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  1. HozayKwarvo

    Community facebook pages

    New FB group: MAC Unleashed
  2. HozayKwarvo

    4 deep cycle battery connection

    Quick question as I know a lot of folks have done this - currently have two 6v batts in series on the rig and looking to add two more. Assuming you just have two pairs (in series) and parallel the pairs, is that correct? Anything else? Any extra protection, relays, anything at all? Seems too simple and wanted a sanity check before I burn it to the ground (...see what I did there? ) thanks!
  3. HozayKwarvo

    What CAN I do in Glamis?

    There's been a lot of discussion, meetings, posts, and talk on both sides of rules and regulations and what we can't do at the ISDRA. Even in recent years we've had ordinances and other statutes come down and "take away" what some would have considered rights or privileges (pallets, tires, bottles, magnesium, comp at night, etc.). We could certainly compile a list of the things that we CAN'T do (especially since there isn't a good comprehensive list in one single place), that said, there are a lot of things that we CAN do at the ISDRA (legally), many of which we can't do at any other federally managed public OHV area. I'd like to compile a list of the things that we CAN do at the ISDRA... help me out, would ya? Especially those that have frequented other OHV areas
  4. HozayKwarvo

    Out with the old, in with the new

    Loved the Heartland Northtrail 32BUDS for a travel trailer, a lot of good times over the last 4.5 yrs and going to miss my outdoor kitchen and bar - hated to see it go! ...but tired of taking two vehicles to G and the toys needed a home. Picked up this Attitude 39CRSG today
  5. HozayKwarvo

    Out with the old, in with the new

    Exactly!!! It’s hard to justify not having a 4 seater to take up all that room
  6. HozayKwarvo

    Out with the old, in with the new

    Moar pics
  7. HozayKwarvo

    Onboard Air

    For you folks that have added a compressor and plumbed your rig, lemme see what ya got Any lessons learned? What would you do differently next time?
  8. HozayKwarvo

    Saychz316- last call

    RIP brother
  9. I don't get it and can't imagine we'll be able to comply. Sheer insanity.
  10. In Murrieta/Temecula. We are finally considering knocking down the wall to add RV storage that was supposed to come with the house when we bought it 19 years ago Our property line is another 8' on the other side of a 80' long 6' high block wall (garden wall/fence, every 3rd filled) which is only 5 1/2' off the house. Interested in demoing the existing wall, coming down the slope to the property line, retaining wall, fill, and fence (or block) on top. Looking for recommendations on folks in the area to get quote(s) from and would just as soon see the work go to a duner - or an acquaintance of one
  11. HozayKwarvo

    Retaining wall and block work needed Murrieta CA

    Used to have a kid down the street that thought that about the pepper tree there... I planted that and it's on my property... lil shitbag would climb it and yell at people, and it is right on the opposite side of the wall from our master bath. Wife told him to get out, he argued and said it's community property... (so did his mom )I rented a chainsaw and took off that side of the peppertree and he quit climbing it ....GET OFF MY LAWN
  12. HozayKwarvo

    Opportunity to test for K&N

    I get the research and can’t argue that. I can’t argue that soda causes diabetes either, yet I still drink it I run whatever is on sale I’ve only lost motors to heavy-footitis. Wish one of my vehicles was on the list. Congrats on the new gig!
  13. HozayKwarvo

    Retaining wall and block work needed Murrieta CA

    Right on John! If we end up going down this road i’ll Let you know for sure!
  14. HozayKwarvo

    Retaining wall and block work needed Murrieta CA

    More pics. Easement starts at the end of our PL, about 2.5 beyond the sidewalk
  15. HozayKwarvo

    Retaining wall and block work needed Murrieta CA

    No HOA. We were unincorporated RivCo when we built, 5 yrs later we were incorporated to Murrieta ... even though you have to drive through Temecula to get into our neighborhood
  16. HozayKwarvo

    Retaining wall and block work needed Murrieta CA

    I’ll check again. The only utilities are the sprinklers (mine) and the easement that side doesn’t hit my PL... there’s another 3’ of planter (easement) then the sidewalk after my PL
  17. HozayKwarvo

    Retaining wall and block work needed Murrieta CA

    I’ll get some better pics in the morning. No house, it’s another 3’ of planter and then a sidewalk. Just left of that plum tree is the PL and it’s about 3’ lower than the current fence/wall.
  18. HozayKwarvo

    Onboard Air

    5th wheel hauler
  19. HozayKwarvo

    Retaining wall and block work needed Murrieta CA

    Thanks man! Cheap and easy would have been the builder sticking to "the plan" ...bought this place before the lot was graded and on the plans we have 13 1/2' on that side and they said they were putting the fence on the line. We came to check on the lot one day and the entire wall was built and only 5 1/2' off the house, right where we'd planned RV parking... builder said it is a fence/garden wall and they didn't have to show it on the plans.... it was too late to do anything about it at that point.
  20. HozayKwarvo

    complete pond setup

    Checking with the wife to see if the area we set aside is still for a pond or now for a jacuzzi ...
  21. HozayKwarvo


    Sandy Cheeks
  22. HozayKwarvo

    4 deep cycle battery connection

    Good stuff. I’ll have to see what they are charging at when plugged in and see if the regulator is adjustable. What we are looking at has a 160w solar system on it, would be hoping to add more panels and not sure what the limits of the built in system are - if it’s adjustable or not, will get the model number and check into it for sure.
  23. HozayKwarvo

    4 deep cycle battery connection

    Should have clarified. Already have a disconnect in line and the standard breakers that are in place. Wasn’t sure if anything above and the existing circuit is needed.
  24. HozayKwarvo

    It's Saturday 6/2/18 What are you doing this weekend.

    Finally a weekend “off”. Spent Friday night looking at haulers. Eric turns 16 today so we went paint balling yesterday, birthday dinner with the whole fam last night, and everyone to Disneyland with his girlfriend today

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