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  1. HozayKwarvo

    Extended Run Cap for Honda 2200

    I need to pick Up a 2000 and so this, been running the eu3000 the whole trip and they aren’t nearly as fuel efficient.
  2. Did you ever locate your sewer?

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    2. spize909


      I do. Let me call him. So you didn't find either of the two cleanouts? What about a clean out on an outside wall of the house towards the front? One way to locate is push a metal fishtape down the pipe and use a metal detector. I'd try the witching sticks as well. You're in Temecula?

    3. HozayKwarvo


      I'm in Murrieta, right on the Temecula border off of Date and Margarita. I do know of a cleanout on the side of the casita out front, have yet to find anything in the ground though.

    4. spize909


      ok, I'll give him a call in a little while. One of his guys lives here in Upland and I may be able to just borrow some stuff from him or use him. Chris is pretty close out there by you too....out by DVR. I'll let you know what I come up with.

  3. HozayKwarvo

    It’s Saturday 12/15/18 what’s everybody doing.

    Cleared out the garage - a little... several hours wiring lights on the x3, Christmas concert Saturday night and another Sunday night.
  4. HozayKwarvo

    CA taxing yore text messages

    Not that good - they have population control and a wall...
  5. HozayKwarvo

    CA taxing yore text messages

    I hate this state. 11 more years... 11 more years... 11 more years....
  6. HozayKwarvo

    Weird things you see at work or anywhere else

    You NEVER see'm
  7. HozayKwarvo

    2019 Silverado 1500

    I like it, looks sharp
  8. HozayKwarvo

    GDS App?

    Bansh has a line on a mobile detail guy too, if yer into that sort of thing
  9. As long as I get to take my use-or-lose leave I'm good with a two week or so shutdown
  10. HozayKwarvo

    gps coordinates

  11. HozayKwarvo

    gps coordinates

    and http://www.duneguide.com/sand_dune_guide_isdra_gps.htm and if I come across it I'll put up the spreadsheet I got ahold of years ago
  12. HozayKwarvo

    Husky Centerline HD w/ Sway Control

    Someone needs this
  13. HozayKwarvo

    Over the wheel tie-down bonnet

    Sure to hold yore ride down in the roughest bUmps
  14. HozayKwarvo

    Swing Set

    You got it!
  15. HozayKwarvo

    Wash 23

    You got it!

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