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    F#ck cancer

    A happy/sad note for our tio Chato. His granddaughter gave birth to his great grandson at 3am Friday night/Saturday morning. The sent a picture to the family at the home where Chato was slipping away. He hadn’t opened his eyes in a couple days. When they told him he had a great grandson he opened one eye to see the picture before passing at 12pm Saturday afternoon. I was happy to hear that he was finally able to see his great grandchild after holding on for so long.

    F#ck cancer

    Thank you for the kind words.

    F#ck cancer

    So November has kind of gotten off to a shitty start on this end. Instead of prepping our hauler for our first trip of the season I am prepping to head to Mexico for our 3rd Funeral this week. My wife’s aunts sister was taken by cancer at the age of 57 last Wednesday. Beautiful woman and mother who had way too much to look forward too. She fought for 7 years, I can’t even imagine what that must have been like. We laid her to rest Tuesday. Then last Saturday we got word that her Grandfathers brother lost his battle. The Dr initially gave him a month but he held out wanting meet his great grand child, his grand daughter is due next week. Seriously eff you cancer. Chato was the nicest man you could ask to meet and while he lived a full life no one should go like that. Ok just needed to get that off my chest.

    Mogollon rim riding

    Grew up in Forest Lakes. Amazing areas to ride/enjoy/fish all within an hours drive or you can take any of the forest roads for hours of beautiful rides.

    Hellephant! 1000hp Aluminum 426 Hemi

    1000 hp out of the box sounds nice! Bet that thing will sound meaner than hell in a rail. Hoping someone will a love for Mopar and an even bank account decides to do something other than an LSX build.

    Car Radio Power wires do's and dont's

    You can always include one of these in line just as a little extra protection from noise. I can mine directly to the battery but still included this just in case(Its a SXS and they have horrible charging systems. https://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2203

    New build in progress, The Handful

    Did this project ever finish? Loved seeing the progress and then nothing.

    Some suspension and tire fun in Glamis

    Great write up and them sure are some pretty tires and rims btw.

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Thanks for the input, nothing will ruin a weekend faster than a rolled bead.

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Would you say 6 psi is too low?

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Good to hear, I ran mine at 6PSI when we were in mexico and they did pretty good. Originally I was going to buy a set in my first round of upgrades but they were replaced with a rugged intercom and new radius rods. I was worried I was really going to regret not buying a set.

    Camp RZR- stay far away...

    Hozay, how did your X3 do in the sand with just the big horns? Heading out in two weeks and wont have paddles yet, hoping it wont be to big a hindrance as the rest of the group is running them.
  13. Any idea what he is selling those for?

    Strongest Whips

    @jjoseph99 whips have been beaten and abused like a ho on nickel night and still work great. Know several members have them in their big HP cars and haven’t heard of any failures. Top it off with his great customer service. Yeah i got the Gucci light package that changes color but only because I didn’t know what color I wanted. These whips are also brighter than all hell, easily casts a 20-30 foot area of light and can be seen from over a mile away.

    2008 FUNCO - 440 LS7 - Albins 5spd - sold

    You know I never would have the kind of money to buy this car........but seeing this sold kind of made me sad. Its like seeing your favorite super model get married, you never had a chance in hell but you still feel kind of empty.

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