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  1. Schnebly Hill is a fun and easy 4 wheel trail and takes about an hour to get into Sedona. Best of both worlds for us. I get to mob the ride and mama get to shop in Sedona. You are about 30-45 south of Flag and very close to Munds Park for supplies.
  2. Looking forward to your thoughts on the machine. My X3 has lived up to every expectation I had and then some. Cannot believe how much fun we have, both in the sand and the mountain trails.
  3. Or he had a Yamaha. I have 500 miles on my X3 on the original belt. Half of this in sand.
  4. Just a quick question does the Geiser shock tower brace tie back into the frame now? When I looked at them they did not which I felt defeated the purpose of the brace.
  5. Yeah we went on 3-4 rides and my wife was never comfortable not being able to hear them and always checking to make sure they were ok. Night and day difference now, tunes jamming through the headset just have to ask if they are good and they reply.
  6. My girls both have mx style helmets that I just placed the rugged helmet kits into. I used the pads to hold everything in place and it worked great. When they outgrow these I will simply pull them out and move them to the new helmets.
  7. LoL I had watched a video on tommy the other night and it stuck in my head.
  8. Coming back from San Diego today we passed buttercup and sure enough one lone camp with a couple quads cruising the hills. Was only 82* and windy but I salute those crazy bastards.
  9. PM Screamin Ian, he isn’t on the board much but lives up there. He will give you the 411
  10. Congrats, my daughters absolutely love going for rides! Family that dunes together stays together. Booster seat https://www.sidebysidestuff.com/prp-utv-booster-seat-cushion.html?cmp=googleproducts&kw=prp-utv-booster-seat-cushion&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9qWX54u64gIVjMVkCh37mwMYEAQYASABEgI1WfD_BwE
  11. Also forgot this. Very cheap insurance for your lower a arms. https://extremeperformance1.com/shop/can-am-maverick-x3-lower-a-arm-taco-kit/
  12. If you do go suspension go with Tommy Morrison with utvshocks.com guy does amazing work.
  13. Do some searching but I recommend gusseting the front end, I really like the CT Raceworx kit. https://www.ctraceworx.com/maverick-x3-bombproof-gusset-kit.html https://www.ctraceworx.com/maverick-x3-front-upper-shock-mount.html https://www.ctraceworx.com/maverick-x3-moab-bulkhead.html The rear radius rods are also a weak point on the car I blew my middle rod out on my second desert ride. Either pick up a spare or just order the ZRP set up. I love my set and don’t forget to order a new rod plate, the stock set is a joke https://www.zollingerracingproducts.com/can-am/x3-high-clearance-billet-radius-rod-set-6-6472 https://www.zollingerracingproducts.com/can-am/radius-rod-dog-bones-set-of-3 https://www.zollingerracingproducts.com/can-am/x3-radius-rod-plate Do this and then you can feel confident going fast.

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