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  1. Backpacked a 15 mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail - Warner Springs to Barrel Springs yo-yo, stopped at Eagle Rock - a natural rock formation that ...looks like an Eagle.
  2. Traffic and noise won’t be a problem, a slow trickle of people coming in all week leading up to TG and the real shit show begins Friday. As for the dunes themselves, they are what they are... I’ll take’m good or bad and anything in between. I’ll be out there the 23rd-1st come rain or shine
  3. Big fan of the email and snail mail subscriptions to junk mail for these people as well... that’s always fun ...a couple clowns at work used to do that at trade shows and use everyone else’s names/address and sign up for EVERYTHING ... I’m still getting shit from people 15 years later
  4. I’m doing the parade at https://amberwavesofgrain.org/ and then working a booth all day on behalf of https://nightforvets.com/ Come by if y’all are near Corona
  5. You have to buy a separate mount for them, no stock location. i have a pair of mounts still brand new... had accidentally ordered two sets, will let’m go cheaper than I paid and no tax. Let me know if you want them.
  6. Clean and clear titles on both. Which one are you asking about? The GMC is my tow vehicle and sits most of the time unless my kids keep breaks, lol. It’s the 8.1 with the Allison and just replaced the transfer case a year ago - that drive train is bulletproof. the Dodge Laramie is still a daily driver and gets 100 miles a day on it, up to 187,783 miles now and still runs strong.
  7. Ok, that’s some funny shit
  8. I never question poor performance of websites or anything else for that matter ... something about casting stones from a glass house ...besides, I figured all the pr0n was slowing it down

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