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  1. Off topic but what do the diesel pushers do for trailer brakes? Electric with controller???
  2. I have bought a KX85 and a Rzr from Coyne. Easiest transactions I have ever done, it is the only store I will buy from.
  3. So here is what I found. The #2 load got hot and melted the switch. When I was replacing the box all 3 lugs for the load were loose like they were never tightened from day one but the trailer is over 2 years old with lots of use on gen and shore power. Anyway I replaced it and everything is working again but I want to find out why this happened.
  4. Fishers Landing. Control panel is dead but that could of been from drained batteries.
  5. Yes, I have started the gen with the AC running The trailer is at the river and sometimes I don’t make it out there for a month. So sometime thru my weekend when I’m on shore power I start the gen to let it run for a hour. So what’s the fix for the contacts? Are they replaceable? I read something about sanding them with 600 grit. And the GFI is not in the bathroom. There is one where the breakers-fuses are (little square white button) but that did not do anything.
  6. I will check with a volt meter next time. I did not even take the cover off the transfer switch because I could hear it kick over. I read where the fuses inside of the transfer switch can weld themselves together also. Am I correct that the batteries have nothing to do with this problem?
  7. I am having a problem with shore power at my campground. Basically I have none, except for the microwave. Checked all the fuses and breakers. Can’t find a GFCI outlet to reset. It has been three weeks since the last time I have been there and the batteries were completely drained. Also my propane was empty so I think after I lost power it ran off 12 volt for a while. Switched out battery and gen fired up and everything works off that. You can hear the transfer switch kick over so I think that is ok. Campground is 30amp and trailer is 50. 2017 stellar 5th wheel toy hauler.
  8. What do you have to have to be accepted for the ride? A list of spare parts or anything or can you just show up and drive.
  9. Megan's Dad

    Car cover

    Budge, size B3 works perfect. Amazon is $35.
  10. Check in the bathroom sink cabinet for the controller.
  11. Why can't you run generator if plugged in?
  12. For 95% of us is this even a issue. Friday afternoon to Sunday at lunch is not enough time to fill the gray tank.
  13. Wanted to share that I have found a great universal cover for the car. You can get it on amazon for $33. My car is 15' 6" with the wing and it fits perfect. Budge #3 is the size.
  14. These guys have everything you need to reskinn a trailer.

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