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  1. the physical dimentions
  2. what is the size of that panel?
  3. you have to read the dmv page word for word. it says ANY HOUSE CAR UNDER 40 FEET no mention of weight. AND you may tow a vehicle 10000 p0unds or less. the 26000 pound rule does not apply here so if your house car weighes 70000 pounds plus your 10000 pound trailer equals 80000 your good to go on a class C. the dmv page says you can pull a trailer coach not a 5th wheel 9000 pounds or less or a 5th wheel 10000 to 15000 with a class C any trailer that is NOT registered as a rv travel trailer/coach like a flat bed, goose neck, enclosed trailer, stacker trailer over 10000 pounds you need an A license. so your dully weights 8000 pounds your 2 buggies and trailer weight 12000 pounds for a total of 20000 . your under the 26000 pound rule but over the 10000 pound rule so you need a class A now your lets say big ass 650 pickup with a pickup style bed weights in at 26000 pounds you are under the 26001 pound rule so you only need a C license AND you may tow a 10000 pound flat bed for a total of 36000 pounds or you may tow a 5th wheel travel trailer at 15000 or less for 41000 pounds this is ca. if you want just call any CHP inspection station scale house and they will gladly explain the rules to you. if you have big balls just pull that 39 foot toy hauler on you f 250 into the banning or rainbow scale and ask the nice little man with the gun.
  4. I got this photo from another forum, All I can say is why
  5. I say pave it . it will be a great revenue source. leave the speed limit at 20mph and they could write tickets all night long. maybe then they would leave everybody else alone. it would also be cheap entertainment for us .
  6. save me a spot , I will get there about midnight friday IMG_0127.mov
  7. Any solar people out there?
  8. California has the shortest kingpin to rear axel of all 50 states [ commercial ] some states have no king pin to rear axel setting . you must and will change the king pin setting when you enter California to 40 feet or the chp dot will park you and issue you a ticket
  9. Reciprocity is mainly for your drivers license . If your home state allows you [non commercial] to pull doubles, travel trailer or motor home with no indorsements you can go into other states as long as you are legal in your home state. Once you cross a state line you must comply with all that state laws about speed, weight and length and lane control. Reciprocity also mean that if you bad boy in a different state they will tell your home state and the problem will show up at dmv
  10. Looking for a 2500 watt inverter to power my tv, dish and computer in my 5th wheel. Looking for a pure sine wave unit. Need to upgrade my batteries as well, how many batteries should I have.
  11. GPS Pingers! We had a truck and 20 foot van trailer stolen., He cut threw two locked gates, smashed the alarm system box but the cameras was in a different location, so we know what time he took it. The truck was to far from the camera to id anyone, He took the truck at about 1030 pm, Our help came in at 600am and called one truck gone! Called the PD and they got there by630 am. Told PD that we have GPS tracking on the truck. the officer looked at my phone for 15 minutes at the gps tracking log and said he knew where the truck was and was going to go get it. By 730 am we had the truck back . The trailer was dumped in a different location,. 930 am we had the trailer back. The gps showed him stopping at the circle K for beer and had a clear picture of him getting in the truck.. Officer knows him by name. 1030 am undercover officers looking for him. Without the gps trackers we would not have found the truck or trailer. now all of our trucks, trailers and sxs have gps tracking, you can look on your phone and know where it is.
  12. PBI Sprockets they can make you one
  13. I think your package went by truck. It got picked up in Blauvelt New York and taken to a distribution hub in Edison New Jersey Then put on a truck to California. Went west On I 70 New concord Ohio, Then on I 70 to Saint louis Mo. Then on I 44 to cuba Mo Then on I44 to Oklahoma city. Then I 40 west to Groom Texas then onto I 40 to Parks Az. Then I40 to Barstow ca Then I 15 to Rialto. It is about a 55 hour run from new jursey to rialto with a team truck so there is a good chance your package was hauled in a common carrier and not a fed ex truck.
  14. This should be able to meet all your common home owner needs. About 2000 hp and turbo charged.

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