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  1. I ran a brand new 2018 Dodge 1ton rental out of diesel. No cell service. No manual. On a road trip with the family. Had to call 911. LOL Most expensive 5 gallons of fuel finally shows up 3 hrs later. Had to crank it, on and off for a few minutes, but she started up. Not saying it was the right thing to do. But it worked.
  2. Checked air screw setting. It was good. Fiddled with it. Its working but no change to the stalling out. Ill pull the carb and check that oring and pilot.
  3. Replaced the crusty jet holder oring and still dies as soon as I touch the throttle off idle. Little history. Bike sat 2 yeasr so I decided to do a carb rebuild kit, drain and flush tank and pull and clean petcock before I tried to fire it off. Everything looked pretty good. Very low hr stock bike that ran perfect when parked. Starts and idles great. No vacuum leaks and lots of fuel flow on prime. Any ideas on where to look next when I pull this carb back out? Thinking Ill throw the oem jets back in and ditch the jets from the rebuild kit.
  4. lt looks like the oring between the needle jet holder and the needle jet is shot. Didn't come with the kit. Starts right up and idles great. Dies as soon as you touch the throttle. Ran great 2 years ago. After sitting. I thought I should go through the carb and tank before I tried to fire it off. Probably would have lit right off if I had not touched it.
  5. Do I need the oring behind the main jet? Apparently my rebuild kit doesn't come with it. I rebuilt the carb. Everything looked good but now it dies off idol. Replaced everything but that oring and that oring didn't look great. Never seen an oring behind the main jet like that. Was going to pull it out and see if that helps or do I need to replace it?
  6. Nice. Good job. I tried to rebuild my e-box on my own. I failed. I got it real close. But popped out of 2nd under boost. Had to pull it again and ship it to a pro. Luckily nothing got tore up.
  7. Worked yesterday a.m. Took the wife and kids to an Avalanche game and dinner for the wife's B-day. Rejeting bikes for Glamis today...
  8. Damn kids are growing like weeds. Need shipped to Colorado or possible pick up in Riverside area.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Given me some things to think about and look into. She has a Terminator 500 HPOP, ATS turbo housing, DP Tuners Infinity programmer, Wicked Wheel 3, factory Ford Heavy Duty Trans, Billet Low Stall Torque Converter, Hutch and Harpoon Mod, Coolant and fuel filter setups, International Bellowed Up Pipe, Riff Raff CAC boots and a bunch of other little things Im forgetting. She yanks light trailers for day trips but still have to watch EGTs closely The altitude Im towing at does effect me. A lot. When I get down in the flat lands, sea level, it tows much, much better. Night and day better. If I lived in Az or CA, I wouldn't touch it. Especially if I could only tow at 55mph but I don't. New or newer truck is out of the ? right now. I do plan to get one in a couple of years after my home projects are done and I can plan to take more time off to really use it for fun.
  10. New truck isn't happening until I build my new garage. Won't fit in the one we have now and I can't stand the thought of a new truck sitting outside. Ive been renting new trucks for the long tows the last 4 years but they jacked up the cost on me. Going to cost me double what it did last year. Love/loved my 7.3. I've had her since 03. Will pass it on to my kid in a few years.
  11. That whole break in procedure sounds like a pain in the ass. Of course I'll do it if means it will help make my rear end last though. Im known to be extra hard on "rear ends". I've had to put new rear ends in every van and truck I've owned over the last 30 years. Im positive I've got 3:73 gears.
  12. I'm running 35" tires and pulling 13k to 15k with my 1 ton. SRW. She's got just about everything done to her but bigger injectors and turbo. 130k miles. She's still a dog on the mountain passes I pull and it seems like I'm always having to lift off the throttle to keep my EGTs under 1200. No boost leaks. Im thinking about a regear. 80 % of the miles I put on it are towing something. 4:30, 4:56 OR 4:88? I would still like to be able to do 85 mph when im not towing. I'll sometimes through the dirt bike in the bed and hit Moab without my trailer. Considered the gear benders underdrive but I'm not sure how much longer I'll have her.
  13. Ordering parts for the wife and kids quads.. Putting my lists of crap I need to do together to prep for our March trip. Do a little prep on the rail, pull a header and weld in an o2 sensor tomorrow. Biggest pain for me about going to Glamis isn't the tow from Denver but the 6 bikes of my own the need rejetted every trip. Plus my nephew's, sisters and brother in laws quads. Its like 10 bikes I have to rejet. Hate it. plus all the other maintenance I get stuck having to do. I usually run out of time and end up leaving my CR behind. Trying to avoid the last minute thrash/wrench session this year. Between all the crap I bring and my nephews toys. 14 oil changes and air filters every trip. This incudes my tow rig and genny. lol. I better get busy....
  14. Thanks for the replys. Ended up going with the 3" Pro Armor 5 points with Dragon Fire seat inserts. Went and checked out a few different brands and liked the softness of the straps and how easily the pro armor harnesses can be adjusted. Never did find out if there was a weight limit difference between the 2" & 3" though.

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