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  1. We primarily stick to shock work on all machines and clutching/ecu upgrades on SxS’s.
  2. We do have standard pricing for shocks. - $125 Rebuild (seals, oil, nitrogen) per shock. If needs pistons, wear bands shafts, etc there would be an extra charge. - $250-$275 per shock for rebuild and valving. Also includes setup and fine tuning. This assumes current spring setup is close enough in rates and lengths to make the car function. If not springs would be in addition. For those with external bypass setups we typically only valve the bypass shocks while using the others as coil carriers. - $600-$650 if only adjusting external and setting things like ride height and crossover rings correctly. Most are surprised at how well we can get a car to work with just external adjustments. This also includes nitrogen charge in all shocks. We have set pricing on all of our SxS setups as well for anyone needing help... MTS Off-road 602-272-5009 Greg 480-215-6298 cell. If using my cell best to shoot me a text prior...
  3. We are in Glamis quite a bit testing but mostly do work on the weekends. We are there 2-3 weekends per month...
  4. When sitting at Olds watching rails attempt to hammer whoops it’s surprising how many struggle to stay planted... It seems very few can manage high speed passes. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Here’s a few (all varieties) after a little suspension tuning. Some just external adjustments and other needing internal help. IMG_6961.MOV
  5. For all those asking what we can do and or work on here’s a simple breakdown... - shocks on all SxS’s. From just servicing them to full shock tunes designed for your specific driving style and terrain. - shocks on rails regardless of brand. We can service, tune externally or fully tune them to maximize your car. You’d be surprised what we can make cars do! - general service on all machines. Only do this at the shop in Phoenix and not in our stacker. - SxS suspension and strength components. We build parts for strength and not just for looks. Our new X3 LT complete kit provides a usable 24” of travel at every corner while reducing axle angles. We reengineered all the mounting positions to make the overall leverage better! Here is a few pics and vids of what we can do. IMG_6961.MOV FullSizeRender.mov
  6. We will be in our Vendor spot in Glamis flats from Friday morning until Monday midday. Swing by and introduce yourself if get the chance! Always great to put a face to a name while talking about dunes and SxS stuff...
  7. The biggest reason with the SxS Fox Shocks is the tooling required. It adds up quickly, especially if you break any of them. If anyone has specific questions I’m happy to answer them. We are lucky enough to tune quite a few of these machines every day! Thx Greg MTS Off-road
  8. Wanted to introduce our MTS off-road Crew and show a little about what we do... Thx Greg IMG_6951.mov
  9. Selling to upgrade because the shop toy count has gotten a little bigger this year! Monaco La Palma 2001 PBD (model) - V10 (81k miles) runs great - 2 slides - Big solar power - Big inverter system (runs convection microwave system without generator) - 7K generator (gas) runs everything easy - Newer tires (under 5k miles) - Everything works as it should - Paint is in excellent shape and shows little to no fading - Lots of storage underneath (lighted) - Class 5 tow hitch & blue ox toe system (traditional brake controller installed as well) - Fridge/Freezer works excellent (freezes ice cream solid on setting 6) - New high flow water pump just installed. - Back up camera - Automatic leveling jacks - New carpet installed - Corian countertops - Dual AC’s that work great & cool unit quickly - Beds - master suite (slide out), couch folds into bed, dinette folds into bed You won’t find an older coach in better shape. Camping season is coming shortly and this is a reliable coach, well built coach. It’s not a cheap model by any means. Title is clean and clear...it will be prepped/cleaned thoroughly before handing it over. I have a full mechanical shop for our other businesses so it gets well taken care of mechanically! Have many pics for anyone interested. $20k 480-215-6298 Thx Greg MTS off-road
  10. Project update for today... - Solid billet radius rods cut, threaded and installed! More than 10x stronger and fully adjustable on both ends.
  11. Nothing bolted on this girl. She gets cut right off. A lot of one piece connections directly welded to frame.
  12. New X3 shop car getting her makeover... - Cage - Seats - Belts - Lighting Package - Wheels & Tires - Full Doors - Boondocker Tune (as soon as finished) - Front Bumper - Full Shock Tune (done in-house) - Wrap Follow the build on the X3 (XDS) model and our XRS model as soon as it gets delivered... Let us know how you like it! Thx Greg MTS off-road
  13. MTS off-road maverick cage and seat lowering kit. Summer special $3000 package deal. - .120 walled cage (insured & certified) - roof - light tabs - whip tabs - seat lowering kit - powder (standard colors) Cages can be shipped to any location for a few hundred! Discounted light packages also available. PM us or give us a call at the shop during regular business hours. MTS off-road 602-272-5009 5609 w Latham Phoenix, AZ 85043
  14. What has your dealer been telling you? I would be calling them daily or even going down there. I have found that some dealers drag their feet and try to blame it on Polaris. Your warranty claims are much easier, if you have a good dealer that knows what they are doing and provides Polaris with the correct information. Do you know if a Polaris engineer was been sent out to look at your ride and figure out what failed? I had an issue that took way to long to diagnose and fix. When I showed up to the dealer unannounced it was quite amazing how they could get in contact with Polaris and figure out the issue in a matter of 15 minutes. It should not take them 8 weeks to figure out if it is covered under warranty. Been to dealership and call 1-2 times per day. Also have polaris technical case number and a polaris customer service case number which i call daily and get nothing back in response other than the person "jeremy" that is working on your case is not available at this time. Of course they are happy to note file and make sure Jeremy calls me back to no avail as of this post! Time to work your way up the call service ladder. I would start asking for supervisors and letting them know your case worker is not calling you back. What has you insurance been saying? Maybe let your insurance deal with Polaris after they pay to fix your ride. I'm sure Allstate would cover it, at the cost of a rising premium. Yes...in the end Allstate has said they will step in and fix RZR but of course the repair quote is $10.8K and last I checked that should raise a persons premiums. The other issue is I have talked to a few of the high end motor builders about rebuilding it the right way to avoid similar issue moving forward. Sounds great and all of them would love to build it and have a bunch of good publicity...except for the fact that my VIN is in a case review with Polaris therefore they won't touch it in risk of having Polaris sue them at some point in the future for messing with a "case review" vehicle. Let's just say a nice spot to be in...
  15. Held off for 5 weeks and then like this post put it up on as many RZR FB pages and forums that I could find... It's out there now and have called polaris to no avail again this morning with no call back as of this reply today. Thanks for the info, it is greatly appreciated!

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