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  1. Dont know why you would think it would change?? It takes years/decades for any appreciable change of features to occur
  2. Wife wanted one to help with her back, it doesnt. I never was impressed with it. We tried to send it back after the 90 days but we still would have been out over 3500 for the adjustable frame. Dont believe the hype Its a ll a marketing ploy. It's a fricken air mattress with foam around the edges and a thin foam top. Spend a couple hundred on a Tuft&Needle or a Leesa mattress instread
  3. Next owner can do that. Or leave it open so you can take more than 1 toy to the dunes😀
  4. Theyre filming Jumanji 3. back in March they were there (no stars). Just stunt doubles. Stars will fly in and shoot for the day then leave. Talked to the crew when we were there in March surprising that most films are made in Atlanta anymore
  5. Are you still looking?? We are going to put our SLC 3905+8 (47footer) up for sale
  6. TTT Dragging these out to Glamis next week. If you want to check them out. Shoot me a PM and I'll let you know where we're at after Sunday.
  7. let me guess you broke one of the long bolts that are at the rear of the pan.... FYI torque on those is only about 10 inch pounds. I doubt the clutch disc is saturated just give it a good washdown with brakeclean when its apart
  8. Thanks Didnt see this post till a bit late. Made a deal with Raymond LMK about transport driver Phil 480 213 7616
  9. Looking for a set of 15” wheels in a wide five pattern with decent tires(or not) Just needing a set so I can get my rail tuned on the dyno. My trailering tires don’t quite cut it for tuning. TIAPhil
  10. So you're offering 5 grand or just here mucking things up? Come take a look & we can discuss Gotta start somewhere

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