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  1. We have both. Being in Colorado the rail only gets used 1 or 2 times a year. Dunes only. Rzr for everthing else. If there is room on a buddies trailer Ill pay for gas and or loan them a trailer for them to haul my rzr to the dunes. Just in case the rail has an issue. Plus I like having the rzr to follow/lead my kids around on their quads with also. I would sell the rail, but I feel much safer with my kids in the big dunes in the rail riding with me than in the rzr.
  2. Yeah. Its a pain. Dont want any of these bottom feeders coming to my house so I have to load up the crap and meet them down my hill. About 10 minutes each way. Not a huge deal but some things need to be trailered. Its been raining for 2 days and I live on a dirt road. Tarping is a pain. Im fine offers but show the hell up when we agree on a price and time. Pricks.
  3. Posted a bunch af crap for cheap on craigs to get it gone. Dealing with flakes all weekend. Ready to just take it all to habitat for humanity and be done....
  4. https://denver.craigslist.org/tro/d/denver-mobile-bleachers-on-35-and-40/6912732621.html Been getting a couple calls and texts a day. Going to head up tomorrow and take some measurements and more pics.
  5. Yeah. Id hate to see them scrapped. Most people that have shown interest want them complete.
  6. Stripping them down isn't really an option. I cant strip them where they are at so id have to have them moved and stored somewhere else that I could work on them. Being so far away and not having any connections in Wyoming this could be difficult and start costing me money quickly. Wife posted them on Craig's List. Have had some interest. If I don't get any serious offers by Friday, Ill hit you up. If you do end up helping me sell them I would be happy to give you a commission. +Beers. Trailers are stored in Cheyenne by the way.
  7. Took the family for a golf cart ride. Stopped in Glenwood Springs on the way home and watched some surfing action for a bit. The Colorado is raging right now.
  8. 40'ers are 1977 and 1992. 6100# All 3 are registered until the end of the month.
  9. What the hell do i do with them. 2 40' and a 35'. Still waiting to see the titles to know ecactly what they are but i do know the 35' is a 1964 or 68 Lufkin. All are street legal as far as i know. Was told they just put a ton of money into them to make the legal and nice a couple years ago. Been in indoor storage for at least 5 years as far as i can tell other than the one time a year they got used. They were used and set up for mobile bleachers. Are they worth anything complete? Hate to scrap them. Problem is they are a few hrs north of me and must be moved by the end of the month. Trying to get up there to get pics and put eyes on them in the next couple days. Waiting on more pics and title info. Im guessing they are old but super nice.
  10. Worked on the wet bolt and shackle project on the new to me trauler.
  11. Took the wife and kids out for a golf cart ride yesterday. Lots of snow still. Most trails are still blocked by snow over 10k.

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