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  1. Megan's Dad

    Roofer needed, Lemon Grove

    Best guy in town, fast, honest work and unreal good price. JG Roof. Rick 619-971-8158.
  2. Megan's Dad

    Whole house fan.

    Yes it does, actually it will be two units. One at my house and one at my dads (same neighborhood).
  3. Megan's Dad

    Whole house fan.

    Anybody have a guy for whole house fan installation in San Diego (mission valley). Thanks
  4. Off topic but what do the diesel pushers do for trailer brakes? Electric with controller???
  5. Megan's Dad


    I have bought a KX85 and a Rzr from Coyne. Easiest transactions I have ever done, it is the only store I will buy from.
  6. Megan's Dad

    2018 Rip to the tip on Abc channel 7.

    ABC. Channel 10. World of X Games.
  7. Megan's Dad

    No shore power

    So here is what I found. The #2 load got hot and melted the switch. When I was replacing the box all 3 lugs for the load were loose like they were never tightened from day one but the trailer is over 2 years old with lots of use on gen and shore power. Anyway I replaced it and everything is working again but I want to find out why this happened.
  8. Megan's Dad

    No shore power

    Fishers Landing. Control panel is dead but that could of been from drained batteries.
  9. Megan's Dad

    No shore power

    Yes, I have started the gen with the AC running The trailer is at the river and sometimes I don’t make it out there for a month. So sometime thru my weekend when I’m on shore power I start the gen to let it run for a hour. So what’s the fix for the contacts? Are they replaceable? I read something about sanding them with 600 grit. And the GFI is not in the bathroom. There is one where the breakers-fuses are (little square white button) but that did not do anything.
  10. Megan's Dad

    No shore power

    I will check with a volt meter next time. I did not even take the cover off the transfer switch because I could hear it kick over. I read where the fuses inside of the transfer switch can weld themselves together also. Am I correct that the batteries have nothing to do with this problem?
  11. Megan's Dad

    No shore power

    I am having a problem with shore power at my campground. Basically I have none, except for the microwave. Checked all the fuses and breakers. Can’t find a GFCI outlet to reset. It has been three weeks since the last time I have been there and the batteries were completely drained. Also my propane was empty so I think after I lost power it ran off 12 volt for a while. Switched out battery and gen fired up and everything works off that. You can hear the transfer switch kick over so I think that is ok. Campground is 30amp and trailer is 50. 2017 stellar 5th wheel toy hauler.
  12. Megan's Dad

    2018 Baja adventure

    What do you have to have to be accepted for the ride? A list of spare parts or anything or can you just show up and drive.
  13. Megan's Dad

    Polaris 4 Seat Cover

    Bugdecovers.com but you can order on amazon for better shipping. It’s not a real thick cover but it keeps the dust off and hides it from the wandering eye when your garage is open. I used Budge on a cover for my buggy and they last about two years before the elastic bottom starts to stretch. For the low cost you can replace without breaking the bank. They do have better quality covers in the same size but of course the cost is more. I have a high dollar one from Budge for my truck that is outside and it holds up great.
  14. Megan's Dad

    Polaris 4 Seat Cover

    I could not find a storage cover made specifically for the 4 seat Razor. I took a chance and ordered one off of measurements and it fits perfect. Amazon $28. Budge HB-1.
  15. Megan's Dad

    Car cover

    Budge, size B3 works perfect. Amazon is $35.

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