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    2018 Canam X3 Max

    That’s a steal for 43k and worth every penny.

    Protesting milk

    Would trying to milk her be bad thing

    Anyone here using a Mac computer

    Well hell, I just realized I needed to scroll down to the media selection on my mac. Didnt even know it was there.
  4. For some reason I cannot seem to upload pics from my mac. If I click the choose file option it wont let me you go into the photos, instead it wants to upload the complete photo file. Also I cant drag and drop. I can upload from me phone like a champ, just not the laptop. Any help would be amazing

    Apple Pie Moonshine

    Ugh first time I had that was curtesy screaming ian at 13.5 and all I will say is that stuff is the devil. So damn good but so damn evil at the same time.

    Arabian Fun with Guns

    Dirka dirka Muhammad J........what the eff

    Talk me into (or out of) buying a rail.

    As a sxs guy who loves his car it’s really hard to say “go out and buy a X3 or RzR S” and be in it for 35-40 by the time you add some of the basics when you can buy a car like this for less.
  8. You couldn’t build a car like this today for triple the cost. Can’t believe this hasn’t sold yet.

    School me on the class C

    Appreciate the feedback. I am learning towards a lightly used pushe but the wife likes the class c better. She feels like the class A’s are just too big regardless of length. Probably going to rent a couple rigs to get a feeling for them and then go from there
  10. What, you’ve never wanted to see the Care Bears get their asses kicked by a bunch of gargoyles?
  11. First long travel car I ever rode in and will always be one of my favorites! Love this car

    School me on the class C

    Our hauler has 100 fresh and 40 gray and black. The gray/black are the same. Just curious how long 40 gallons of fresh will last a family of four.

    School me on the class C

    That the thing. This unit has 2 AC’s and a microwave. I don’t see any way it powers all of it, one AC and the micro a most. Other than that it is rated to tow 7500 which would be more than enough for a smaller enclosed and out X3 four seater.

    School me on the class C

    So after thinking about upgrading to a 5th wheel and probably a bigger truck my wife and I decided to look at going to a moho. We are those idiots that only like to buy new(we keep our things for a long time) and started out looking at Class C. My wife fell in love with the Jayco Greyhawk https://www.worldwiderv.com/default.asp?page=xInventoryDetail&id=5771125&p=1&s=Year&d=D&vt=motorhome&fr=xAllInventory this one specifically. Just curious the pros and cons. I was a little hesitant that they only come with 4kw Onans but the nice lady swore it was enough to power the full coach. We are just starting the search and are no where near ready to buy. Just wanted to get feedback on those with experience with these units.

    F#ck cancer

    A happy/sad note for our tio Chato. His granddaughter gave birth to his great grandson at 3am Friday night/Saturday morning. The sent a picture to the family at the home where Chato was slipping away. He hadn’t opened his eyes in a couple days. When they told him he had a great grandson he opened one eye to see the picture before passing at 12pm Saturday afternoon. I was happy to hear that he was finally able to see his great grandchild after holding on for so long.

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