. When we do solid color we get the color shot into our sanding sealer. Then top coats of clear. Bomb proof finish.
  4. Worked a half day yesterday. Chilled out the rest of the day on the couch watching movies with the kids trying to kick a sinus and upper respiratory infection that's been kicking my butt for 2 weeks. Finally got on some heavy antibiotics yesterday. Hoping they kick it. Going to try to rebuild two powerwasher pumps and some work van maintenance today. We will see how that goes.
  5. Id agree. Fan clutch locking up. Mine does it also. Strange that you have never heard it before though.
  6. The turbo surge sound in the video is the compressor wheel fins/veins flexing I believe. If you hear it. Let off the skinny pedal. I have read about the veins on the wheel coming apart when they do that. I installed the Wicked Wheel 2 in my 7.3 and it went away.
  7. Sounds like turbo surge maybe. Stock compressor wheel?
  8. Couldn't find it, but there is a video out there of a guy running this trail in the snow. He was running studs but holy crap.
  9. Skinny Ridge is intense. Ive done it a few times. 15 years ago. Just thinking about gets my heart rate up and adrenalin pumping Videos don't do that trail any justice.
  10. Hot Rod Hill Climb today in Central City/Blackhawk Colorado. It's about 20 minutes from my house. Pretty bitchen event. 250 or so cars. All pre 1955.
  11. Stopped to see if I could give this guy a hand. He drove all the way to Denver from Salt Lake city for a Hot Rod Hill Climb deal going on near my house. Points went out about 15 miles from his destination.
  12. Love this thread. Keep it up. Bought my 02 in 04. Loved on it and spent a ton of time and money to improve it. Had it catch on fire driving home from Glamis to Denver in the middle of New Mexico in 2015. Never figured out what caused the fire. No body damage. All under the hood. I had it put out in 10 minutes from smelling smoke to flames over the windshield to pulled over and my wife 2, 4 year old kids and 2 dogs out. It wasn't as bad as it could have been. Bit of advise. Be sure to up your insurance based on the amount of money you have in her. Insurance wont pay you shit without a little extra coverage. Insurance paid 26k to get her back on the road between the 2 Stealerships that worked on her. Super paranoid now. Don't trust her. All the work they did has been crap. This threads got me wanting to start spinning wrenches on Old Smokey again. I have many of the same mods as you. Clays gotten alot of my money. Riff Raff is a great shop to deal with. They have gone above and beyond to bail me out of a couple of issues.
  13. Worked yesterday. Took the wife to dinner last night. She wanted to look at furniture 1st. 5 HRS later I got to eat. Taking the family and dogs for a hike. Then chores around the house. Camping in the yard tonight. Cocktails. Work and fight traffic tomorrow.

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