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    Stock X3 XRS wheels/Tires


    Stock X3 XRS wheels/Tires

    Pics and new price. 125 each 200 for the pair

    Sand Show... How Was It To You?........

    Yeah I get it some of the sxs people are ass hats who don’t have 100-300k cash to drop on a rail and that makes them inferior duners. FYI I have met plenty of guys on dirt bikes, quads and in 200k Racers that also ass hats. I love my overpriced X3, and not because it’s the best SXS on the market but because it will let me introduce my daughters to the sand in a safe and very fun way. 30k for a rubber band powered sxs sounds like a lot but in the end it will let me bring up a new generation of duners.

    New rzr clunking noise

    Could also be the clutch engaging the belt. My X3 does the same thing

    It's Saturday 9/15/18 What are you doing this weekend.

    I wish! Would have been a better story, instead it was I hit a rock the size of a nerf football at the perfect angle.

    It's Saturday 9/15/18 What are you doing this weekend.

    Fixed the ass end on the X3, pics should be pretty self explanatory, then did a full alignment. After that I said to myself why don’t you go spend a bunch more money on this damn thing. An hour of surfing Rugged Radios website and I was set. The poor fedex bastard has no idea what’s in store for him

    Help Please... LED Whip Flags

    I have a couple devil woman flags that have held up pretty well. http://dwflags.com/store/

    Took em long enough

    Seriously, the hate on SxS’s is funny to me. Yes I had a second year rhino and it was A LOT of money back then, to me the rhino was the true Swiss Army knife analogy. It didn’t do anything great but could do everything. My X3 is much different, it hauls ass wherever I point it. Now I haven’t had it in the sand yet but so far it has been amazing wherever I have taken it. I will be into this about 35k (all in)after this weekend(adding the intercom) and that will tap me out. Yes that’s used Funco range but I have a 4 year warranty and the damn thing just works. Unlike the used funco where you have a 60/40 ratio of riding to wrenching. My can Am is also a 4 season machine. During the summer we were up north rocking some forest roads and back trails. Now we are moving to dune season. Where Buggies get their 4 months of use them get parked for the summer.

    Took em long enough

    I am kind of hoping that Can Am cut corners in order to bring the X3 out at a margin they could justify in case it missed the point. Now that it is firmly established as competition for the RzR you kind of hope they will start to address some of the short comings on the car. These things dont happen overnight, look how long it took Polaris to make basic changes to the RzR even after Can Am handed them their own ass.
  10. https://rzr.polaris.com/en-us/rzr-xp-4-turbo-s/ Competition is good! Now for the real question, how long before we have a $40K factory SXS

    Make Hurricanes Great Again!

    Not the first time the president has said that after Stormy was done with him.
  12. Great descriptions right here! She is called mother G for a reason. She can be a kind loving woman who starts out nice and slow and then works you up until you are out of breath laying on you back not sure what the hell just happened but knowing you need A LOT more of it. Or she can be an evil bitch that strips you of your dignity, pride and money. You leave saying F$CK YOU and you are done but knowing damn well you are coming back in two weeks.

    Stock X3 XRS wheels/Tires

    2 stock tires with about 200 miles on them. No holes and still look new, one has a couple dings inside the rim but no gouges. These will make a perfect spare. Or replacement if you have damaged a rim. 150.00 sold separate 250.00 for the pair. Located in Mesa AZ prefer local pick up Will post pics tomorrow

    Tatum 2 seat twin Turbo/Albins

    Im guessing 140K

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