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  1. I'm yanking around a pretty big pig of a trailer
  2. Looking for a 2006 or 2007 LBZ dually with the A1000 6 speed. Let me know if you know of one for sale
  3. You in the double deuce yet ? 

    1. HozayKwarvo


      Negative, still home and have to load up. Probably not leaving Murrieta until late morning, hoping to get in around 2ish

  4. It did not, 06 was the first year with the FCR.
  5. Shaved mine once. Didn’t like the itch when the stubble grew back.
  6. I think if you go to that forum (not new topics) and enter the PW it'll cover all of it... not certain though, they don't even show up for me :shrug:
  7. HozayKwarvo


    The boys love it when I make them take pictures ...even more so when it’s on Santa’s lap They had a pic booth at Evans band concert and I couldn’t resist - Evan made me sit on his lap too though
  8. A lot of great info in here. It's almost impossible to be prepared for everything but taking a lot of these suggestions will go a long ways. I've had my share in the dunes and suffered a few days out there commiserating with others that were broken. One thing that almost always helps when you'll be out there a while is having food and drink on hand, even if you are too pissed to eat or drink it. I went for a "quick" ride early one morning expecting to be gone about an hour and didn't make it back to camp until about 1am... it wasn't pleasant. Now I don't leave camp without enough granola bars/jerky/etc to at least be comfortable for a night in the dunes. Also, a cell phone charger - the reception is better than ever out there and between friends, this board, a few FB forums you can likely get to one of them and communicate to someone that you are broken down and what the situation is.... which means you need to know where you are at so get a map and learn the lay of the land... even something as vague as "a valley west of Brawley Slide" narrows down the search quite a bit... and if you do get or use a GPS be sure not to follow it directly... the dunes don't run in a straight line and following one will get ya hurt in a hurry - I carried one and I did exactly that on a parts run back to camp while the wife and kids waited with the broken buggy, too big of a hurry and almost didn't make it to camp!
  9. Might be a different Sean - believe this one has only been there 4 months and came from Gibson
  10. Picked up an Attitude 39crsg back in May and had the typical Due Bill issues to work out, no big deal. This is our 4th RV and they all have some issues, regardless of MFR. Had a few dry runs with it and several trips to Giant RV wildomar service for due bulk and warranty issues. Kept getting the run around on a few items though and less than pleased with their resolution. During the Thanksgiving trip I called Sean at Eclipse in Roverside and scheduled a drop off - they were slammed but he squeezed me in right before the boss said “no more until after the holidays” - just as he promised (and a day early) everything we agreed to was addressed and good to go! I’ve still got a handful of small items to work out with Giant but I’m more than happy with the service and Sean over at Eclipse!

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