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  1. if you know what " turning japanese" is about, it will make sense playing solo with your organ
  2. the orange car looks like my old jp designs car i sold, just different graphics and wing.
  3. i work in a service department, but i feel like i'm the one getting "serviced"
  4. interpol at the greek theatre back in october.
  5. my nephew as well with the vaccinations, i believe it was the mmr also, according to my brother. he has a great memory for people and pets names, and can stand next to the tv and act out the action without even looking at the tv.
  6. looks great , especially if your trailer sits out at the river in the summer.
  7. my yj has the 4" round flush mounted, no hole to cut, just removed old ones and installed with three self tapping stainless screws per side. i got them from a trucker place online in simi valley.
  8. remove bolt, then just wiggle it out. maybe tap it with a hammer to loosen it up first. you do have the drive belts off, right?
  9. that sucks, i stay there all the time for the peace and quiet. oh well...
  10. working today and tomorrow, it sucks...
  11. la county sanitation district building a track from mesquite (north of glamis) to the dump up on the hill. i think to move sludge. morrow meadows doing the electrical i heard.

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