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  1. 2theracersedge

    Best Midsize Car

    the ES350 runs a high 14 quarter and a low 6 sec 0-60 don't know how a prius could have more power.
  2. 2theracersedge

    Breaking News !

    And that is your choice which is what is important here. The Government shouldn't be protecting us from the big scary world. There will always be the next thing that the Gov thinks they need to protect us from, including ourselves. We need to set a standard that we the citizens will not let the Gov lock us away in padded rooms to save us from cruel reality. -TJ Well......uummm.......yep You know, I was gonna mess with you guys on this one too, but my hearts not into it. Carry on without me. Go surf with a helmet on
  3. 2theracersedge

    No More Back Seats

    this sucks!
  4. 2theracersedge

    Thanks Jerry Brown

    this state sucks!
  5. 2theracersedge

    Ford Raptor Vs. Ram Runner

    that Ram runner looks crazy way better looking than the raptor IMO
  6. 2theracersedge

    Huckfest Gopro Footage Of The 116ft Jump!

    that video was off the chain!
  7. Looks great so far keep up the great work
  8. 2theracersedge

    01 Gmc 3500 Turns 270k

    Duramax it says it on the door
  9. 2theracersedge

    Some More Big Air

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big air for sure thanks for sharing
  10. 2theracersedge

    Lazer Star Led Conversion - Success !

    x2 hes really cool to deal with
  11. 2theracersedge

    News Flash Whitney Houston Dead

  12. 2theracersedge

    Oil In My Throttle Body?

    Thats what I was going to ask!!!
  13. 2theracersedge

    H1 Project

    you would of liked the tahoe body better??? X2???

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