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  1. Working this morning. Kids have a Ninja Warrior deal this aftetnoon. Then supposed to go to some party my daughters friends parents are throwing. Couple of 80s cover bands and an open bar. Could be intetesting. Chores tomorrow morning then possibly take the dogs to the end of the season pool day where my kids swim.
  2. I suck at leading and picking lines. Slowly getting better. I always camp with Glamisaddict and he leads every ride on his quad. Doesn't matter what group he is leading (rails,, SXS, quads, dirt bikes, newbies, kids, boys runs) he makes it fun and smooth. Quick question. Sometimes we end up being the last group in camp. If Im out riding and see a group, is it ok if I sneak in the back of the line and follow?
  3. Apperently these Libitards have been getting daily death threats so they had my general contractor throw in a bullet proof door. Not sure wtf they plan to do to keep someone from just kicking through the drywall. Dumb asses.
  4. Got my pops moved into anassisted senior housing deal on Saturday. Finished up this marathon half log siding strip/sand and retreat. Never, ever will I do that again.
  5. Nice trailer. I found what I was looking for already though. Should sell fast. All the 17'+ storage units I liked sold pretty fast. Pretty rare to have that much space.
  6. 80-200 miles a day round trip. Really depends on how many jobs we have going on at the same time and how close to each other they are. Can be an easy 2 hrs or if I don't plan it right or something comes up I get screwed. 6hrs of driving some days. Denver traffic is starting to look like California's.
  7. Moving crap from my dads to my sisters in preparation to move him into semi assisted living place at the end of the month. Had to take his dog in to be put down. RIP Blu. Husky. At 14 years old he had a good life. Was my stepmoms dog. She passed about 5 years ago. Old Blu was probably due to be put down a year ago but my old man couldn't bring himself to do it.
  8. I've had the same tenant in my rental for over 4 years. Always pays on time. And is not a pain in my ass. Just signed another2 year lease with me. I don't want him to leave and have to try to find another decent tenant so I have never raised his rent. If I raised his rent $100 a month and he decided to bail and my place was empty for a month between tenants I could be screwing myself . That extra $100 a month could cost me a months income which would take 33 months to get back. Not to mention the repaint, new carpet, repairs and all the other $ ill have to blow between tenants. Eventually he will move out and Ill raise the rent then.
  9. Diamond Cabaret. Downtown Denver. They do a lunch buffet deal during the week. Prime rib Fridays are the best. I try not to sit at the stages while I over eat. Kinda weird. But sometimes you just have to..
  10. Doing a little paper work today. Wifes cousins wedding tonight. Lots of cocktails. Wifes family reunion brunch deal tomorrow. Probably more cocktails will be involved.
  11. Idk. I tried to find the links. But i couldnt. Saw a pic of one of the flag poles back in may and it was lookng pretty blown in compared to april. Shit changes fast.
  12. Thanks. Love it here. Only problem is the winters are long at 8500ft and the 1000 mile pull to Glamis.
  13. Bear hanging around the house today. Seen about 50 or so since we moved in 4 years ago. Only 3x during the day though. Getting a little to close today.

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