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    Sedona Camping/4WD Trails

    Schnebly hill is our favorite spot to camp(on top near munds park) and then we wheel into Sedona. Btw there is a perfect swimming hole right behind the tlaquepaque inn that almost never sees people.

    El Golfo

    @EdwinB yes it is. The video and first pic are from the Machoro aka lighthouse hill

    El Golfo

    @CRUSTY, that’s the place. It is a very small fishing village north or Rocky Point, my wife’s family is from there and we have been going for years. There are some stupid big weekends, similar to Glamis but the off weekends are amazing. We had the entire beach to ourselves, ripped the X3 at WOT and didn’t see another vehicle for miles. I will say that there is always a risk when you head south of the border and that is true for all places Baja included. We enjoy it for what it is and don’t expect any more than that.

    El Golfo

    Had a great weekend in El Golfo, other than it being windy as all hell. Beers were cold and the tacos fresh, I know some people are apprehensive about heading south of the border but this is my second favorite sand spot. Second pic is the pizza place my wife swore she would never eat at. She said you don’t go to mexico and order pizza. FYI the pizza is pretty damn good. 4E3C3008-8F60-4C1D-B0E0-3DAB2381D41B.MP4

    Honda Talon

    If I was looking at a straight trail rig for the summers up on the rim I would be all over this. Fact is a lot of people spend a lot more time on mountain trails then they do in the sand so this is a great option for them.

    Glamis Mikey's 1st run with my new CanAm x3 Turbo

    Only thing I have done to my max is adjust the ride hight and it rode better than my neighbors xp4 turbo with 2k into his suspension. Made me happy with the choice I made for sure. Upgrading the crap front end is on my list for summer projects but other than that I am happy as is. Love your videos and congrats on the new ride. Can’t wait to see the new content coming.
  7. I beat the piss out of mine for years with next to no maintenance and the bike never gave me any grief. Would buy another one without hesitating.

    snowed in Prescott

    Been watching the forest lakes weather cam, thanking god we are finally getting somemuch needed snow. They are expecting another 3-4 feet this week if this storm holds up, should be a great spring for fishing the lakes up there.

    Super Bowl criticism here....

    “For the love of god put your shirt in” direct quote from my 10 year old daughter

    best radio/intercom setup for a SxS?

    Really like my rugged set up, went with the new 696 and 50 watt radio. Picked it up during the sand show special and saved a crap load. UTV Stereo in gilbert did the install and I could not be happier

    2018 Canam X3 Max

    That’s a steal for 43k and worth every penny.

    Protesting milk

    Would trying to milk her be bad thing

    Anyone here using a Mac computer

    Well hell, I just realized I needed to scroll down to the media selection on my mac. Didnt even know it was there.
  14. For some reason I cannot seem to upload pics from my mac. If I click the choose file option it wont let me you go into the photos, instead it wants to upload the complete photo file. Also I cant drag and drop. I can upload from me phone like a champ, just not the laptop. Any help would be amazing

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    Ugh first time I had that was curtesy screaming ian at 13.5 and all I will say is that stuff is the devil. So damn good but so damn evil at the same time.

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