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  1. Does anybody know if you still need a permit for the week? Heading out tues the 28th. Is the ranger station open? This is the first time heading out late in the season.
  2. Thanks everyone, let's see what happens, hopefully I'll be set up for next season.
  3. I need help. I'm in the process of upgrading my mid travel sand rail and 30' toy hauler to a long travel rail and 5th wheel. Wife really wants slides in the new 5th wheel. I'm considering 35-37' with no garage. I'm guessing 14-16' of cargo will work for a decent size long travel car, Possibly a Desert Dynamic. If possible please share pictures, modification, or demention of your set up. I know it's been done, I'm trying not to re-invent the wheel. Thanks.
  4. I did the same thing. Fun project. Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. It will show 12-20-13.. ch 794 axstv charter tv. 12:00-12:30am
  6. Ill be there 17-21. I can't wait.we have about six family's in our group. I'm ready. I'll keep a look out.
  7. I purchased and replaced all my light bulbs inside my TH with LEDs. I bought them on eBay from china. They took about 4weeks to get delivered but worth the wait. You need to make sure you buy the bulbs that state led 5050 smd. 5050 is the bigger brighter led. And the more Lil LEDs on the bulb the better. If I recall corectly I picked up 10 bulb size 1156. 18 5050smd led bulbs, for about 40$ with free shipping. I noticed the difference, I draws very Lil amps, I left my porch light on all night and didn't effect my batterie. Yes I hav only one 12v bat. Oh yeah make sure u get warm white. Easier on the eyes.eBay led bulbs
  8. Looks like a buick 215 cubic inch alum. v-8 Yup. Buick 215, and VW091.
  9. Sweet I have a sticker for you then.
  10. Sorry gave them to my bro Inlaw.
  11. . same here, but I realized my toy hauler tows way better when I back the rail in. So I had to sacrifice for safety. I don't blame you. It's so nice to just drop the ramp and roll.
  12. i went from minimum to standard offset, it made a huge difference. i literally had 1/2" from my side wall to the coil. now i have about 2". so no more rubbing. and could air down. 14.5 slide really well with low air pressure
  13. had to buy new/used rims because my offset was causing my paddles to rub on on my coils. cant wait to hit the sand.

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