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  1. Washed my first pan in it this morning and sweet jeezuz I will never have a dual sink again. So easy and so much room, probably my favorite upgrade so far.
  2. So after a week of so with the kitchen I realized how bad the sink/faucet was. 10 years ago the sink was very nice....now not so much. Off to Home Depot I go and lo and behold they now sell a complete sink in a box. Kraus has a very solid made single basin with a commercial kitchen style faucet as a complete package. So a lot more money than I wanted to spend and 6 hours later I could not be happier with the finished product.
  3. When I bought my diesel the tech I was shooting the shit with told me to drive it like like I stole it for after the first 200 miles. More to give the diff’s time to break in then the motor 14 years and 250k miles later she still purrs like a kitten....ok an old pissed off cat but close enough. Not sure if it makes a difference that it’s a real diesel aka Cummins but it’s all the same to me.
  4. Kind of. I had to cut the doors from the existing cabinets. If I wasn’t so tired I would have tried to match the bottom for the trim but at this point I just wanted it done.
  5. Not going to lie, after three weeks of eating out these breakfast burritos were absolutely amazing!
  6. Not even going to there, three trips to Home Depot one night for a effing toilet seat. 2 hours spent on a 20 minute project.
  7. My condolences to your bank account!
  8. So after moving back into my rental I decided I wanted some shiny new appliances to brighten up the place. Seeing as how there is almost no counter space I decided to opt for the over the range micro. Only problem was the cabinet above was too long. No problem, I would just need to cut the existing cabinet and modify it. Hour project tops. Well then I get to thinking, these cabinets honestly look like shit and the amount of dirt and grease makes me think they haven’t been cleaned in 10 years. So what is I pulled them all down and cleaned them........ After they came down I got to thinking, I never really liked the color and the wood makes the kitchen look dark so what if I just refinished and painted then? And while I am at it why not get rid of the god awful fluorescent light fixture and install some can lighting. It’s only 140* in the attic what could go wrong. Well about 30 hours and three weeks later I am ready for the range to be installed. I still have the last 2 doors to finish but that can wait until next weekend.
  9. I have had my X3 4 seater for a year now and never once regretted it. Rode in my neighbors xp4 turbo and it bucked like a damn horse through the whoops, and felt like it wanted to go ass over ever jump we hit. I never felt comfortable or stable in the car. My X3 is huge not going to lie, but never have a felt like the length was a problem. Trail riding here in AZ there isn’t much “technical” riding I do and put this in the sand and it feel like a slot car. Out of the box upgrades will very from person to person but plan on 1500-2000 just to fix the front and ass ends. Yes it’s a lot of money but it’s also piece of mind for how hard we ride these machines.
  10. Pulled one out of @SVrider‘s book. Finishing a kitchen makeover. I won’t call it a renovation more like a big ass bandaid to make it bearable until I either sell the house or drop the money into a new kitchen.
  11. Yes I do have to paint but for eff*s sake I rarely have to paint the trim and black is a bitch to cover. Mover the years I have evicted a couple interesting tenants and probably have 8,000 in judgements outstanding. Doubt I will ever see a dollar from them but it is what it is.
  12. Side note. I have a no modification clause including paint in my leases however I will now add that if any painting is done it will be immediately redone professionally at the tenants expense. This was done without my permission to the two guest room but was going to be repainted before he moved out.
  13. May have been a dick move but it’s no different than a tenant giving me 30 days notice that they are vacating a property. That’s is why it is written into a lease, either party can terminate once it goes month to month. It is what it is, in the end it took me a week to clean the house, paint it and throw away most of the shit that was left here. Now I can get this to finally start feeling like home. Curious how many people here who rent give their landlords more than 30 days notice when they are moving?
  14. I swear every time have to move a tenant out I loose faith in humanity. After 10 years renting to the same family my life situation changed and I needed to move back into the property. I gave the guy 30 days notice and he threw a fit so I extended a couple more days. Now let me be clear over the 10 years he went 90 days late on me 3 times and was habitually 30 late. It looked like he took care of the place and always caught up so I tried to work with him. I asked for the keys back on Saturday per our agreement and he calls me Saturday morning and says they are still packing and he needs more time. I’m like wtf, how much more time. He says till the afternoon. There isn’t much I can do since it wasn’t a forcible eviction so I begrudgingly agree. Guess what, come afternoon I show up and now he won’t answer the door. Long story long I don’t get the keys back until Sunday night and at that he leaves a giant pile of shit in the driveway, a busted ass pool table and trampoline in the back yard and dog shit everywhere in the yard. Btw I never allow dogs in my rentals. After 10 years of helping his ass out this is what I am left with, seriously wtf is wrong with people.

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