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  1. I got the same question on the radio. do I upgrade to the RG or not. Need some first hand information if you would care to share. utt 103 master 741
  2. Utt # 103 . Warranty 6 months. If I get it by new years I have 3 months of sand season left. maybe 3 or 4 trips 600 miles maybe that is my warranty. Robby has done a fair amount of testing but we are going to do all the testing in the real world. just like Polaris and can am we will find the weak points. Parts my thinking is they will be available, who is going to install them might be a problem but sure Robby will have a network of shops to fix them. The 1500.00 deposit, this is not a poor mans sport. your buying a spot in line. if it takes longer so be it, Polaris and canam have done a great job with their sign and drive, sign on the dotted line in the morning drive in the afternoon and file an insurance claim in the evening. just my opinion
  3. need to read the policy word for word. do not just take the agents word for it. all that little fine print on page 200 means something is not covered.
  4. he will just go to Nascars sensitivity program and say he is sorry and be back in the car by the time nascar resumes. Everyone gets a pat on the back and feels good that they did something and we the people will forget it ever happened next week.
  5. the extra 600.00 per week start the week ending april 4 2020 and end the week ending july 31 2020 . anyone that receives more than 1.00 in unemployment benefits qualifies.
  6. unemployment why would you want to work. this one of our employees 18.00 per hour x 40 hours= 720.00 per week 2880.00 per month regular pay' 333.00 per week unemployment 600.00 per week from the government for 4 months 933.00 per week 3732.00 per month for 4 months 852.00 more for not working Someone please tell me I am wrong!!!! How do I tell them to I want them to return to work??
  7. pwr radiator in lake elsinore ca was bought out by the management several years ago and now called cbr 951-245-2900 same location same people.
  8. the LED light diode has not changed much in the last few years. the quality of the light bar comes from the reflector around the led if it is highly polished and the correct angle it will produce a bright light. if the reflector is poor quality it will absorb light and reflect less. the same goes for the lens. high quality will not distort the light beam. I would buy a high quality light and keep it covered when not needed, check out Tomar lights in Gilbert az they make some good lights. if you ever seen a fire truck you probably seen a tomar light on it. not cheap
  9. check with your local fuel supplier, minimum delivery gallons, type of tank you need and secondary containment, and do they report to the county who they deliver fuel to. you do not want an unexpected visit from the fire dept hazmat people. I would just put a 100 gal tank in your pickup and keep it full and keep it clean.
  10. just got home. geco road is closed and empty of all ghost campers gone has a road closed sign at the ranger station. Osborne is closed with a locked gate. washes and the flats are open. only seen one blm ranger,rescue truck all week. venders all locked up.
  11. got a turrbonectics Godzilla flange 40160 comes with bent filter and outerware two screws and a clamp and recently sandbasted
  12. I found a few more pictures
  13. I had the same thing happen when I went from 15 inch tire to a 16 inch 235 Michelin tire. I did have a little wall sag. you can tell real easy by looking at the inside at the wheel well . is it 90 degrees to the floor? You can go back to 15 inch tires but they are junk for the weight of that warrior. my solution to your problem was to fix the wall sag, if you know how to weld it will take about 10 hour per side then cut the floor back to the frame and make metal wheel wells mine cost me 350 and 150 to powder coat and the steel to reinforce the walls was about 300. it will cost that to go back to junk tires. I am in riverside ca come by anytime an take a look at my 3705 . I only lost about a inch between the wheel wells sorry I do not have good pictures ?
  14. transmission is most likely junk, meaning it will cost more to fix than to buy a used one and put new bearings in it. there were two styles in 15 one with a short input shaft and one with a long input shaft. I just put new bearings in my 15 1000 for about 300.00 for bearings only. really easy trans to work on

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