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  1. Just got back from my first trip in my X3 XRS and was worried about not having paddles. Ran the stock big horns at 8psi and did just fine, only had a couple times where I lost momentum and had to push hard to get the speed back up in some big bowls. Honestly I don’t k ow if I will buy paddles for the car after running the stock tires, I don’t race and not sure if I will notice $2k in difference. What I will be doing is spending some money on lighting, trying to get home with stock lighting at night sucks big time.
  2. Need to replace an old wood RV gate that is falling apart. Anyone have a recommendation or hook up?
  3. Good to know! I will keep my eye on that.
  4. After spending almost 500.00 to have a Mobil repairmen replace my carb in July I pulled the hauler out of storage only to find the generator wouldn’t start. Fuel pump was done, replaced it and still no fire from the genny. pulled the carb and cleaned it, fired but ran like crap. Ran some seafoam through it and it got better but was giving me issues, wouldn’t start in the cold and would die after removing a load. Went ahead and ordered the 60.00 amazon special yesterday morning and had it on my door yesterday at 8. Took me all of 20 minutes the morning to install and the generator fired right up and runs perfectly. Honestly looking at the two I can’t see a difference. I pulled the old(3months) carb apart again this time pulling the little actuator apart and cleaning it as well. I am going to keep it as a back up just in case.
  5. PPL motorhomes is where I ordered mine from. Only problem is my hauler came with a one piece three sided wall that was no longer made. Had to order another brand that was about 4” shorter but other than that no issues with either walls or pan
  6. If you are looking at the can am used make sure it has already had the front end reinforced. It’s about 1000.00 in parts for the front and another 500-1000 for the ass end. Once that is done the car is very reliable. I have had my X3 for a year now and cannot day enough good about how comfortable the car is and fun to drive in the sand. The seating position in the X3 May present some challenges due to over the hood visibility but I have not had a problem with it for my riding style. Either car will put a big smile on your face for sure.
  7. Congrats. Have seen several Talons around here lately and they are impressive in person.
  8. Hot the beach, hotter than hell today supposed to start cooling off Wednesday......the day we leave. Wanted to get the X3 out and stretch her legs before the season starts.
  9. The fact that you can literally hose down/pressure wash the inside caught my interest. Go mudding on accident, get home unload and then hose the effer out. Would make clean up super easy.
  10. Having looked at an ATC I would disagree with the comment above. The build quality is really impressive. That said, you can expect to deal with some issues but again I have heard the company is fantastic to work with.
  11. Seeing some early reviews on YouTube I know they had some early production issues but nothing that would keep me from considering one.
  12. Hey god......can you quit taking the real women the world needs, there are more then enough people in Hollywood for you to choose from. Seriously Miley Cyrus is right there and you take Jessi. SMDH!
  13. Top it off with some amazing trail riding in and around happy jack. You will love the rim country, truly gods country if you ask me.
  14. Washed my first pan in it this morning and sweet jeezuz I will never have a dual sink again. So easy and so much room, probably my favorite upgrade so far.

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